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This is to announce the opening of the new Genesis II Church Research Forum. You can read about the new forum below, but first, I want to give you some background information on how it came about. Over the years many people have come up with new ways of making and using MMS. Every now and then the ideas have been good, and I’ve eventually accepted them as either a new type of MMS product, such as CDS or CDH, or as a new way of using MMS, such as Clara’s 6 and 6 Protocol.

However, since the ideas have come in to me from all different directions, literally from all around the world, it’s been difficult for me to sort through them all. In addition, it’s sometimes been difficult for the people with the ideas to be able to contact me since I’m often busy with many other things. If they were able to reach me, what I would usually tell them was to keep track of the results and if they were good, to be sure to let me know so that we could then pursue the idea further.

This is what I did with the CDH idea, and after about two and a half years I approved it as an official church sacrament. As you can see, the process wasn’t really too efficient, but eventually we came up with something good. That’s the way it’s been, but now it’s time to change the process and get better organized. 

Here’s what this new research forum should do for us:

First, it’s going to give all the people who like to experiment and try to make things better, a place to go where they can bounce their ideas off each other. This is very important because just as it’s easier to get a three log fire burning hot, than a one log fire,  ideas too, can really take off if more ideas can come along beside them.

Second, this research forum will hopefully be a place where chemists and people with technical backgrounds will come and share their expertise to help make new and better products and protocols.
It will provide one place for people with new ideas to come to, so that people who have similar ideas, and who are already working on basically the same thing, can share what they’ve learned and experienced. This alone will speed up the development of ideas considerably.

Third, since all of the experimentation of new ideas will be in the same place, it will be easier for me to check up on the progress of how well an idea is working to help the body to overcome disease. Then, if an idea is working well, I’ll give it more attention and eventually it might become a new product or protocol for the church. Just think of all the good we can do by working together like this.

Fourth, the other thing that this new research forum will do for us is keep our main forum focused on what we know already works. In the past, since there was no place for people to discuss new ideas, they usually ended up on our main forum; mixed in with the proven, tried and true products and protocols. This may have made it confusing for new people who came to the forum to get healing information about their particular health concern. Separating proven products and protocols from experimental ones will hopefully go a long way to lessen the confusion for these people.

The way we’re going to do this is put a link on each forum which will take you to the other forum if you click on it. There’s a notice on the research forum telling anyone who goes there that the products, protocols and methods are all experimental and not approved yet. Of course a person can also get to the new forum via a web search or just typing in the address to the forum directly. Whichever way they go though, they’ll still see the notice telling them that they have arrived at the research forum and if they don’t want to be there, all they have to do is click on the link to the main forum and it will take them right there.

I’d like to invite you all to come and see our new Genesis II Church Research Forum and if you’re the type of person who likes to experiment and work to improve things, please consider this my personal invitation to you to sign up on the research forum and put your talents to work. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one who’ll come up with a cutting edge protocol which will allow thousands and thousands of people to find healing.

The new Genesis II Church Research Forum’s web address is: g2cforum.org

Thank you everyone. Let’s help heal the world together.
Archbishop Jim Humble

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