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I am sure that you have heard about the new Cleansing CDS of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing.  But what is it?  Is it really something new or is it just old technology given a new name? 

CDS  is Chlorine Dioxide Gas dissolved in distilled water or reverse osmosis water.  Distilled water is pure water with nothing, and  Chlorine dioxide gas is the gas with nothing else in it.  People have known that chlorine dioxide gas would go into water, but no one really had a use for it until now.  Our Bishop Andreas Kalcker in Spain was creating CDS while an American company was also creating the same thing in the USA for a different reason. 

The American company was creating it for industrial uses such as treating vegetables before going to market and they have FDA and EPA approval.  So they cannot say it is a dangerous poisonous industrial bleach as their approval is for 3000 parts per million which is exactly what Bishop Andreas made.  If you want to check this they call it CDG.  You can put CDG into a Google search, there is much data about it, it is exactly the same as the Church CDS.

However, since the Church uses the CDS as one of its Sacraments and since the Church is worldwide we are not limited by the FDA or EPA.  Where the FDA research might have one or two people test the CDG or even CDS, we have had thousands try it worldwide and we have found some amazing uses for health.

You may or may not know of the Cleansing Water spray of the Church; it is sprayed on the skin to create health regardless of the unhealthy conditions that might be present.  l am sure that you understand that it is not our job to treat the various skin diseases of mankind.  When you anoint the skin with our spray Sacrament, health is brought to the skin regardless of the unhealthy condition that was there before the anointment.

Well, that is true for most known unhealthy conditions of the skin, but what about really bad stuff such as poisonous spider bites, or sting ray stings?  What about extreme fungal conditions of the skin that nothing seems to  overcome ?.  Our spray Sacrament that has been given to people all over the world is only 320 ppm (parts per million) and it has had phenomenal results.  But with the new CDS we are getting even better results from 3000 ppm sprayed directly on the skin.

A bite by an unidentified spider happened to me here in the tropics where my apartment is sitting among the trees. The pain continued no matter what technology I used.  The Spray Sacrament at 320 ppm made no difference, the pain continued.  I used DMSO, Aztec clay, Zinc Oxide, a mixture of Aztec and Diatomaceous Earth, soaking, and nothing worked.  The pain continued.  You may know that as long as there is pain, some damage is being done by the poison.  That is the purpose of pain, it is nature telling you that damage is continuing, so you must do something about it.

I had found a way to make CDS  much stronger than the 3000 ppm that the FDA  had approved for the CDG.  So one night several days after the spider bite I was unable to sleep because of the pain, and of course, I couldn't go to the hospital as they don't know as much about it as I do.  I decided to see just how strong I could make the CDS.  After a few hours I had created as solution of CDS that read 25,000 ppm, which is about 8 times the strength of our CDS and the FDA approved CDG.  I don't know if it can be made stronger or not as I seemed to reach a plateau at that point.

The pain was now stronger.  I said (to myself), OK, this is either going to cure me or kill me.  I first dabbed the 25,000 ppm solution directly onto a clean healthy spot of skin.  There was no reaction; you see, I had already proven years ago and around the world that chlorine dioxide does not react against healthy skin, but who knows what will happen when you use something 75 times stronger than what has been in  use for years. Then I put it directly on the spider bite.  In less than 20 seconds the pain was totally gone.

Once again the chlorine dioxide refused to damage healthy skin and it also destroyed the poison present.  It took a few days of continued use of the 25,000 ppm solution, but the spider bite was healed.  I have treated hundreds of people with spider bites and I have known of people who died when they were treated by medical people.  This particular spider bite in question was the worst bite I have seen, and yet the 25,000 ppm CDS killed the poison right away.  I guess that you fortunately have not been associated with a lot of spider bites;  let me tell you that this was nothing less than amazing that the CDS did that job.

So let me tell you now about how we learned a little bit more about our Cleansing CDS and how the technology of our Church is advancing.  In a particular country of Africa where that has a lot of malaria in the jungle we decided to send one of our ministers to treat some local people who were sick with malaria.  The problem was that there were also guerilla fighters in the area. 

They reluctantly gave us permission to have our minister treat the people. Because the CDS had already brought health to several diabetes cases and some cancer cases the minister  was confident of CDS although it had never been used on malaria before.  So when he got there he mixed up some strong doses of CDS that he thought would bring health to the malaria victims. 

He treated the malaria cases while the guerilla fighters were looking on.  Nothing happened.  The malaria cases did not get well.  The guerillas were going to torture and shoot him as they thought he was using the idea of curing the malaria cases to see and record their camp.  However, the women that were with our minister convinced the guerillas he was sincere, but they would not allow him to change the doses to MMS instead of CDS.  Instead they sent him away.  He was embarrassed to say the least.

What did we learn?  We learned that although CDS works better than MMS for direct contact on unhealthy areas of the body, and it does not work for parasites that are inside of cells and cannot be contacted directly.  The blood must carry the chlorine dioxide to the parasites and that only happens when the chlorine dioxide goes into the blood.

We have proven that CDS cannot be go into the blood when taking it by mouth, BUT MMS DOES GET INTO THE BLOOD WHEN TAKEN  BY MOUTH.  We also learned that we must test and prove all our theories before we try to demonstrate them to a bunch of people with guns.

Basically we must not use the Cleansing CDS to attempt to bring health to those who are unhealthy because of parasites.  But the fact is, hundreds of thousands of malaria cases have been returned to health when using MMS, the Cleansing Water of the Church.   CDS is very effective when it can contact the diseases by direct application to them, but not when it must travel through the digestive system.

Overcoming the bad taste of the Cleansing Water  (MMS) and making it more effective.

Some of us cannot stand the bad taste, and thus many have given up trying to be healthy by using Cleansing Water.  However, it has been found that the bad taste is mostly due to the pH of the solution.  By adjusting the pH just a couple of notches the bad taste disappears.  It is a delicate adjustment but you can do it.  And an amazing thing is, this pH adjustment makes the Cleansing Water an even more effective anointment.

When the Cleansing Water has the proper pH it travels through the stomach into the intestines more easily as the stomach doesn't have to generate certain fluids to change it thus allowing it to retain more of its power that it would otherwise lose in the journey.  From the intestines it can be taken to unhealthy parts of the body by the blood in a more powerful condition.

To make Cleansing Water that overcomes the unpleasant taste for Sacrament 1000 using 3 drops per hour for 8 hours, use either a one quart or a 1 liter glass or plastic container.  Mark it so it has 8 equal parts which would actually equal about 4 ounces per marked part.  While the container is still clean and dry add 24 drops of Cleansing Water and 24 drops of citric acid (50% citric acid).   Wait 20 seconds exactly, and then add the water to the top mark, a full quart or liter.

TO CHANGE THE TASTE OF REGULAR MMSUse baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate).  Add 1/8th teaspoon of baking soda.  You should buy a set of measuring spoons that has a 1/8th teaspoon in the set. This is the amount needed to change the taste.  If you are making a drink for protocol 2000 at more drops per hour than three, add 1/3 of a 1/8th teaspoon measure for each additional drop, no more.   So that would mean if you are doing a 6 drops dose per hour you would only be using two 1/8th teaspoon measures or 1/4th teaspoon measure total.  (Developed by Dr. Ron Neer who  donated the information to the Church.   He can be contacted at h2oairwateramericas.com.)

Well anyway, I hope you see that we are keeping at it and doing our best to bring the world a health technology that really works and for a reasonable price so that one does not have to spend all of his savings to be treated.  Again, we help you regain your health free of charge.  We then ask for donations once you are well.  There is nothing more fair than that.  Our Ministers of Health are located around the world.

As always with love,
Archbishop Jim

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This substance, MMS (Master Mineral Solution), has not been FDA approved to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease. Chlorine Dioxide is also called MMS throughout this website. Chlorine Dioxide Solution also known as MMS (Master Mineral Solution) is made of Sodium Chlorite 28% (22.4 Sodium Chlorite 5.6% Inert Salts and the remainder water) and an acid activator (usually 50% Citric Acid or 4% Hydrochloric Acid). License: Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.