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What about 2012 when the Mayan Calendar ends? There are many other less-advertised dates given for this era, but with the same general concept, that something is going to happen. A number of great civilizations have gone by the wayside as time marched on – the Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks, and a dozen others or more. But much of their knowledge and history is still known and in one way or another, their history and folklore all talk about the coming Third Millennium.

Ray Tibbits, Scholar of Ancient Civilizations

I once had a friend who studied ancient civilizations and was an expert in deciphering Sanskrit. He told me of at least a hundred small- and medium-sized civilizations that existed over the past several hundred thousand years. He owned artefacts from a civilization that were carbon dated at over 3 million years old. Universities thought he was a fraud, but he didn’t care. He was looking for truth about Earth and he searched through hundreds of old ruins around the world.

This friend, Ray Tibbits, passed away 50 years ago. He and I had long talks in which he told me of the evidence he found in history books or ancient ruins, or by talking to native chiefs and witchdoctors, of a story or folklore or carvings about a future time when humanity would become great. Of course there are a thousand ways of saying that and he probably added some of his own ideas, but when he questioned tribesmen, he knew what he was looking for, whereas most researchers were, and are, just looking for anything they can find.

He found that many ancient civilizations referred to the third millennium or to a time that would be the same as the third millennium. At least that was his take on it. He wrote a book about what these civilizations predicted would be coming in the Third Millennium, that mankind would go to a higher level. He let me read his book, but in those days, there were no computers, so copies of books were not easy to come by. It was easy for jealous people to destroy his only two copies. I hesitate to say more lest he sound too far out, or I do.

My Own Take on the Third Millennium

Please keep in mind that the following is my own take on things and I make no claims as to its absolute truth. I don’t even claim to be completely sane – but then I don’t know many people who are completely sane. Who wants to be? I do say, “Look at the possibilities.” Let me tell you a bit more about where the Genesis II Church is really coming from.

We now have (as of the date on this newsletter, 9/11/11) over 250 Health Ministers in 58 different countries. They are all educated people, mostly with degrees, or they have worked in scientific areas. They all came here for the MMS training so they could help people. Of the 250, at least 230 of them have told me, in one way or another, at some time while they were here, that although they believed in MMS, that was not the main reason why they came. They all said or indicated that they came because they had to come. Something drove them on. Most said that they simply couldn’t not come.

Does it seem amazing that so many people from around the world would tell me this? I set this Church up with the idea of creating a world without disease. And then over a period of about a year, 250 people paid our fee of $1500 and bought expensive plane tickets to an out-of-the-way island in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic. Some were in the air more than 24 hours getting here and most took several days changing flights as necessary. Once here, they had to come to the end of the island and most of them have interesting stories to tell about this journey alone. And one of the most amazing things is that:

* None of these people ever doubted that they were doing the right thing.

And one more amazing thing is that in the 10 seminars so far held,

* I believe that at least one person in each (except for one seminar), had not heard of MMS until just several days before getting on a plane to come here.

My Reason For These Amazing Facts

Why have all these people come here and why they are still arriving? Remember now, this is my opinion. I believe that millions of years ago, a group of us were together on a planet in a galaxy far away. There were a small number of us, less than a million. I will tell the full story someday, but now I just give the basic points. We were Gods and we agreed at that time to meet in the distant future to help mankind overcome the wars and brutality and sickness. We are no longer Gods. We are a part of mankind now, but we have come to do that job, and as we wake up to our agreement, we are showing up here and/or we are getting in touch.

OK, so you don’t buy the malarkey about past lives. OK, it’s not necessary. If I were someone else looking at me, I would probably not buy it either, but that wouldn’t stop me from becoming a member of our Church. Remember, these are not beliefs of the Church. But keep in mind that although most of us are not religious, we are spiritual. That means we believe in spiritual things. And some of us don’t believe in spiritual things. So I write spiritual things just for those of us who believe in them. We’ll let you believe what you believe if you will let us believe what we believe. Then we’ll all be happy.

A Depressed Letter and My Answer

Several days ago one of our group who sells MMS wrote me a terribly depressed letter. His government had shut down his sales website and when he opened up in a different country, he found that his government had also asked the other country to close his site, and you guessed it, the new country had already notified him of that when he wrote me. In his depressed letter, my friend said that all these people are terrible criminals and he was looking for a way to get around it.

This is what I wrote in reply to the depressed letter:

“My Friend, it hurts me to see you so depressed about this world. There are only a small number of criminals, but for now they are in key places. Please believe me when I say that we have come through thousands of years to help change Earth for the better. That has been my job for much longer than you would believe, but it is your job too. Please know that we came to do this job at this time, here, now at the beginning of the third Millennium.

“The real beginning of the Third Millennium is still several years away. By the time that beginning arrives, there will be many more of us working to save Earth and we will have the power of greater numbers. We (that’s you and those few of us who have started) are the forerunners. In a few years, there will be thousands more of us beginning to help. We were together millions of years ago, and we are now coming together to help Earth do this thing, since they could not do it without us.

“So my friend, don't be depressed. Be happy because we are here according to our own plan from long ago, and although the bad guys have been brutal for longer than we can see, they will find that in fighting us, they will be fighting providence. Therefore they cannot win. Bishop Mark and my IT guys will show you where and how to set up your websites so that the government cannot close them down. I hope this helps.”

Why Not Come to Our Seminar?

So now, everybody, isn’t it about time you came to meet us and learn about MMS? Chances are about 99.8% that if you are reading this newsletter, you are one of us, and it’s time to come and learn MMS protocols. Follow what your mind is urging you to do. I wish that we had the money to send you a plane ticket. So far, every person who has come has been delighted with the information they received here. No matter who you are, or why you are here, this MMS information is life-saving. Sooner or later, you will save the life of a loved one or a neighbor, or maybe your own, or if you start a Church you will no doubt save thousands of lives.

In the Seminar, we completely follow my new book. You learn and then you do. You do all the protocols on yourself, treating your eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, hair and skin with MMS. So you not only learn each procedure theoretically, but you do each one as well. You also make MMS1 and MMS2. Then on the last three days, the whole group goes out and treats 100 to 300 people. You see it work.

As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble

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