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That is a beautiful saying that has come to us through the ages for at least 2,000 years. It has been repeated in almost all religious and spiritual books, books of philosophy, and books of many other subjects such as politics. And of all the millions of people who have read this saying, “The truth will make you free ”, almost no one has ever disagreed with it. In fact, this one saying probably has more agreement than any other teaching or saying that mankind has. So we could agree that it is the most universal of all teachings.

What Truth? Religious?
But what does it really mean? We all agree to it, but what truth is it that will make us free? The people of all religions believe that their truth is what will make us free, but most of us don’t buy that. We of other religions and other beliefs don’t particularly want to worship their God. So it might not be a religious truth that will make us free, since we don’t see members of other religions as being free.

Political Truth?
What about political truths? Well, have a look. There are no free people on Earth today. As you read these words, men and women are fighting and dying for freedom in some countries today and the rest of us are mostly modern slaves. We pay around 80% of all we make to the government – in income tax sales tax, gasoline tax, telephone tax, property tax, import duties, and on and on. Not much left for enjoying the fruits of our labors.

Then, as with all slaves of history, the government determines how we educate our children and how we live. In most countries, the government can arrest you and put you in prison for any amount of time with no reason at all. That includes America, “the land of the free”, and in America each year the government confiscates about 6 billion dollars’ worth of private property – cars, bank accounts, business equipment and records, and other valuables. There is no appeal to this confiscation. The truth of this I have already written, but anyone who doubts it is welcome to write me and I’ll send proof. The government does hide it; they are proud of it. So the truth of the government really isn’t what is likely to make us free.

Scientific Truth?
What about the truth in the universities? They say, for example, that once we test a drug in clinical trials, we can consider the results of those trials truth. Then why do 970,000 people die each year after taking one of those drugs prescribed by a doctor? There is not likely to be any truth there that will make us free.

Universities claim to have truth in scientific areas but that is hardly a truthful claim. For example:

• Hundreds of dangerous atomic power generating plants were build all over this planet while it was known that safe atomic generators can be built for 1/10th of the cost. The information for the dangerous ones came from the universities or from those who learned their data from universities.

• The universities claim to know about history, but there are hundreds of old ruins of past civilizations that they say cannot be. The truth of the universities is controlled by the powers of greed just like all the other “truth” on Earth. There doesn’t appear to be any truth in those universities that will make us free, or why are we not already free? They have had plenty of time.

So probably the most important practical question of all time is, “What is this truth that can make us free?” As things stand, we are not free – quite the contrary. We fit into the category of slaves. In my opinion, it is not some kind of fancy truth we are looking for, but rather a practical truth that we can actually use.

Mayan Calendar Truth?
I don’t think the heavens are going to open up any time soon and drop parchment rolls signed by God, with the final truth that will make us free. But I do believe that the Mayan calendar that ends, according to some experts, on the 28th of October, 2011, probably gives us the correct end date. Dr. Carl Calleman – bit.ly/lnLB72. I’ve got to believe this guy because he says the same thing as us: that our salvation will come because we all take personal responsibility and do not wait for someone else to save us. “Come on,” you say, “all that Mayan calendar stuff means nothing. It just happens to be ending now. They couldn’t see beyond their civilization which is now gone. It means nothing.” Well, I wouldn’t disagree with you on that, as I don’t know.

I do believe our Church, the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, is going to play a significant role in helping bring freedom to mankind. We already have 256 ministers in 58 countries, but we are going to do much more.

Here’s My View
The practical, workable truth that could have set people free has been in front of our eyes all through the ages. People couldn’t see it because they were not ready for it. Now, at the beginning of the third millennium, is the time it has been promised that humanity will in some way make a jump to something fantastically great. I believe that now people will be able to see the truth that makes us free. It might take a little time, but actually, I believe it will happen quickly.

And this is the kicker: I think it will be because humanity now has enough individuals who have become aware of how things really are that we will be able to accept the responsibility of creating the next big steps forward. I believe that we will save ourselves and that our Genesis II Church will be a part of it all.

In other words, I do not believe that greater beings are coming to save us from space, or from other dimensions, or that Gods or enlightened beings are coming to save us. I think it should be obvious to anyone who thinks about it that all those greater beings would want humanity to be become responsible for itself. If they really wanted to help us, they would keep hands off, expecting us to become more mature on our own rather than sitting around waiting to be saved.

The Genesis II Church Has Discovered the Truth
Our Church has discovered the practical, workable truth that has been in front of men’s eyes for thousands of years. I believe that the Genesis II Church now has that data. It was a long time coming, but we now have it.

Get Ready to Watch Youtube …
On October 28, 2011, the Mayan end date for this age, I am going to put the data in the form of a video on Youtube. I’ll do that in the interests of showmanship. Who knows, maybe the Mayans knew that we would discover this truth at this time. Well, come on, let’s be a little dramatic. It could help with getting more members for our Church and it could be true. We just don’t guarantee anything.

I don’t say I believe the popular views about the Mayan calendar. But I certainly do believe that we have discovered the truth that shall make us free, if we take the responsibility to act on it. It is not religious, political, or philosophical ranting of any kind. People should have seen it 1,000 years ago, and 2,000 years ago, and 500 years ago, but they did not. I believe that it is now possible to see it because some of us have started to take more responsibility and all of humanity is now moving in that direction, taking more responsibility for itself.

Our Seminar on the Truth
This seminar is coming up Sept 25th – Oct.5th. Students who come to it will be the first people to learn this new information. The seminar is only a few days away. We need students; the world needs students. We decided on this hasty timing so our students can have the information a few weeks ahead of “the end of the world” and feel like they are really a part of it all. And they will be. We think it is something they will tell their grandchildren.

• But if anyone comes and is disappointed with the information, all you have to do is say so and I will refund you entire money in cash at that time. It won’t be weeks or months or hours; it will just take a 20-minute trip to the bank. You can’t lose.

Those who don’t come to the seminar can get the information on the 28th of October, 2011, at www.Youtube.com/JimHumbleLive. Everyone will then know the practical truth that will set humanity free and most of you will believe it, because it is obvious. However, there are always those who disagree. Keep in mind that we are not a religious church and this truth that shall make us free is not religious truth. It is simple practical facts of life that we should have already known. You will be amazed to know that most of the necessary changes in this world have already been implemented, and all we need to do is to start using them. 99.9% of mankind does not know about these things that have been implemented because the information has been deliberately withheld, but we will show you where to go on the internet to find it.

Well, hope to see you at the seminar.

As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble

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