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We are the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, but we also want to be known for these things:

1. Doing good deeds
2. Healing the sick
3. Always doing what is right
4. Working for the freedom of mankind, and
5. Working to enlighten those who sleep.

We believe in freedom for mankind. We believe that each individual has the right to be sovereign. Did you know that under common law, which is now active in many of the courts of the world and throughout the US, you have a right to do anything you wish so long as it does not harm anyone else or interfere with their rights. The US Federal and State governments make laws that do not apply to your rights until you do something to bring yourself under their rules. Your parents may have done it for you, but you can undo those things done for you as a child.

Our Church Promotes Individual Freedom

I want to tell you a little about the freedom of our Church which is also your Church. This is the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing – the Church of mankind. We have no rules, only guiding principles. We are a group of people who have come together to serve humanity with the 5 guiding principles mentioned above. Unlike other churches, we do not have a long list of rules that you must obey, or things you can’t do, or things you must do in order to be a member. We don’t say you can’t be divorced, or can’t smoke, or that you must kneel down facing east, or eat certain foods, or not eat certain foods. All we ask is that in some way, at some time help, you us with one or more of those five guidelines listed above. Even just believing in those things will help. If that is all you can do, then please do it.

Anyone can join our church – Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, religious or non-religious people. Anyone is welcome because we are focusing on health and healing and not on religion. Anyone can serve mankind in one of these ways. Please join us. Help us to serve people, because in the final analysis, that is what will save mankind. As a member of our Church, you will have a plastic ID card showing that:

* You are a member
* You are exempt from vaccinations, medications, and forced health insurance, and
* You have the right to purchase, and maintain in your home, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other products for your own health.

Our Members Already Protecting Their Own

A number of our members have been able to prevent vaccinations and X-rays and scans. This week alone, we have had a couple of members use the protection of the Genesis II Church. After the birth of their baby, the couple were told their newborn needed a Vitamin K shot, silver nitrate in the eyes, and vaccinations. They refused and were told that their baby would be taken from them. But after they showed their membership cards and explained that those things are against their religion, the health professionals backed off.

Another case was a 12 year old girl entering high school who was told she needed to take the “mandatory” tetanus shot to be enrolled. She refused because of religious reasons.

In 2007, the then CDC chief (U.S. Centers for Disease Control), Julie Gerberding, admitted that vaccines cause autism. Although many have known this for a while, a public statement of the fact from such a person as the CDC chief should be enough for parents to be able to disallow the vaccination of their children. Please see:

* Senator Robert Kennedy has stated the same thing at: and Senator Timothy Kennedy refers to it here:

Implementing The Church’s Five Principles

We are collecting success stories about those five principles listed above. Some time when you do a good deed or heal someone, let us know about it. Send us a short success story. That also goes for any situation in which you were able to determine the correct action because you did what was right.

Working for the freedom of mankind is a bit more complex but one way to do it would be to just keep yourself informed of those things and people who are seeking to make us slaves. For example:

* Read the Civil Assets Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000 HR1658. That is the act under which the US government simply walks in and claims over 6 billion dollars of private property each year, auctions it off, and adds the money to the coffers of the US. That is houses, cars, bank accounts, businesses, property, and everything you can think of. There is no way to recover your private property; once they take it, they keep it.

* Then also read the Patriot Act and see where we as a nation or an individual have no freedoms left to us. At least know these things so that you will know what to say the next time such a discussion comes up.

Remember, the natural impetus and desire of people is for freedom. The more freedom anyone has, the greater is his ability to survive. And remember too, the natural impetus and desire of governments is to make slaves of people, as they feel that the more slaves they make, the greater is their ability to survive. A government always sets up a law-making body and begins to make laws that create slaves. A constitution should prevent this, but when the government begins to disregard the constitution, then slavery happens anyway. That is what has happened in the US.

A School Of Common Law

I wish we could give you several months of common law schooling. However we have an excellent course in common law that will teach you some amazing things. It is only 8 hours, but you will learn important things about law, freedom, and the US constitution. If you choose common law, you will be able to beat anyone who uses the normal legal system of legislated laws and you won’t need a lawyer. So save yourself thousands of dollars and learn how to represent yourself in court.

Government Suppression of MMS

It is getting harder and harder to find the chemical from which MMS is made (sodium chlorite). This is happening all around the world and we continue to be notified of it by emails from around the world. The governments are working on ways to keep anyone from getting sodium chlorite. They are doing this mostly in the name of terrorism. No-one has ever used the MMS chemical to create any kind of terrorism. Nothing has ever happened even by accident, but at any slight reason for limiting our freedom, the government jumps right in there. In the case of sodium chlorite, they are working world-wide at a feverish pitch to prevent its use by private citizens while allowing it to be used by large corporations. Of course, only private citizens have been obtaining and selling MMS since the corporations must conform to government dictates. The corporations don’t mind as long as they are allowed to make money.

I warned that this would happen and it is happening. Please stock up on sodium chlorite if you can. Your life may depend upon it. Do you see how they are planning to stop MMS? They are making it harder and harder for private citizens to obtain sodium chlorite. It takes a while to get all the laws in place and all borders closed to MMS, but it is happening.

I hope you are not missing the point that the governments are preventing and will continue to prevent use of MMS. If it was completely approved by the FDA, that would not change things. It has not changed things with many other cures that worked, even when all testing was complete and proven.

* People such as Royal Rife and William Koch, about 80 years ago, had proven and tested cures for cancer. And even after all FDA tests were completed successfully and 100,000 proven cases were recorded, they were still arrested, their labs destroyed, their books burned, and their equipment broken. Rife died in prison and Koch died broke after spending all his money on staying out of prison. I hope you will read about them. Just look up “FDA suppression” on the Internet.

Our Church Still Obtains Sodium Chlorite

But in spite of all that, the Genesis II Church will be able to obtain sodium chlorite for its cleansing water (same as MMS) and the sacraments of the church will continue to heal people. Come to our seminar and learn the information that no healer has ever known. Our Ministers are the most powerful healers ever known on Earth. They can save their own lives and the lives of thousands of people and they already have. You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, and humanity to learn this data. Only the Church will eventually have the necessary healing water. I am sorry. I didn’t want it to be that way, and we may be able to change that as we go along, but that is the direction it is heading now. Still, we will freely give it.

In most of the countries of Europe, natural herbs have already been outlawed. Governments are working on that in the US and Canada and plan to implement it by 2015. Many of the requirements of Codex Alimentarius have already been put in place in the US. There was no fanfair. The laws just went into effect and now there are many things you can no longer buy. For example, you can no longer buy strong laxatives as they have all been reduced in strength, some as much as 5 times weaker than just a few months ago.

New eBook Available Early Next Week

Please read my new book, available in a few days at www.miraclemineral.org. It tells all. Tell your family and friends! It contains a lot of very important information that people need. Please, help us get this eBook to as many people as possible!! The printed version will be available in a few weeks and I will notify you in another newsletter. I’m really excited about the information in this book getting to the whole world! There are new protocols and so many important findings and testimonies. The MMS movement is growing daily worldwide. We now have 225 Health Ministers in 55 countries teaching others to teach others!

When you come here, we have you do everything in the book and we also teach details you can’t get from a book. As part of the seminar, you will be using MMS:

* In your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears;
* To brush your teeth;
* As fumes in your mouth for teeth and gum problems (it kills MRSA in 5 minutes);
* As fumes for your lungs (very carefully);
* For gargling;
* In your hair; and
* On your feet and legs.

You will do all these things while here and you will know that you can handle at least 95% of all humanity’s diseases.

We Need Your Help

We need your help to keep this training center going, as it is important to the world. The reason why we depend on students coming and paying for the training is a hard question at first. You would think there would be hundreds of rich people, if not thousands, looking to help MMS become known. But that isn’t the way this world works. The millionaires and billionaires have become rich in the face of starvation and poverty. They horde their money, and if they have great amounts, it is because they have decided not to allow it to be used to help mankind. There are very few who deviate from that idea. And the super rich families who run the world not only horde their money from the people – most of their money has been stolen from the people, through the banks and Federal Reserve. Thus MMS cures thousands of people but the money does not come from the rich or the governments. Sorry, it comes from you, the people.

So the money you spend coming to the Dominican Republic for our seminar results in thousands of people healed and lives saved. Your money will continue to work for mankind for years to come as you, our students, are the main people responsible for seeing that this data gets out to the world.

As always with love,
Bishop Jim Humble

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This substance, MMS (Master Mineral Solution), has not been FDA approved to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease. Chlorine Dioxide is also called MMS throughout this website. Chlorine Dioxide Solution also known as MMS (Master Mineral Solution) is made of Sodium Chlorite 28% (22.4 Sodium Chlorite 5.6% Inert Salts and the remainder water) and an acid activator (usually 50% Citric Acid or 4% Hydrochloric Acid). License: Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.