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Need Your Help

I am here in Puerto Vallarta at the world headquarters for the Genesis II Church.  My friend here, Memo Rivera, suggested to me that our church needs a uniform for our Ministers, Bishops, Archbishops and even our members if they would like to wear something to bring the world’s attention to our church and our purpose.

It seemed like a good idea and when I asked other members everyone liked the idea.  That being the case I am looking for suggestions and ideas on what our uniform should look like and how we should show things like the military does on their uniforms. 

We want a churchy feeling and look to our uniform but it must also have a Military type appearance.  We want a way to signify what our Ministers, our Bishops, and our Members are doing, and what they have achieved such as a symbol indicating that they have helped 10 people regain their health, and a symbol showing that they have helped 100 people regain their health. 

A symbol showing that they are a Minister, or a Bishop or an Archbishop or even a member who has helped bring sick or dying people to one of our ministers or bishops. 

Their also should be a symbol showing that they have posted all of their certificates on a wall creating a church. 

Of course we can’t pay you for a good idea, but we will credit you with the idea in our church articles, at least one and probably more newsletters, and finally in the church story as it gets told. 

So this is basically what we want:  

The military has dozens of such symbols showing what members have achieved.  We need such a method of showing the things of our church, as opposed to military achievements. 

But we want to look good.  

Some people have said that we should use all white and others think colored uniforms would be best.  I have had the idea of a very light almost white but tinted green uniform sort of showing our approval of the green movement. 

These are just ideas at this time.  I would like to see the ladies with a choice dress in either a business suit type uniform or a dress type uniform.  But they have to be sharp. 

Of course, bringing health to the world is our purpose, but a uniform will show that world what we are.  It will probably be our most important advertisement as many people will see the uniforms long before it gets on the news. 

MMS may never get on the news as those reporters who have come to report have been stopped before they even put us on the news.  It’s happened several times and one reporter took an interview and then reported only what the FDA said not giving our side of the story at all. 

Others have done an interview but when the time for airing the interview came it did not show.  The indications are that CNN and all the other top news sites and newspapers will never show MMS, BUT that is to our favor. 

Not a problem for us.  We don’t want them or need them.

We can’t afford to grow too fast as that could bring kayos and a bad name for MMS, much worse than what the critics try to do to us now. We want to grow fast, but not too fast. 

Anyway, it seems that the uniform will help us do that and point out to people the importance of our work.  It will also help give our members a feeling or understanding of our importance to mankind at this time.

Send any ideas you have about uniforms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please do not raise other subjects or questions on that email unless you feel it fits what we are talking about.  If you need to communicate with me, that’s always OK, but please go through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and say in the subject, “Please forward to Jim.”

Or say that in the beginning of your message.  You can always communicate to me.

Please send us your ideas even if the ideas are vague.  Say something like, I favor blue uniforms, or I favor dress uniforms, or I think white shoes are best, or whatever. 

Remember white uniforms get dirty.  But they can be impressive,  but whatever the color when you are wearing your uniform I want people to stop you in the street and asks you who you are, or what you are doing, or what outfit is it that you belong to? 

And if you are just a member of the church and not a minister using MMS I still want people to ask you who you are.  The uniform will represent our church in the eyes of the public.  It must look good.

My personal preference is that I prefer lighter colors as opposed to the darker colors for uniforms for our purpose.  So I gave my thoughts, so now send me your thoughts.

I also want to mention that there is a seminar in Merida Mexico coming up November 13th to 16th 2012.

For more information on our Merida Mexico seminar, download this informational document from Bishop Janet whom you can contact at her email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download seminar information:
Upcoming MMS Seminar November 12th to 16th Merida Mexico.docx

As always with love,

Archbishop Jim Humble

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