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Recently, we just finished our last Seminar in Mexico. I was having a last dinner with a small group of students that were left (who were now Health Ministers of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing) one minister from an earlier time began his theory about cancer and diseases. He spent a few minutes of our time telling us about how our mental condition determines our diseases (a theory that millions now believe.) His speech was keyed in such a manner that it appeared he was merely telling us the truth of it all. He went over the ideas that if we are angry with our parents or our spouse and/or the government and we allow this anger to grow within us or other dissatisfactions to grow it can make us sick. The discontentment can become a cancer growing within us. Of course that can happen, but how often does it really happen? He was explaining how our mental health effects and controls our physical health.

Do you recognize the theory? It is probably the most believed in theory now used to explain why there is so much sickness in our society. BUT GUESS WHAT? This person had a really bad infected arm. It was swollen and bandaged and it looked bad. When asked about it, he explained it away as having gotten infected by being hit on a bad post and he wasn’t able to treat it right away. Do you see? He didn’t tell us that he was upset with his children or his wife or father or something. No, this sickness was because he couldn’t treat it right away.

I have seen this dozens of times over the past 40 years. The people who expound the psychological reason for disease don’t explain their own diseases that way. When they get sick it is a different thing. Their sickness always has a physical reason as opposed to a psychological reason. Most people, for whatever reason, want to believe that we are not only responsible for our own diseases, but that we actually cause the diseases. Most people believe this in face of a lot of opposing facts. Let me mention a few opposing facts.

Many years ago in Hollywood, California I used to walk past a children’s hospital on the way to work each morning. I think it was a Presbyterian hospital but don’t remember exactly. I looked at their front doors and could imagine the suffering that went on behind those doors. One day when I just couldn’t stop myself I just went up the steps and walked inside. I said to the nurse that met me that I have often wondered about the children here. She offered to show me through one of the wards. In ward number one I saw children in all different conditions. She said that the children in this ward were being treated for cancer with Chemotherapy. I asked if it was terribly hard to get the children to take the Chemo chemicals. The nurse said, “No, they are all very brave and do not complain.”

As you probably suspect many of the children had already lost their hair and were bald and some of them had pain as they lay in their beds. They were being treated with IV pain killers. The nurse was proud of what they were doing for these children. Most of you probably know that once these children began treatment they then only have a 2.8% chance of living. That’s no chance at all. Each child smiled at me (yes, every one of them smiled at me even those with pain) and some said hello or waved their hand, brave children dying so that the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies can make their billions.

BUT CAN YOU POSSIBLY BELIEVE THAT THESE CHILDREN AND THE MILLIONS OF OTHER CHILDREN WITH CANCER THROUGHOUT THE WORLD HAVE CANCER BECAUSE THEY ARE THINKING WRONG, OR BECAUSE THEY CAUSE THEIR OWN CANCER. Can you believe that they have cancer because they hate their mothers or because they are afraid of their fathers or any other psychological reason? The fact is they have cancer because a pleomorphic cancer microorganism is in each cancerous cell causing the cancerous condition of that cell. There is no psychological reason. Sorry, that theory is just that, just a theory and it is bull and if you research carefully you will find that the initial information concerning the psychological cause of diseases was written by Medical Doctors. Then once the health food group is convinced by the doctors who appear to be Gods and have all sorts of credentials, they then write dozens of books getting their information from the medical doctors. It is all a part of the plan to fool us all into being totally unhealthy in our health programs.

Many health food experts will say that the immune system is damaged by psychological problems and that then causes one to become sick. But that theory doesn’t prove out either. It is still a theory that the disease is caused by wrong thinking or by psychological problems. If that be the case why does one get well when the pathogens are killed by MMS? If that theory was correct then we could kill all the pathogens but the patient would never recover until psychoanalyzed. Just face the facts, a person is sick because of pathogens and killing the pathogens can cause him to get well in more than 19 out of 20 times.

When the medical doctors can’t show you any other reason for the cancer, they fall back on the genes. These children or these adults have cancer because it is in their genes. There is a lot of really technical impressive talk in the area of genes, but they can’t show you any proof and never have been able to show proof.

The cancerous deaths of over one million people now each year is not caused by people hating their mothers or any other psychological reason. The treatment of each cancer patient now ending in death in 97.2% of the time pays the medical industry one million dollars average. The pharmaceutical and medical industries have worked together for much longer than 100 years to create this condition and all the other diseases and now they are reaping their rewards. If anybody in this world deserves to be punished for the things they do and think it’s these people. But the cancer incident among these people seems to be no more than common people. In other words, what these people are doing should according to the psychological theory of disease, cause them all kinds of psychological diseases, but none happen.

I won’t completely deny that one can make himself sick with the wrong thinking or with hatred, or with fear, or other emotions. Maybe one half, or one, or even two percent, have cancer because of psychological reasons, but a million people didn’t all of a sudden each year start having terrible psychological problems that would cause cancer.

There are now millions of autistic children. These children 95% of whom were normal until they got vaccinated became autistic within days or even hours of being vaccinated. Would you think that they have autism because they were thinking wrong, or because they hate their school teacher or some other dumb psychological reason?

MMS has brought health to millions of people throughout the world by killing the pathogens causing the disease and it also overcomes the effects of the heavy metals. That’s all MMS does. It kills the pathogens of the disease. There are thousands of success stories all over the internet and guess what? We didn’t have to go out and psychoanalyze a single one of them. Once the pathogens of the disease were killed, the body went ahead and healed the damage. Amazing huh? (Go to Google and enter “MMS success stories” into the search line and you will find thousands of such stories. You can also read our own database of gathered and sent in success stories - or share your own success story. No need for full or even real name.)

The medical profession and medical doctors have been handing out false information concerning nutrition deliberately for over one hundred years and most of the nutritional information that you see on the internet or even in nutritional books written by so called alternate nutritional professionals may not be mostly wrong, but there are often things in these books that came from the medical industry or doctors. The data sounds good so hundreds of alternate medicine people fall into their trap and write books expounding some points of their data. I have read books by medical doctors and they have a few lies in them that lead you astray. But that is the trap, use a lot of the truth and throw in only a few lies to fool people.

For example, salt has proven NOT to cause high blood pressure but there are many books expounding the dangers of high blood pressure from salt. You cannot lose weight by exercising, period. But you can lose weight if you starve yourself while exercising, but the weight loss comes from starving and not from the exercise. Saturated and unsaturated fat foods do not cause you to gain weight and they are excellent as nutritional foods for energy. There are dozens of needed nutrients that you cannot get from a vegetarian diet, not just B12. The idea that pasteurized milk is needed is totally false. Genetically altered foods are safe, is false. White bread is healthy, is false. Butter is probably the most nutritious food known and to replace it with margarine can cause heart disease but it is recommended by doctors. The list goes on forever and the false data can almost always be traced back to the medical industry. Of course they want you to be sick. Their income depends upon it. Every cancer case is now worth one million dollars to the medical industry.

Stress is bad for you, is false. Of course anything in excess is bad, but the human body requires stress. The main problem with stress is believing that stress will harm you. You need stress like you need exercise. The body was built to handle stress as it is always present. Stress is a part of life. People who retire and eliminate stress often die within a year. To eliminate stress would be like eliminating exercise. Like all other aspects of life stress must be balanced as well. Don’t overdo stress and don’t eliminate all stress. Well, probably you can’t eliminate all stress, but don’t increase your stress by worrying about the stress. Accept it and don’t fight it.

There are several systems in the human body built to handle and eliminate poisons. If you never had a cup of coffee, or a coke, or a beer, you would soon loose the ability to handle poisons as those muscles and systems that are not used soon atrophy and quit working. That’s the way the body was built. The body stays healthy the best when all systems have their continuous workout. The medical books on nutrition, unless written by mavericks in the medical field who are really interested in health, have just a little false data disguised as true data. This way they fool you with a lot of truth and just a lie added here and there. Clinical trials have shown that those who drink a couple of cups of coffee each day do better health wise than those who don’t, but the same is true about a single beer or even two beers a day.

Are the beers good nutrition? Absolutely not, but they furnish enough poison to stimulate the system that was set by nature to handle poisons. In essence they give the poison system some exercise and it does not hurt the body according to reported clinical trials.


So if you choose to believe that diseases are caused by bad thoughts and psychological problems then that is OK. I don’t want to tell people what to believe. It’s not my business what you believe. It’s just that I hoped to help with what I know, but if I can’t help in this case, what really is my business is that you use MMS to save lives and overcome suffering. As long as you do that, what you believe I won’t argue. Let me know anything you would like to say.

The Coming Seminar: The next MMS Seminar in Merida, Yucatan will be November 12 Monday and ends on the 16th. You can request the details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We had 33 students to this just finished seminar with 16 of them returning from other seminars. They said that they returned because they really enjoyed the previous seminar and what they learned. The $950 cost of the coming seminar will include only lunch each day with supper for the entire group on Wednesday. The cost includes MMS lab time and all the tools you will need to use and make MMS. There are parasite protocol capsules and pills for one month. The hotel will be on your own as will breakfast and supper. We will furnish you details for lodging for as cheap as $12 per night up to as high as $100 per night.

Mexican Announcements: I want all of the Mexican Mission representatives of MMS and users of MMS to know that I have appointed Clara Beltrones as my personal representative in Mexico. Please check with Clara concerning all aspects of MMS Missions in Mexico. Clara has been very well trained in using MMS and she has been with me longer than any other person in the MMS movement and Mission. All those who want to communicate with me may always do so either by first checking with Clara, or anyone who would prefer to communicate directly to me may also do that. I am always available for all communications from any and all people. – Archbishop Jim Humble

We should remain at this time the Genesis 2 Missions. At least for the time being, we should call all MMS sales groups or MMS groups by the word Mission as opposed to using the word Church. Churches have been so damaging to mankind that a great deal of mankind want nothing to do with churches. However we must in some way remain a church or the governments of the world will attack us.

We must remain grass roots: It is very important that we remain working on a grass roots level in Mexico. We have a great deal of protection throughout the world and especially in Mexico so long as we remain grass roots, but the moment we invite the attention of the public through advertising or some other means our protection will vanish. This means no advertising in newspapers or magazines in Mexico, and any websites should be housed outside the country of Mexico. That is easy enough to do. Our protection in a number of countries is high level, very high level, but it only lasts so long as we keep our operation quiet. Just get new people to use MMS by word of mouth. The neighbor that gets well will be our advertisement, but only by word of mouth.

As always with love,
Archbishop Jim Humble

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