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The End of the Mayan Calendar

October 28th 2011 is the date regarded by some as the end of the Mayan calendar. We have prepared a video to be released at midnight on October 27th, this Thursday night. It is called, “What are the Truths that will Set us Free?” The truths talked about on this video can change the world if people listen and adhere to them. You will be able to see this video at www.YouTube.com/jimhumblelive.com. Please check it out on October 28.

As of this date, we have 260 Health ministers worldwide in 60+ countries. In fact, we were visiting some of them in our recent travels and they are doing a fantastic job! Many are being healed and others are being trained to heal people.

Our Recent Visit to Prague

This past month, we have been in the Czech Republic, Lisbon, Portugal and Spain doing interviews for T.V., magazines and a newspaper, and talking to those who have been healed from a variety of diseases.
● The MMS movement is growing through the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Will you join us in our mission to save this world?
In Prague, the T.V. Station called PRIMA is airing an interview with Jim about MMS which is seen by millions. The FDA Czech equivalent has claimed that MMS is chlorine, and if anyone sells MMS, they are fined $180,000 U.S! Wow, I guess MMS is really hitting a nerve there. What are they going to say to the guy who was interviewed on our program who has before-and-after PROOF that he no longer has cancer? Or to the thousands worldwide who have been healed of many diseases and conditions by MMS?

Please see www.jimhumble.is or www.genesis2church.is, for testimonies. Many more are coming in daily. We encourage anyone with an MMS testimony to add it at the above sites. Just click on “Add testimonies”.

The impact of MMS is being felt worldwide. Maybe that is why the Czech Republic is fining anyone who sells MMS $180,000 U.S. They are not concerned with health and safety but with losing money and losing control of the population.
● When people can manage their own health, governments lose the two things they want most – Control and Money.
Our Visit to Portugal and Spain

In Lisbon, we visited a health minister who teaches a group each week about the MMS protocols for different diseases and conditions. He has already started translating Jim’s new MMS book, The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium, into Portuguese and it should be available by the end of the year. The Spanish version is at the press as we speak. Many other languages are also being done.

In Spain, we were able to visit a farmer who has 800 cattle that are being treated ONLY with MMS and they are all very healthy. He has saved $22,000 in medications just in 3 months. This could be practiced wherever livestock is raised.

Also, a beekeeper wrote to us last year. A virus was killing his bees so we told him to use a spray bottle of MMS. He did and reported that the bees are all healthy, fatter, and producing more honey!

What a great help MMS is becoming. Farmers around the world can now have more profit from their farms. We made a video of the farmers’ testimonies and it will be available soon.

Injectable MMS

We are now testing a new method of producing MMS that virtually eliminates the taste and increases the shelf life and we believe it also makes MMS more effective. We are learning to inject MMS into muscles so that those who cannot take it by mouth can be helped. Anyone who has taken MMS knows what that means! You will hear more about that soon and about some other advances with MMS.

At our next Seminar, we will teach some of these new advances. If you are a farmer or know a farmer, please urge them to come.

Good Health,

Bishop Mark Grenon
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