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I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has donated to the MMS Defense Fund. Through your actions you have substantiated your support of MMS and your determination to stop FDA intrusion into our lives. From those who donated a thousand dollars to those of you who gave five dollars, thank you. Your contributions paved the way to fund the defense efforts of the first wave of MMS attacks made by the FDA. We need to finish this great effort that MMS supporters worldwide have started.

If you have been following the US~Observer and its coverage, you will be happy to know that Daniel Smith's 2nd Grand Jury ended with NO INDICTMENT to date. This is a major victory!!! The US~Observer's work has obviously influenced the Grand Jury, and caused the FDA to presently back off in Smith’s case, as well as others.

Today, we were copied on this e-mail from Daniel Smith:

"Dear Friends and Family,

Here is the latest paper from the US Observer (view PDF here). They've published another great article, as well as several letters to the Editor on MMS. (For those in a hurry, skip to page 10, 13 and 14 of the PDF.)

These guys are doing great.  This edition even has a bit on Jury Nullification. Please pass it on!

If you missed last month's article on Daniel, PGL and MMS, you can find it here. There was more published here, and a number of related articles here.

For those of you who I still haven't caught up with, I know I said this before, but I haven't forgotten about you!  I'm currently working around the clock to get our live's back on track!  

Thank you for all your prayers and support, you amazing beautiful people.  

Daniel and family"

Please know that while we have come a long way, there is still much that needs to be done. We, in no way, came close to our goal of a $2-million dollar defense war-chest, however our efforts have been a huge success, due in great part to each and every one of you who donated.

If you have given before, please dig-in and donate once more, of an equal or greater amount, if you can. If you haven't given, do so now. We do not intend to keep this fight going forever, so help us finish it now.

Keep your eye on www.usobserver.com and help spread the word that the fight continues; that if there are any "angels" out there, their contributions could just be the difference between the continued use of MMS or its eradication.

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