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You may be surprised to know that we now have 178 Ministers of Health that have been consecrated into the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. They are from more than 45 countries around the world and they have all completed the MMS training. At least 99% of these people have all told me that although they believe in MMS, they came because something in their own mind was so urging them to come that they just couldn’t resist it. The poem below tells the story of that, in my opinion. Read it and tell me what you think.

To watch me read this poem on video:

The Genesis 2 Church Story
Written in the Sands of time

A thousand centuries and a million years
The lone planet circled without fears
While time in interplanetary space
Continued its eternal pace
And there was no one to echo its cheers

A million years passed without change
There was no one to consider it strange
That a planet nearest the Sun
In History would never be out done
Earth's story would be long-range

Thousands of Gods, you see
Knew that man needs to be free
The lone planet was moved
To be the third planet and approved
And was set in eternity

The gods’ agreement had much worth
Meet at the third millennium on earth
Now they have come to help man
To overcome evil as they can
It is our job since birth

Finally, the sands of time
Bring a mission sublime
The sands proclaim a time to come
When men shall have their freedom
Our church heralds the beginning chime

The story of the past
In memory does not last
It is not for men to see
It would not help them be
To know what was cast

Each man returns in short a space
To have a game and take his place
To love and live again
And work with other men
And be with the human race

Each time he does not see
He is cast in eternity
The times before
Are now no more
And can no longer be

It is best to know
As through time we go
That we are here
And that is clear
It’s for us to grow

The past is gone
Like the night at dawn
It does not exist
It should not be missed
Do not carry it on

But we can see
Back into eternity
Before this life
And the eons of strife
We knew you and me

We have worked and lived in the Sun
The centuries of time have been fun
We have been free
The centuries to see
Many a battle we have won

But we have walked the centuries alone
Where the sands of time have blown
The things that were there
We could not share
For only we have known

Those that were there
We remember with care
Often we feel we know
Those from a million years ago
We wished we could share

While other men do play
And live and love and pray
They build their cities high
And proud against the sky
We dream of another day

We have known that we must find
An answer to the mind
It is there for us to see
If we are willing to be free
We have searched for the sign

The Story of the past
A billion years has cast
Only we can see
A plan to set men free
Has returned to us at last

Before the pyramids were along the Nile
Before Atlantis was in style
A plan was devised
By those who were wise
And we have known it all the while

But we have walked the centuries alone
Where the sands of time have blown
Why we are here
To us it is clear
But only we have known

When our friends have gone
And we must carry on
Memories in their mind
Fade away we find
Like ripples on a pond

When we lose a friend
And we feel we’ve reached the end
Memories in our mind
Are very nice we find
For we will know him again

It is nice for us to know
That anywhere we go
When we are on our own
We are seldom left alone
It comes from long ago

There has been a plan
That was created by a man
Many eons in the past
It was written so to last
It is written in the sand

Now that plan has come to be
It comes from eternity
It’s time for man to find
An answer to his mind
It’s time to set him free

That’s why we’ve walked the centuries alone
Where the sands of time have blown
Guardian of a plan
We must do what we can
It’s time to make it known

The time is right
To come out of night
With a plan to set us free
Many years it will be
Yet the truth shall give us might

And into the future we shall go
Where the sands of time must blow
When we meet you again
That you are our friend
Then we all shall know

When that time comes, my friend
And you and I have changed
the end
Then earth will exist for you and me
In peace and love and tranquility
On that we can depend

Finally, on the edge of Galactic space
Will rest a planet without disgrace
Because a billion years in the past
Men dreamed of a peace that would last
For all the human race

Written By Jim Humble 1985 for the Church
Copyright © 2010 Bishop Jim Humble


As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble

Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

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