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We believe in nutritional freedom for all people. Which means, we believe that vegetarianism is totally your choice. It is your body and you are responsible for it and you must be able to determine what is best for it. In order to do that one needs to have the facts, as many of the facts as one can obtain. Therein lies the main problem. The people who are most often quoted as understanding the most about health have lied to us. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of books with lies in them concerning vegetarianism put there deliberately to mislead us. There are books written by seemingly health food conscious authors that have lied, and books written by medical doctors with many research papers and degrees from various Universities behind their names, and people trust them. Books written starting at about 1975 began to contain the lies. Remember lies are deliberately told to mislead.

Please don’t believe me without verifying the facts. Check everything I say. All the real data is on the internet. You can just go to Google and put in the name of anything you want to check. I have also included sixty-nine references that you can check directly. Even then, when you have checked the references you still have to think and evaluate what is wrong and what is right.

So let’s get a couple of the most important misleading conceptions out of the way so we can then talk about vegetarianism a bit. Most of the vegetarian books say that our digestive system is similar to that of vegetarian animals such as sheep, goats, cows, etc. Well this may surprise you a bit, but there is no such thing as vegetarian animals. There are some fruitarian animals, but sorry, no vegetarians. Sheep, goats, cows, and other plant eaters are not vegetarian. They eat grasses of various types. You can try to call grass a vegetable, but sorry, there are distinct and multiple differences from vegetables. The grass eaters can digest cellulose but man cannot digest cellulose. Man would die eating only what all those plant eaters eat. Where they feed cows corn (a vegetable), they get very poor results as far as those of us who are health advocates are concerned, and they get sick cows. [70]

Grass eaters do not eat vegetables in their natural habitat and also not the vegetables available in our present civilization. They eat grassy type plants. Did you ever see or hear of a cow eating potatoes, or papaya or any vegetables or fruit? When the vegetables are presented, they put up their nose and walk off. Of course they can be trained to eat them, so can a wolf be trained to eat vegetables, but he will be sick most of his life and the wolf, like man, will die eating grass. So the point is that there is no correlation between grass eaters such as cows, goats, sheep and man. They are grass eaters, not vegetarians, and thus there is nothing to indicate we should eat like them. We would die if we did. (So believe it or not, it’s up to you. I have been around cows, horses, sheep, goats, all my life and the most I have ever seen is a few horses eating 1 or 2 apples a week, but nothing else. Scientifically speaking, grass eaters do not eat vegetables.)

Man would die eating the same diet that grassy plant eaters eat. I think you already know that what I am saying is the truth, but check it out. Man cannot digest cellulose which is the biggest part of the plant eaters’ diet.

Vegetarianism was just a small movement for hundreds of years and then, in about 1975, medical doctors began to write books about the wonderfulness vegetarianism, and the modern vegetarian movement began. Do you see? Modern medical science has given us pasteurization, vaccinations, eating less salt, fluoridation, chlorination, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery for cancer, HIV/AIDS, sun glasses, and a dozen other methods of killing us slowly. Doctors began putting up their credentials showing great wonderful educations from the world’s greatest universities behind the vegetarian books and people began to believe them. But all such books are loaded with deliberate misconceptions.

The second deliberate misconception (which is the definition of a lie) written in almost every vegetarian book is that there is some sort of similarity between the nutritional system of plant eaters and man.

There are no similarities. Read below for a comparison of just a few points, there are many other points and none of them show similarities between grass eaters and man.


THE COMPARISON POINTS for 24 hour action





How they chew the food


Up and down motion

Up and down motion

Rotary grinding motion

Purpose of chewing


Crushing, tearing

Crushing, tearing

Grinding and pulverizing

Size of stomach


2 quart (2 liter)

2 quart (2 liter)

8 gallons

Stomach emptying time


3 hours

3 hours

Stomach Never empties

Daily GI track resting time


Approx. 15 hrs

Approx. 15 hrs.

Never rests

Number of stomachs required to adjust the food before the intestinal tract


Requires one stomach but has

Upper and lower

Requires one stomach

Requires 4 stomachs to adjust food

Stomach bacteria required for digestion


Not present, killed by stomach acid

Not present, killed by stomach acid

Bacteria is needed for digestion

Protozoa required for digestion is an animal-like microorganism


Not present in stomach

Not present in stomach

Protozoa is required for digestion of cellulose

Acid required in the stomach


Strong Hydrochloric acid is used

Strong Hydrochloric acid is used

Very weak acid in stomach. Saliva is alkaline

Length of the entire digestive tract


5 times longer than the body

7 times longer than the body

27 times body length for a sheep and similar for other grass eaters

The cecum connects to the small intestines through a valve and to the large intestines at the other end, the size of which varies in species


Very small in man as man does

not digest cellulose

Very small in a wolf (same as man)

Very large in grass eaters needed to digest cellulose

Digestive efficiency


90to 99% of the nutrients eaten are retained by the body.

90 to 99% of the nutrients eaten are retained by the body.

50% and more of the food eaten is discharged without use

Eating habits – frequency


Intermittent 1 to 4 times a day

Intermittent 1 to 5 times a day


Can exist without eating plant food



Never eats plant food


There have been many books that claimed that grass eaters and man have similar digestive systems, but as you can see there are no similarities at all. There are hundreds of other differences. Please look up the data for yourself, but be sure to read about the animals where they are merely talking about the animal and not about a vegetarian diet. I don’t need to list references. Just go to Google search and put in sheep digestive system, or instead of sheep, any other plant-eating animal. There will be thousands of listings of sheep digestive systems and none will tell you that the sheep is similar to man. (Don’t be afraid. Once you have checked the facts you can still believe anything you want, but take this one chance to get the facts.)

Evolution is about our planet, not just man. Now, let me point out an important and interesting thing about this planet. You’ve heard of it. We have a natural ecosystem throughout earth. Earth is one great big system of plants, animals, people, weather, and a thousand other things. Do you possibly think that things just grew together all at once? The answer is NO. All these things evolved together but the evolution had to be an intelligent evolution. All life here is dependent upon other life here. Nothing exists unto itself. How could a happenstance evolution, for example, create or evolve mother’s love, or romantic love, or even compassion? This is not an argument for or against GOD. This is only to point out some obviously natural things that exist.

In order to produce life, this planet had to have a moon but the existence of a moon makes the possibility of chance thousands of times less likely. The main thing I want to show is that this planetary system had to be designed by someone. Man might have evolved, and horses, and pigs and things, but making a whole planet evolve in such a way that it is an ecosystem designed somehow to support the top species of intelligent beings is rather far-fetched if there wasn’t some kind of control from the beginning.

The natural tendency of things is to deteriorate. People get old and die. Automobiles get old and fall apart. Man’s brutality towards man has gotten worse and worse over the centuries and now we kill more men than ever before. The natural tendency is to deteriorate, not to evolve towards better things. Things wear out. This is the natural order of all things. So there are two developing tendencies. One is towards deterioration, and the other is towards an upwards evolution. I’m sorry, but the upwards evolution necessary to design a whole planet simply could not happen by happenstance. There simply had to be some intelligence behind it. The odds against the happenstance of such a system would be infinite, which would then mean that it would never happen.

Again, this is not an argument for or against the existence of GOD. As I see it, whenever a planet shows up in the natural sequence of this universe, or at least this galaxy, with the proper conditions, that there has been built into the fabric of space the intelligent record to evolve the entire planet for intelligent life. This information was created by the designers of this universe. The designers were, hold on to your hat, Life, all life. Life is not activated chemicals and minerals such as a live body. That is merely something that the instructions of evolution evolved so that life would have a fast-moving interesting body to occupy. Nothing lives unless it is occupied by life, which is something that cannot be defined without difficulty. (See the book Secrets of Enlightenment by Jim Humble) If life isn’t there the organism dies (quits functioning) whatever it might be, a human body, a butterfly, a tree, a rat or whatever.

The evolutionists give us some sort of a tremendous number that is one chance in billions that human life would evolve. But can you see the tremendous odds that an ecosystem planet with thousands of plants, animals, insects, evolved where most things were designed to help one another and the intelligent species survive and even run the planet? That a whole system would happen is millions of times more complex than just evolving a single race of humans and a bunch of animals. So, true or not, this theory would indicate that without the intelligent evolution instructions built into the fabric of space, this planet could not happen. (Of course there are dozens of other possibilities but let’s at least admit it had to be something other than happenstance. So you don’t have to believe like me, but my belief is that intelligent life created this universe and that is us.)

So when we look at vegetarianism we look at a large number of nutrients that are not supplied for buoyant health. Here is a list of some of these nutrients that although supplied in vegetables, not enough are supplied for proper health. If you question these facts please read the references listed in brackets. Nutrients missing are B-12, Amino Acids – Creatine [51] [52], Taurine [44] [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] , Carnitine [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] [41] [42] [43] , Carnosine [30] [31] [32] , and B-complex vitamins (15 B vitamins), plus iron [24] [25] [26] [27] [28], zinc [12] [13] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23], DHA [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8], and Omega 3 fatty acid [1] [2] [11] [9] [10] (which is a total of 24 nutrients you don’t get from a vegetarian diet and there are more). (Again, believing the thousands of hours of research that has gone into finding out about these deficiencies and nutritional causes is your prerogative; still some things are pretty much undisputed facts.)

Only humans are vegetarians. There are no animals of earth that are only vegetarians. Some animals are fruitarians.

(See paragraph number 3 of this article above.)

Just because grass eating animals can get enough nutrients from grass is no indication that humans can get enough nutrients from vegetables. Grass and vegetables are not the same thing. Sheep and humans are not the same thing and there is nothing to indicate that they should be eating the same thing. In fact, sheep eat grass and human vegetarians eat vegetables. They are not the same thing. (I hope you recognize this data is simple facts, and really not disputable.)

But nature provided for this shortage in nutrients: You see, only human vegetarians actually miss these needed nutrients. The plant eaters eat all day long processing many times more food for each pound of body weight than humans do and as mentioned, plant eaters can digest cellulose. Humans do not. Then the plant eaters store these missing nutrients in their tissues. Mankind then is able to eat the plant eaters and thus obtain the needed nutrients. Nature provided meat-eating animals to keep the plant-eating herds in check and healthy. If we keep up the way we are going now, the bleeding hearts will be out shooting all the meat-eating animals to protect our herds, and we will all be sick vegetarians with lots of cow and goat pets.

Nature designed this planet from the information recorded in the fabric of space. It is the most amazing system that we can possibly conceive. If we screw it up by using it wrong we will not reap the benefits of nature. I have dealt with vegetarians for many years and for the first 25 years I designed and used a questionnaire about a person’s body that showed his health index by showing how many nutritional deficiencies he has. Most people still do not understand what nutritional deficiencies are. Below are some examples of nutritional deficiencies most of which are surface indications of much deeper nutritional problems.

So check these nutritional deficiency symptoms items out: Do you have cold feet, do you use sunglasses, do you get dandruff, do you get pimples, do you occasionally get athletes feet, does cold or hot liquid hurt your teeth, does your tongue have a white coating, do you sleep well, do you have good digestion, do you get ear aches, do you have any kind of gum disease, do you have cataracts, do you get cramps, do you have joint pains, is your hair losing its luster, do you have ridges in your fingernails or toenails, do you get out of breath when walking up two flights of stairs, are you often constipated, do you notice heart palpitations, do you have dark circles under your eyes, are you overweight? And the questionnaire goes on for 160+ more questions. (Here again is belief, but I have reconstructed this same test and from all the vegetarians I know, if you are a vegetarian, I bet you can’t pass it. This test will be available in the next month or two. Give it a try.)

Vegetarians seldom pass this test. This questionnaire was first passed out free to thousands of people on the streets of Los Angeles over a period of a few years. Then later it was sold. Then it was made into a computer program and many doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, and health food stores used it for a few years from around the US starting back in the 1950’s to the 70’s. Ninety percent of the vegetarians who took the test showed a very poor health index, that was really sickness. Those that returned to normal eating were very successful in becoming healthier. The test helped thousands regain their health.

I found that most vegetarians believed that they were healthy, but were in fact not healthy, as showed by my 200 question test.

You can understand the mental dilemma of those who love animals. They send me emails saying don’t eat animals. But what does that accomplish? It doesn’t help a single animal; it often makes sick vegetarians. If a vegetarian was, instead, extremely alive, robust, and active, making things happen, he just might do something to help some animals that are tortured needlessly in the present system. But not eating meat isn’t going to help a single animal or change the planet in any way. Maybe refraining from eating meat won’t help an animal and maybe it will make you sick, but it certainly won’t help the planet. Doing nothing never does.

Then the TRS-80 computer went out of use and so my questionnaire went out of use.

I became, first a technician in the aerospace industry and then a research engineer. I became a gold miner and even developed a technique to decrease waste radioactivity to zero and a cheap way to remove radioactivity from water. And finally in the jungle in 1997 at the age of 65, I discovered MMS, a chemical that kills more than 95% of all diseases including the so called incurable diseases. Amazingly enough, doctors had already discovered it years before. I didn’t know but thousands of tests had already been conducted in several hospitals, but the chemical was still a secret. (Do you start to get a glimmer of the fact that doctors do not want you to be healthy?) So I wrote a book and told the world about it and it was named MMS.

There never was a time when I tried to benefit financially from MMS as my only drive was to help people overcome their suffering and their diseases and live a normal life. I found that people mainly listened to me because I didn’t sell MMS. There were lots of critics all over the internet saying I was getting rich and when people found I wasn’t getting rich, thousands became willing to try MMS. (But the fact is, at least three people did make a million dollars selling MMS and associated products, and dozens of other worldwide did make a living. I asked everyone to keep the price down, and it pretty much happened.)

My only purpose in writing this is to help vegetarians see what they are doing. If they are not interested that’s OK, I am just telling vegetarians my facts hoping that they will consider that there might be some important information here for their life and health. The main contention of our Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing is to “Always do what is right.” I believe that what I do now to show people about health is what is right and what is needed. I just try to show the way because of my work and experience, but each person must take the responsibility for his own health by making the correct decisions.

I started working with my Nutritional Deficiency Test back in 1959. I talked to and helped with the nutritional problems of thousands of vegetarians over the years and I write this article on Vegetarian Facts and Fallacies only to help. If you are a vegetarian true believer you won’t care what I say as believers are already set and won’t consider anything else. (So who knows, maybe I am wrong, but at least look at the facts. And of course there is no doubt that vegetarians can be healthy by supplementing the proper nutrients, but in my opinion it isn’t easy.)

All those vegetarian books that say that man has things in common with plant-eating animals are wrong and that is a fact. If the authors had checked at all they would have found that fact. Point by point, the wolf and man have the same digestive system. A medical doctor can’t even tell the difference unless he is trained in both systems. The scientific evidence is that men are meat eaters. There is absolutely no evidence anywhere that indicates man should eat vegetables exclusively. It is such an untruth that man’s digestive system resembles a cow or any plant-eating animal that it is laughable. But even if there was some resemblance there are no truly vegetarian animals. One would think that they wouldn’t make such ridiculously obvious untruths, but they know that there are enough people to buy their untruths that they will get many converts to the way they want people to think. Their theory for years has been, tell any untruth that you can hatch up to make another dime for the pharmaceutical industry but do it in such a way that the medical doctors look brilliant. (I already mentioned vaccinations and other things.)

According to planet history, mankind has been eating meat for the entire 2.5 million years of his history on this planet.

You cannot deny that history. It is a simple fact recorded in the higher learning institutions, the colleges and universities of this world. The medical people would really like to change that history. Those who push vegetarianism continue to try to lead us to believe that man just recently began eating meat and that is the reason for all the new diseases. That too is a crock. The last 150 years are when we started eating junk foods, mankind has been eating meat all along. There is ample evidence that we have been eating meat all this while but we definitely have not been eating junk foods all along. But give us another 2.5 million years on junk foods and maybe we will be OK.

All of the basic reasons that are given for becoming a vegetarian are lies as I have explained above. Those people giving those lies were smart educated people. They didn’t do it by mistake. They want you to be sick and finally come to them for treatment. The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, is still selling on Amazon and it still sells well. See below.

What I have said already should be enough for most people to stop and think about doing some more checking of vegetarianism and/or veganism. But you probably still really don’t believe me about the pharmaceutical industry or medical doctors. And of course, there are some medical doctors who really try to help, but if after 5 years they are still handing out drugs, they aren’t trying very hard.

So I want to tell you a little more about how the biggest part of vegetarianism got started by lies.

The purpose of giving the following evidence is not because I feel that one should need further evidence. The present reasons given for following a vegetarian diet are false. (Well, that’s my opinion after looking at the recorded data.) The reason for the following evidence is simply to show how highly studied medical doctors are pushing vegetarianism by introducing lies. It is a hard thing to believe, that the medical people would do such things. It’s a hard thing to believe that such evil exists in our world, but we must see it and confront it instead of ignoring it and refusing to see it.

The China Study

There are two books and a book report that I would like to talk about below. Book number one was compiled mostly back in the 1970’s and some in the 1980’s. It reported on the eating habits and records of 6500 Chinese in 65 different counties of China. The name is The China Study. It was very thorough and exhaustive in so far as it just reported the study and the results. It has 890 pages and it just gives the facts as to what the Chinese eat and how that relates to their health and their deaths.

Book number two is a 350 page book that was written By T. Colin Campbell, PhD, about the earlier larger book mentioned above. Campbell is highly accredited medical doctor with 300 research papers, and a professorship in Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornel University. He named his book the same name The China Study. In writing his book Campbell didn’t make any copies of any passages from the first book. He only told about the various studies described in the first book. That made it easy to lie by leaving out all the details. As Campbell’s book, more than any other single book, is responsible for thousands of people becoming vegetarians and vegans, I’ll point out the obvious points where he has told untruths by simply lying and/or leaving out the facts.

The book report being reported here was written by Denise Minger. It is called The China Study: Fact or Fallacy and it is a report on Campbell’s China Study book. And I am writing about Denise’s report, but only after having checked her data.

OK, now let’s talk about the book of untruths that has more than any other book created vegetarians and vegans and created a movement which is obviously one more attempt to deliberately destroy the health of people and create more income for the pharmaceutical companies.

So, the original China Study is a book of 890 pages of detailed study of the eating habits of 65 different counties in China. The book by Campbell which has mostly created the world of health nuts concerning vegetarianism is a study of the 890 page book, as I already said. In one study in the original book, Dr. Morrison, one of the reporting doctors, describes a successful heart disease study where the participants consumed a high protein diet and had lowered heart disease. But Campbell chose to tell the world that this study showed the value of a low protein diet. The diet was described as a high protein diet by the doctor that conducted the test. But Campbell simply and unceremoniously told his own untruth concerning what Dr. Morrison did.

Campbell conducted a research test where he fed some rats a type of milk protein called casein. The indications were that this protein caused the rats to be more susceptible to a flatoxin-induced liver cancer. Continue tests did indeed indicate that this was true, so Campbell extrapolated that all animal protein is a deadly threat to humans. How can you get any more unscientific than that? But the world of vegetarian readers bought it without another thought. Numerous other experiments have shown that rats fed with whey protein (an animal protein) had a great advantage over the casein-fed rats, and that whey protein guards against cancer, but Campbell chose to not mention this protein fact. Ref. [67], [65], [66], [64], [63], and [62]

Nowhere does Campbell call for further research into the promising cancer-fighting benefits of whey in humans. Nowhere in The China Study does Campbell discuss the potent anti-cancer effects of whey in rats. He discusses the cancer-causing effects of casein, but totally leaves out the potent advantage of whey, which is also a milk protein. Whey protein concentrates and isolates are now widely available in health food stores and supermarkets. But I guess that would conflict with his rabid venting against animal protein.

The Campbell China Study does not contain any actual data gathered from the original 890 page China Study so readers have no way of knowing if the things that Campbell is claiming are true or not. When Campbell claims that the China Study found a consistent relationship between animal foods and various diseases he gives no references that are in the 890 page book he is reporting on.

The reporting of 6500 Chinese people’s eating habits showed that in all age groups 0-64 those who regularly consumed eggs had a 43% lower death rate from cancer than those who did not consume eggs. Campbell never mentions this.

The eating of rice showed a 58% lower death rate due to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) than those who didn’t eat rice. And wheat flour showed a death rate due to CHD that was 67% greater than those who didn’t eat wheat flour. A similar result was observed for death by stroke. Rice decreased the death rate and wheat flour more than increased the death rate over the improvement given by rice. Although Campbell encourages the consumption of rice, nowhere does he discourage the consumption of wheat flour, or even mention the problems found concerning wheat. Another clue as to the idea that “they” don’t want you healthy.

The entire original 890 page book shows no increase in death rates due to the consumption of animal proteins. However there are no reports given there that show the real need of the human body for protein. In the China Study animal protein was eaten in quite small quantities as few in China eat the larger amounts of protein. When they do eat animal protein it is less than half of what Americans eat and what Americans eat is less than half of what is really needed.

The balance of Campbell’s book is a sales brochure for vegetarian and veganism. Again, although Campbell’sThe China Study is supposed to be about the original book by the same name, there are no quotes from the original book.

If you want to prove that vegetarianism is great and will make you healthy, then by all means read The China Study by Campbell. It will definitely prove it to you. But if you really want the proof, you have several choices. Read several of the book reports given here by real health food experts and many others and then you will begin to get some truth on the matter. The other choice would be to search out the original 890 page book called The China Study which was finished in 1980. It just gives the plain details of the actual study of 6500 people in China but suggests no conclusions about health or foods. It just gives the reports of what happened in the study.

The references given below were furnished by Anthony Colpo and taken from several of his books. I have furnished some of his observations and some of my own, but of course, only in the China Study portion of this report. The rest of this report is data taken from many sources, but mostly what the reader has already heard about. Let me suggest two books by Anthony Colpo: TheGreatCholesterolcon.com and TheFatLossBible.net can save your life because they tell the truth about fat and cholesterol and the medical people do not and thus one can lose their life listening to medical people as many people already have.

The China Study: Fact or Fallacy? By Denise Minger (This is Denise’s report on the book written by Campbell.)

This is what I learned from what Denise’s report said on The China Study by Campbell. She simply shows where Campbell lied by deceit, by leaving facts out and by flat out lies.

Campbell Claim #1: That cholesterol in the blood has a tendency to increase cancer mortality (death) rates. He then says cholesterol in the blood tends to be increased with animal protein in intake, and decreased with plant protein intake. This would make you think that plant protein intake decreases death rate. It seems simple. Less cholesterol should mean lower mortality rate.

Well, it isn’t quite that simple. The plant protein is not the same protein as meat protein. We learn in this same report that plant protein has a quality that tends to create two other conditions, one is hepatitis B infection and two is schistosomiasis infection. These two infections raise the overall risk of death by cancer when taking plant protein. So eating plant protein does not decrease your risk of death from cancer. It, in fact, can increase your risk. Campbell’s report conveniently forgets this fact. (I’m just reporting what the books say, but telling the truth instead. Trust me. Just kidding.) Ref. [69]

Campbell Claim #2: Dietary fat which is associated with animal protein intake can cause increased risk of breast cancer.

However in this case Campbell refuses to mention that blood glucose levels that are higher than normal have more than twice the increased cancer risk as animal protein, and likewise does wine intake, alcohol intake, and even yearly fruit consumption, all of which can create more risk of death from breast cancer than animal protein intake. And there are a number of other factors that increase risk. The percentage of population working in industry increases the risk, as does, processed starch and sugar intake, corn intake, dairy intake, beer intake, and legume intake.

Do you see what this is actually saying? Yes, animal protein intake does increase the risk, to some extent, for breast cancer, but so what, so do all those other things. By not mentioning any of these other things he is making animal protein look worse than these other fruit/vegetable things, when in fact the animal protein is not worse at all. Are you seeing it? Campbell is lying by not saying anything, the easiest way to get away with a lie. Just leave things out. I’m sorry, I’m really tired of seeing Campbell’s untruths being white washed because he is a doctor and because he is a doctor, no other doctor will say anything against him, but then why would they; they would and have written the same kind of stuff. Many thousands of people will suffer and maybe even die because Campbell has done this, and of course this is what the medical and pharmaceutical groups do. Ref. [69]

Remember though, this is just one study and it shows so many different things it is hard to really show that it truly proves anything. I am just showing what the study shows. And to show that it doesn’t prove any of the lies of the Campbell claims.

Campbell Claim #3: Campbell claims that those already at risk for liver cancer (for example because of hepatitis B virus) by increasing their intake of animal foods and/or increasing the cholesterol in their blood will increase their risk of dying of cancer or other diseases.

Wow, that looks straight forward enough. If you are already at risk for liver cancer eating animal food is gonna get you.

But that isn’t what the figures say.

After reading the report from 6500 people collated in the original 890 page China Study we find that total meat consumption correlated to a very slight reduction in cancer risk, but if you ate eggs, the more you ate would reduce your risk of cancer up to 29%, and dairy 19% and fish 11%. Other animal foods were neutral, but people with high blood cholesterol showed a large reduction in cancer risk. Somehow the risk of cancer death was dramatically reduced as much as 37% by the high blood cholesterol. Many health advocates have been pointing this out for years, but the medical industry has simply ignored it. High cholesterol is not necessarily a health risk.

So again the point is, in people who are already at risk for liver cancer the intake of animal protein does not make their risk worse. Instead there are a lot of non-animal components in the food that actually do increase their risk for cancer. As I said, the percentage of population working in industry increases the risk of death from cancer, as does, processed starch and sugar intake, corn intake, dairy intake, beer intake, legume intake, wine intake, alcohol intake, and even yearly fruit consumption can create more risk of death from breast cancer than animal protein intake. (So there is nothing here that proves or even indicates that Campbell’s claim is true.)

Campbell Claim #4: Campbell claims that the report of 6500 people of China proved that an increase of green vegetables decreased the cardiovascular disease risk and that as the bad blood cholesterol increased, the risk of cardiovascular disease increased, and since the bad blood cholesterol is associated with intake of animal protein that proves that animal protein intake increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

On the surface this claim looks kind of all right. However adding three different components and then trying to extrapolate what are their effects takes a minute at least. We can’t just jump on the idea that the results show animal protein bad. What they did in this part of the diet survey was: one, using a diet survey they measured how many grams of green vegetables each county averaged per day, and two also using a survey they measured how many times a year each citizen ate green vegetables.

The counties eating the most greens quantity-wise didn’t have any less cardiovascular disease than average. Or to state it from the other side, the counties eating a good deal less greens still have the same protection from the cardiovascular disease. This tells us that it isn’t likely that it is the greens that are making the difference. If the greens were the protection, when you change the number of greens you would change the protection which didn’t happen. If one or two or ten people were tested that would be one thing, but when you change the number of greens on thousands of people and don’t get a change in disease protection it tells you that there are other factors involved.

But what happened was Campbell got a good reading on heart disease and thought he would state that the good reading was from green vegetables, but again his figures don’t prove out.

Some of the variables of the southern region of China included high fish intake, low salt intake, high rice consumption and low consumption of other grains especially wheat, and high meat consumption. Nothing significant to speak of except there were no indications that the meat diet was a problem.

There are numerous other points where the same basic concept of misleading us is present in this book. It goes on and on all through the book. I think you have the general idea and can find the other points for yourself if you want. I will cover one or two more main points. Campbell just found a large multimillion dollar China study and then figured he could interpret it any way he wanted to prove his untruth.

But don’t keep misleading yourself by thinking that Campbell is in some way trying to educate us. There is no other way to look at this book other than a bunch of misleading lies. One can make one or two or even three such mistakes in a 350 page book, but to make a hundred such mistakes, it simply has to be done deliberately. A high school kid couldn’t make that many mistakes. As I said earlier, the best way to get a lie accepted is to tell a lot of truth and then throw in a small lie that no one is supposed to notice. That’s true, except in this book, The China Study, the lies are too blatant for us to miss most of them, except the public, and of course the public believes doctors, no matter what they say.

The major things left out of Campbell’s The China Study. Campbell doesn’t mention the extremely high correlations that were found with wheat flour and many diseases. So let’s look at the worst cancer-causing thing known, say cigarette tobacco and let’s call that 100% cancer-causing. Then wheat flour would be 46% cancer-causing with most of the other known diseases even worse. After reading the China Study most people are not going to be eating wheat flour and rightly so, but that is only if they read the first 890 page China study. If they read Campbell’s book they will be eating a lot of wheat. Ref. [69]

Another thing that Campbell leaves out completely is the Tucli people, documented in China, who eat twice as much animal protein as the average American including two pounds of casein-filled dairy per day – yet they don’t exhibit higher rates of any disease that Campbell ascribes to animal food. Ref. [69]

Campbell points out that there is a relationship between colorectal cancer and cholesterol, but he does not mention that the study showed that sea vegetables are twice as likely to cause colorectal cancer.

Campbell fails to point out the plant protein intake correlates with a risk towards contacting most of the western diseases, such as cervical cancer, leukemia, colorectal cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, breast cancer, stomach cancer and others. And again it is tremendously obvious why he did it, to mislead the public and up the income of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. His claims are based on three unproven ideas.

  1. The casein-cancer mechanism behaves the same way in humans as in lab rats.

  2. Casein promotes cancer not just when isolated, but also when occurring in its natural food form (which is totally untrue.)

  3. There are no differences between casein and other types of animal protein.

But the fact is there is no evidence that any of these unproven ideas are remotely true. I should point out that there were dozens of other incidents of data left out. I am just pointing out these facts to you so that you have a general idea of what his book does. I don’t have the time, nor do I feel that it is my job, to totally cover the book. Once the reader sees that there truly does exist a condition there that needs to be investigated, if he still feels that vegetarianism is important, then it would be his job to finish out learning the data. In my opinion, however, this amount of facts should be enough facts to tell most anyone that there is something definitely wrong here.

I don’t know what else to say. Anytime the doctors decide to put yet another travesty on to the public, kill more people, make more money for the medical and pharmaceutical groups, they just go ahead and lie and say anything and the public buys it, hook , line, and sinker. But I will tell you this, people are waking up, and the days of the extreme evil of killing the public for the money in it are coming to a close, maybe not next week, but soon.

And of course, I say again, not all doctors are bad guys.

Campbell concludes finally in this book that all forms of animal protein have similar cancer-causing properties in humans, and thus we all should become vegans. There isn’t the slightest bit of evidence that all forms of animal protein are cancer-causing and so far there is only one form of protein that might be cancer-causing, but so far only when it has been removed from milk and used separately. There is no other evidence offered so far. So the rest is up to you. (Again let me say that these are the facts I have observed and also some of it are my opinions reached after my observations.) So again, it is your life and I only try to offer the facts. You must decide and although I may not agree with you, I will fight with my life to make sure you always have that right to make your own decisions. Ref. [33]

However, now everyone has an alternative to searching the world for a way to avoid cancer, or eating only vegan or vegetarian. Now there are MMS1 (chlorine dioxide) and MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite which turns into hypochlorous acid in water) both of which kill 98% of all diseases known to man. MMS2 the human body has been using to kill diseases and other microorganisms for hundreds of thousands of years. If the body makes it and yet doesn’t have enough of it, no doubt we need to supplement that particular mineral, but we have also found out that the body also needs MMS1 daily. So supplementing these two essential minerals in my opinion, from what we have experienced over the past 15 years, will help maintain health for the rest of a person’s life. Our civilization creates hundreds of times more diseases than has been present throughout the rest of history. Our bodies need this supplementation to overcome the excess diseases. Of course, that assumes that one eats reasonably well, and drinks properly and maintains exercise and all that. About exercise, a 20 minute walk 3 times a week is plenty.

Vegetarianism as a religion:

Well, I guess it’s not exactly a religion, but pretty close. Thousands of people are vegetarians or vegans because they believe in it. There certainly aren’t any clinical trials proving vegetarianism will make you healthier than just good nutrition. There isn’t any logical science proving it. But there are a lot of people who object to killing animals and I understand that. The main thing that I object to is the inhuman way they have of killing animals even for food. It is stupid, illogical, and inhuman. Not really inhuman because humans do it all the time but it is inhumane. The fear that the animal feels causes it to release all kinds of adrenalin and other enzymes some of which have to be poisons, but no one seems to worry about that. So I would suggest better ways of killing animals for food.

That’s not what the subject of this article is about, rather it’s about vegetarianism. I just wanted to give you one more thing to think about. One of the major things that is wrong with this world and that is so many people believe that just because they believe something that what they believe is true. Of course no one would ever admit that, but in having associated in one way or another with vegetarians for nearly 60 years I have found that most of them are vegetarians because they believe in it. Just about none of them have ever found any real proof or reason for being a vegetarian. Most of them have many nutritional deficiencies that they do not recognize as deficiency symptoms. And some of them are even sick when they don’t recognize that they are sick.

We all want a better world and that is what the Genesis 2 Church is all about. It is first and foremost our job to keep our bodies well and in good shape. That is a dozen times truer if you are going to work to make a better world. If we make it a better world then the animals will be treated much better in that better world. But if we don’t, if we don’t keep ourselves well and in top condition then we won’t be able to help change the world or help the animals. Many people and animals are suffering now. If we stay in tip top shape we will be able to do a lot more than if we don’t, and that means by not allowing a guilt-ridden feeling to keep us from not eating properly and staying healthy. It absolutely does not help the animals or anything else to refuse to eat healthy. So instead of standing on some kind of useless principle, do what it takes to be robustly healthy so that you can help change the world to something great.

Our Church says as one of our beliefs, “DO GOOD DEEDS.” You don’t have to be a member to do good deeds. Help people. Instead of watching TV tonight, take a bottle of MMS over to your neighbor’s house and tell them you have come to tell them about an amazing product, just don’t sell it to them under any conditions. That will keep you out of trouble. Help your neighbor paint his back fence. Drive your neighbor to the store if they don’t have a car. Do things.

So having said all that, let me give you just one paragraph of nutritional data where I have looked up the clinical trials proving the data instead of some doctor running on and on. I will publish the data as time goes on but here are the basics: (A) You cannot gain weight by eating fats. Saturated fats are the good ones. Butter is probably the healthiest food known as it has many nutrients your body needs and is a high energy food. Do you see why the doctors have suggested you eat margarine which among many things causes heart disease? There are clinical trials showing that. (B) You may gain weight by eating protein, but not fat weight, only muscle and bone weight. (C) Only carbohydrates cause weight gain of fat, nothing else. (D) Take plenty of salt. If you take too much salt you will drink water to overcome the excess so long as you listen to your need for water, but also do not force more water than you need. You can lose weight that will stay off for good by eating a lot more meat and a lot less carbohydrates.

Atkins was not wrong. He just didn’t defend himself when he should have. He was helping too many people and the medical people took him out. One man died from doing what was said to be Atkins’ formula, but wasn’t. But they used it to destroy him. Any other doctor using drugs has dozens if not hundreds of deaths to his name. Atkins had one death, and then not really.

Supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals and other nutrients can be a good thing. Use MMS1 and MMS2 daily like vitamins as they both strengthen your immune system and we know for sure that, just like the vitamins and minerals, your body needs them, both of them. Keep in mind, there are 900 thousands deaths each year after someone has taken a medical drug. There is less than one death a year nationwide after someone has taken an herbal medicine.

So What?: I am so sorry to say that the medical doctors and the pharmaceuticals have gotten their power behind vegetarianism. They won’t let up. They will push it and push it while all the time looking like they are not pushing it. Eventually it will get many people just like vaccinations, and chemotherapy, and all the other medical crap that destroys lives. Please study what I have pointed out and if you need more study, please do it. Vegetarianism is with us now and it will be around for a long time, just like vaccinations, even though there is absolutely no scientific truth in either thing. Like vaccinations it will cause much suffering and add billions of dollars to the medical and drug industry.

The good people are still standing by and allowing these things to happen. As Albert Einstein said, “bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing.” However, the good people are beginning to wake up. What is shown in this article is that none of the presently-given reasons for being a vegetarian are accurate, not even a little bit. You don’t have to believe me. Just do the research of the literature. I have led you to it, now do the research. The only reason that has any truth is because one does not want to eat animals. But that is legitimate only if one wants to stick their head in the sand as there are really things one can do instead of doing nothing but not eating animals.

Archbishop Jim Humble, Founder of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing


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