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Two years ago I said we need to save the world. Actually I have been saying it all along. Of course, everyone thought I was crazy. They said it, I’m a nice guy, but just a little nuts. But people like nice guys and they wanted to learn about MMS, so they came to my classes. AND CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Over 420 of them travelled from 72 different countries of the world.

They paid a ridiculous price, traveled by airplane and bus sometimes for days, also paying a ridiculous price for airfare (the buses were cheap) and finally wound up in the Dominican Republic or Mexico. Yes I am terribly sorry about the high price we had to charge to make ends meet. But we didn’t wind up with any profits, we broke even.

You know, even one girl traveled all the way from the US, Oregon I think, to Malawi, Africa to tell me that I was a nice guy, but that the world is getting better year by year as science becomes more and more advanced. She indicated that my efforts are really useless, and that I could just as well retire and enjoy the rest of my life as science would soon solve the problems of mankind.

Now wasn’t that nice of her, don’t you think? I was a nice guy and she wanted to save a nice guy all that effort. Finally she decided that I was going about it all wrong anyway, so she left in somewhat a huff. Can you believe she came all the way from Oregon and left in a huff because I wouldn’t do it her way, or just stop doing it?

You know when I was a young fellow back in the 1930’s and 40’s everyone in our neighborhood left their doors open day and night in the Summer and open during the day in the winter. I went back to that neighborhood in 1975. It was only about 35 years later, but then you could get robbed there in the same place even during the day.

The same report has come to me from dozens of different states in the US. In the world we have developed ways of killing people that is far superior to anything of the past. Last year we killed 7 million people world wide that had cancer. No the cancer didn’t kill them, the treatment killed them. It’s a fact.

During the 20th century we killed more people than all the centuries before. NOW HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BELIEVE THAT THE WORLD IS GETTING BETTER?

I hope you understand that if someone doesn’t save mankind, then mankind won’t be saved and will continue in its present direction until all human life is erased. THAT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME. At first it was thought that religion would save us so churches were formed, and then it was thought that if the churches formed governments that would save us, and then it was thought that political groups would save us, in other words politics.

And then it was thought that education and science would save us. Now it seems that it is thought that we will be saved by the governments making us all slaves with total control of our lives.

We now have more than 400 ministers of health and over 40 Bishops in our non-religious Church. Don’t miss that word non-religious. Anyone from any religion can also belong to our Church because we were formed to serve mankind, nothing else.

So even though I still look a bit silly to some people, hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved over the past 15 years. Even the critics are having a hard time saying MMS doesn’t work with more than 400 ministers out there saving lives.

WHY DO YOU THINK WE HAVE NEVER PROVEN IN CLINICAL TRIALS THAT MMS WORKS? The critics are still at it. Telling people I am a snake oil salesman. But I don’t think they hurt us. Actually, they help us.

You know the old saying, any press is better than no press. The problem with that is, they help us in the papers by making people aware of us, but they also make others who could be helped go away and die. Also they convince government officials that we are or that I am a liar.

But to answer that question, why haven’t we proved it. You see, I am an old guy, and I have been treating people and selling health food products for 60 years and a number of my friends have gone to prison for doing what I am doing now, or what I have been doing from time to time.

One friend is in prison for 20 years and others for lesser extents. But then, of course, I started a church and that has helped me and a lot of others. But I didn’t prove MMS and I stopped a number of people from proving MMS. Can you guess why? It’s because the FDA doesn’t mind having a bunch of products out there that doesn’t work, that are unproven.

That helps sell the medical products which is their basic job. But when you have a product that does work and replaces millions of dollars’ worth the medical drugs, that’s when they come and kill you. And I’ve seen it happen.

So as long as the medical people can point out that MMS has never been proven in clinical trials, I am fairly safe and so are my ministers.

You see, people giving testimonies is not proof even when they add a registered signed affidavit and that’s fine with me as the normal people are willing to accept that as proof. I’m happy that doctors won’t accept it.

But let me offer you a little proof here that has been hidden evidence for a long time. It’ll give you something to say.

Back in the 1800's a Danish biologist proved and showed the world that pathogens (disease causing microorganisms) are negatively charge.  The negative microorganisms can be stained one color and the positive microorganisms can be stained another color. 

The staining chemicals are selective.  They have the ability to pick the negative or the positive pathogen and ignore the rest if the chemist so desires.


They don’t know chemistry, they have never studied chemistry; they just somehow know things like this. And they have all called me a liar because I said MMS is selective. I guess the rest of us wish we were so smart we could know things without reading about it.

The process that the Danish biologist used is still used in many universities throughout the world to select either the positive microorganism or negative ones or both. His name was Gram and that is why microorganisms are often called Gram positive or Gram negative today.

But do you see? He proved that negatively charged microorganisms are the diseases causing microorganisms. The rest of the equation is known, and has been known for a hundred years.

MMS (chlorine dioxide) is positive charged and attracts negative charges and destroys them. That’s what opposite charges do; they destroy one another.

That’s the simplicity of it. Here is the proof: suite101.com/article/gram-negative-gram-bacteria-a50731#ixzz23XGoarnl.

MY book plus various testimonies of people who have gotten well should be as good as the medical people’s clinical trials. The medical people won’t accept a thousand affidavits of people who got well and I am happy with that. Normal people almost always do accept the testimonies and law courts accept them.

HERE’S WHERE YOU COME IN. THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR HELP. Please take part in this project of saving mankind. I know that sounds crazy. We don’t know about heaven, and I can’t tell you about hell, and I can’t say that saving mankind will get you to heaven or that not helping will get you to hell.

But our church, the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing says, “Always do the right thing. There are no promises that we make, except one thing, WHEN YOU DO THE RIGHT THING YOU ALWAYS FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT, BECAUSE YOU WILL ALWAYS KNOW THAT YOU DID THE RIGHT THING.

At this time helping save mankind is the right thing, and you can do that if you will just join in and help. You might say that’s crazy we can never save mankind with this little church. Well, we can. More and more people are waking up and those people need to know about us. This is how you can help notify them.

As our Ministers of Health go out there and help people at no charge and only ask for donations. Other people are already seeing what they are doing. When people see other people really doing good things they often want to help or they want to do good things themselves. That is a natural tendency of humanity and that is one of the great qualities of people.

More and more people are already joining us and more and more will. It’s not a make money movement; however some people can make a good living helping others with MMS and we want you to. But don’t bet on it. Just help us and help us get more and more of the people who are waking up. People are beginning to realize something is wrong and that we must do something about it. AND AGAIN THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN.

This is an extremely important principle of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing and I hope you got it already and the chances are you do, or you wouldn’t have read this far. But let me tell you the principle anyway.

Governments, nor churches, nor love, nor science, nor any other thing is going to save us, because none of those things can do it, save us save us, that is. Only people can save us. Maybe if a person loves someone he will save that someone, but love didn’t do it, that person did it.

People in government might do something, people in churches might do something, and people who love might do something, but only the people can do the things.

And if mankind gets saved from this continuous march toward annihilation it will be because men did it, because nothing else can. And in this particular case it will have to be men and women of integrity, because no one else will.

SO WHAT TO DO IS THIS #1: There are millions of web sites on the internet at this time. And of those millions there are many thousands who ask for comments. If you can think of something that MMS does that fits into what they are talking about, then make a comment like, “MMS is a mineral that can handle that problem.”

You could also say MMS saves lives, and say look up Miracle Mineral or Jim Humble but it would be best to say something that is appropriate to that site that you are at. You don’t have to say a lot, but you will need to join most sites. You could easily enough go to gmail, or yahoo, or one of those and make up a new email address just for this purpose and of course you could use a new name as well.

The point is, this is just another way of getting the word out and if we have a thousand people doing this we can create a lot of interest. Introducing MMS to the world is the first step towards saving mankind.

WHAT TO DO #2: I need to get in touch with a world famous Author. I don’t know any and my time is limited in trying to search one or two of these authors out. You can help greatly by searching some of them out and just say that, “the Archbishop of my church would like to talk to you concerning business, not religion, just business.

Will you accept an email from him?” If he says yes, then get his email address for me and I will send him a letter. Sorry I can’t tell you what the project is, but if I do find an Author that is interested by your efforts, once he accepts the project I will discuss the details with you providing you agree to keep the secret. It will take about a year that you can’t say anything.

WHAT TO DO #3: If you know of people who have used MMS, then most likely you know of some success stories. Get the story from the person, or write some stories up of actual happenings that you could prove and post them on sites that are appropriate for such stories. You can find such sites by searching Google or other search engines.


With Love
Archbishop Jim Humble

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