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I have asked all supporters of MMS and the Genesis II Church to send donations to the US~Observer to support their efforts in establishing a defense team for Daniel Smith and others within the MMS movement, if needed. They are also in the process of defending MMS itself against the FDA.

We need a minimum of 2 million dollars to make the plan work that we established with the US~Observer when we first obtained their invaluable help. Thus far, we have raised just over $50,000.

Thank you for being concerned and intelligent. Thank you for realizing, as I do, that we might never have another opportunity like the one we now have in regaining our health freedoms and having control over our personal health choices.

The US~Observer is deep into their investigation of MMS. They have already began obtaining clinical proof of the benefits of MMS and they have just published their first edition covering our issues like no other news source could, and it is currently being circulated around the globe.

Now we all need to role up our sleeves and finish this mission that we started. If you haven´t donated then please do so. If you have donated - please do so again, if possible.

Then become a fund-raising warrior! Talk to your friends and family. Seek out like-minded individuals who are equally concerned with preserving our rights regarding our personal health issues and treatments and ask them to donate.

Seek out other groups interested in fighting the FDA, like local farmers, naturopaths, health food store owners, etc., and get them involved. Just think if every health food store had a FDAcollection box - donations would come pouring in!

While it takes money to fund this, it isn't only about dollars. It is about action. And, the US~Observer has just thrown their first punch which is being felt worldwide. Let us thank them by showing that we can provide the funding for them to finish this historic battle that they are fully capable of winning.

I am so impressed with the US~Observer and I am equally as impressed with all of you fine people.

Let's finish what we started.
Archbishop Jim Humble

Go to US Observer to see what has been going on!

 Help MMS in the fight against the FDA:

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Donations may also be sent to

MMS Defense Fund
c/o US~Observer
233 Rogue River HWY PMB #387
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MMS Targeted (US Observer):

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