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MMS News update:

We just finishing one week in Prague, Czech Republic. We were interviewed by a Popular TV Station, as well as 2 magazines and a Health reporter from a large daily newspaper. Also, a well known producer is doing a documentary about MMS, (PRO). One man came to visit that was healed of Colon cancer, and was taped. Two others came as well to report of others healed!! What a great week. Keep Czech Republic in your prayers!!! Their equivalent of the FDA has been given the MMS movement trouble saying that MMS is Chlorine!!! I guess they don't know chemistry!! The info taped this week in Czech can tremendously help the Czech people and that was why we went. We''ll keep you informed.

I am sure that this heading didn’t scare you because now that the Mayan Calendar is coming to an end, everyone is predicting the end of the world or something worse. And if we were to predict that too, it wouldn’t be much different. But now that I have your attention I’d like to predict the opposite.

Of course, there are all those other thousands who are predicting that something wonderful will be happening. There are several dates to be aware of. One really well-known authority on the Mayan Calendar, Carl Calleman, says it ends on the 28th of October this year, not 2012. The other main authority claims it ends in December of next year. But for now, let’s go with the 28th of October. Finally there are the people who claim something terrible will happen on the date of the end of the Mayan Calendar, but that some wonderful high-level spiritual beings will come to help us at that time. And down through the ages, many have claimed that something wonderful would happen at the beginning of the third millennium, and most of them didn’t even know about the Mayan Calendar. The vast majority of all these predictions were that someone or something would come to save humanity and somehow make us greater. Or that Earth would enter into another space continuum that would give us instant spiritual or mental improvement to save us. Obviously, we are talking about this physical planet and the need for mankind take the responsibility for it and not be waiting on God or someone else to do it for us. It is a lazy man's way of living to always expect someone else to do it when it it our personal responsibility!

Of course, on the other side of the coin, there are all those who are certain that the world will end at the end of the Mayan Calendar. So do you see? Many of them think the end of the world will be on the 28th of October which happens in a little less than 4 weeks. If you are in California, maybe you could join some people on one of those mountains out there. I’m 80 years old and at least once every 5 years one group or another has been on top of one of the California mountains waiting for the world to end. My mother first told me about it when I was 5 years old. But I would say that the Mayan prediction is the best-known and most-believed prediction.

Then there are the predictions for the beginning of the 3rd millennium that are somewhat similar to the Mayan predictions. Someone will come to save us, or the world will end, or something in between those two predictions. Many spiritual leaders around the world are predicting that mankind will make a jump up to a new level of awareness and great things will happen. And that is nice.

My Own Prediction

So let me add my prediction and a thought or two. No-one knows what is going to happen on the 28th of October, or any other day.

* I predict that nothing disastrous will happen out of the ordinary course of things.

Lately, natural disasters have been happening almost weekly, and so there might be one or two of them on October 28, but nothing significant. I predict that the only significant thing happening will be my talk on Youtube telling that the Genesis 2 Church has discovered “A truth that can make us free.” No doubt, to many people, this will not be an important discovery, but to many more of us, it is extremely important.

Let’s Not Depend on Higher Beings

I know, I know, most of mankind wants that super someone or high spirit to come and save us. It would be so nice. I am so sorry to be the one that has to keep telling you that:

* We have got to save ourselves. It is our responsibility. No-one is coming to do it.

Let’s be logical about this. If there are some highly enlightened beings or other forces that were watching mankind, isn’t it highly unlikely that they would step in and save this brutal and savage race of people that we are at this time? It is far more likely that they would say or think:

* "We must wait and see if this species will ever become responsible for itself. If we step in and take them to the next level, they won’t be able to maintain it without the responsibility to be at that level. We have to let them take responsibility for themselves or they will never make it.”

We are going to have to save ourselves. On the 28th of October this year I will talk on Youtube telling of one way that we can save ourselves and make ourselves free. There is one truth that can make us free if we use it. It has been worked on by freedom-loving individuals for centuries and although it is hidden, it is still where everyone can see it. Governments would like to destroy it, and they have helped to hide it, but so far they cannot exist without it.

There are also predictions that financial ruin will totally destroy the U.S. within weeks. That is another terrible condition that, in theory, could tend to destroy or kill many of us, but let me tell you that will also not happen.

* Those who run the world and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the financial world will not let it fall into ruin, because if that were to happen, the billions of dollars flowing to them from banks, savings and loans, and other financial institutions would stop.

They can’t let that happen. They want to own the world and keep a few slaves. If it all drops to zero and there is financial chaos, they won’t be able to get their flow of money and probably won’t even be able to foreclose on property. No, they will never allow it to fall into total financial ruin. They will keep it barely going so they can continue to steal from America at a maximum rate.

How Loans Really Work

Their method of stealing is very simple and our congress has sold us down the river making laws that allows this to happen. When a bank, or savings and loan, or other financial institution makes a loan, they don’t loan you money that they have. They loan you money that is generated by your signature on their paper. The money is always generated out of thin air and plain old electronic figures are put into your account. You may already know this, but a lot of people don’t. Then you spend the figures in your account by writing some checks or withdrawing some cash.

The kicker is, you pay back all the money that was put into your account by electronic figures plus interest to the lending institute. But the money you are paying back to the lending institute is real money, not just figures put on your account. Once it is paid back they now have that money plus interest – money that they never had before. They are richer by the amount plus interest. Banks keep a small part of it and the biggest part goes to the IMF by way of the Federal Reserve. This happens throughout America thousands of times as they steal the wealth of America in the guise of America paying back the Federal Reserve loans. But those loans were made to the U.S. government in the same way, by creating the money out of thin air. And our congress made it possible for them to do that, knowing full well the disaster to come.

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Our Church was formed to serve mankind. We have mentioned that many times. It would be easy to continue to talk about MMS and ignore all the other things that are happening, but we do not believe we can ignore these things that are continuously shown to us. It wouldn’t be right to ignore them.

However, our next newsletter will give some important facts about those few who seem to not get results from MMS and you will see how they can indeed get results.

As always with love

Jim Humble
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