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There has been some new information concerning the bad taste of MMS and I am hoping that the new information will at least make it possible for those with the very worst aversion to the taste of it to finally take it and overcome their health problems.

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As I said before, I have had it reported to me several times that someone couldn’t take the taste and they died. It is something that I understand because it has happened to me, except I was always able to overcome the taste in one way or another.

There is good news here about the taste and then some news that might surprise you a little bit. You see Andreas, Bishop of Spain, believes that the terrible aversion to the taste is caused by parasites. Now that has nothing to do with making the taste compatible, I’m getting to that in a minute.

Andreas believes and I think he is right that when the parasites feel the MMS it makes them sick and they then give up waste material and poisons into our system. Sorry to say, it is sort of a cleaning for the parasites but it makes us sick and then the parasites generate some sort of poison or other chemical that causes the aversion to the taste.

It is their survival mechanism; make the person stop eating or taking something that is poisonous to them. It works pretty good as there are those who just can’t take it no matter what the consequences, even death.

We have found that it is best to completely overcome the health conditions caused by pathogens before worrying about the parasites. The facts are that most people have parasites. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) says that. Aversion to MMS is only one symptom. There are many others, but don’t try to kill the parasites and pathogens at the same time.

Now for the information on the taste of MMS; Mark, while he was in Columbia, tried putting some activated MMS in several soda waters and it preserved the effectiveness of the MMS for many days , over a month. He used Schweppes, Canada Dry and tonic soda.

They all worked and that improved the taste a little bit, but the taste was still bad, just not as bad. But somehow the soda (CO2) seems to keep the MMS (chlorine dioxide) from deteriorating. But Mark got busy and all of us being busy let it rest for a little while. Then someone again told me about someone who was really sick but couldn’t take the MMS. So I decided to do something.

I bought as many sodas as I could find:

  1. Sprite,

  2. 7up,

  3. Freska,

  4. Squirt,

  5. Tri-Soda

I tested them all. They all worked to overcome the taste and to not reduce the effectiveness of MMS. They all tested as being effective for at least a day. I have been taking MMS in 7up and Sprite for several weeks now and they both work fine.

So for protocol 1000 you could do it one or two different ways. I tried them both. (Procedure #1) Each hour pour about 4 ounces (120 ml ) of your favorite soda in a clean glass, but one of those sodas listed above. Then mix an hourly dose of MMS, be it 1 or 2 or 3 drops or less, but no more for protocol 1000.

Mix it in a clean dry glass wait the 20 seconds and then pour in your 4 ounces of soda and drink it. See paragraph 10 below for checking the strength of MMS. You could also use this same method for mixing protocol Clara’s 6 and 6, See jimhumble.is for details of Clara’s 6 and 6.

(Procedure #2 mixing for 8 hours) Get one of the 20 ounce (or 600 ml) bottles of any one of the sodas, 7up, Sprite, Freska, Squirt, or Tri-Soda. The Tri-Soda would be the least desirable. Remove the soda from the bottle and mark the bottle with a dark mark every 2.5 ounces as that will give you eight 2.5 ounce divisions.

The way you do this is use one of the black permanent marking pens. Using a small glass fill it to approximately what you think is 2.5 ounces (approximately 75 ml ) and then fill the glass to that same level 8 times and pour that into your 20 ounce bottle each time. If it comes reasonably close to the top of the 20 ounce bottle then empty the 20 ounce bottle and do it again but this time mark it each time with a dark line. Now you have your bottle marked at eight equal divisions.

For the three drops doses each hour use 24 drops of MMS and 24 drops of 50% citric acid mixed in a clean dry glass, preferably a glass with thin walls. Wait 20 seconds, check to make sure the liquids of MMS and citric have turned dark reddish brown and then add the soda that you took out of the 20 ounce bottle to the glass and then dump the contents back into the 20 ounce bottle. See paragraph 23 below to check for the proper strength of the MMS. Now store the 20 ounce bottle in the refrigerator for drinking during the day.

So use the soda solution down to the next black line each hour during the day. You may prefer to put the solution from the 20 ounce bottle into an additional 2 or 3 ounces of fresh soda each hour to improve the taste even more and to see that you get plenty of liquid each hour. Of course use this same process for 2 ounce doses or one ounce doses or even 1/2 ounce doses each hour. Just use less MMS in the 20 ounce bottle. To check the strength of your MMS see paragraph 23 below.

(Procedure #3, for guess what, Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola) I know, you may be surprised, but you can use Pepsi and Coke to make the MMS taste better too. The problem is that neither of these can be made up in an all-day mixture like 7up or the other Sodas mentioned. MMS only exists in a Pepsi or Coke mixture for about 2 hours without deterioration. Thus you must mix it every hour to be effective. I have been doing it for more than a year and at least one large group in South America has been doing it too with excellent results and no problems.

Although, in my opinion they don’t work as good as 7up for taste improvement, Pepsi and Coke have other tremendous advantages. In Keno, Mexico I and my friend Ed Heft, tested Pepsi several times a week every week for a year and a half using one of the best dark field microscopes known at that time, and of course still is.

We determine, at our surprise of course, that pepsi cleans the blood of blood clots. Everyone has blood clots that are small and when those blood clots become big enough they can block the flow of blood in the brain causing a stroke. Ed determined by a year and a half testing that about 1-1/2 hours after taking a pepsi the blood clots are reduced in size from 20% to 60% and Coke somewhat less. The fact is, a Pepsi could save your life. I was there for 8 months but Ed did a lot of the testing before I arrived.

There is another advantage that Pepsi gives and again Coke somewhat less but still significant advantage and that is the killing of parasites living in the stomach.

Most of you have heard of the worms that some people spit up from time to time when taking medicines. Well these worms are digested by Pepsin in the stomach, so the worms secrete a solution that neutralizes the natural pepsin that the body produces for digestion, causing a certain amount of digestive problems.

So when MMS is added to Pepsi in significant amounts it has a tendency to kill these big worms. They can be thrown up or once dead they can also be digested by the stomach.

But don’t worry, I have been using Pepsi to overcome the taste for more than a year and I have not killed any of these worms. You need a complete parasite program to do that. Or maybe I have killed some and didn’t know.

For years and years everybody in the alternate medicine health food groups have known that Pepsi and Coke are terrible for you, but no clinical trials have shown that data. There is another advantage that pepsi and coke has, they help with digestion. They have been putting meat in Coke and Pepsi for years and waiting a day or so and then showing how the meat has disintegrated. And then saying how bad it is because of the disintegration.

Well in fact it was digested; a good thing, a good digestive aid, and I have used both for years to aid my digestion. I don’t know who first started about how terrible Pepsi and Coke are supposed to be, but it finally wound up as one of those, everybody knows, things that are wrong. Sorry to disappoint all those people who have been expecting me to drop dead all these years from drinking Pepsi. I’m still healthier than most.

Of course there is the sugar that everyone knows is bad that is in Pepsi and Coke. Again, maybe. What everyone keeps forgetting is that any white flower at all, or soy, or other carbohydrates all take the same amount of pancreatic enzymes to correct the sugar in the blood. It doesn’t help much or at all to eat high quality carobs.

You still work your pancreas just as hard keeping the blood sugar level down to the correct number. So the next time you don’t have a coke and then you go eat some pasta, its probably a lot worse than the coke. To check the strength of your MMS see paragraph 23 below.

One other way. Instead of drinking the MMS put it in capsules and take the capsules. You can use any of these methods for protocol 2000, of course just by adding more MMS. In case of the capsules, if you need more drops than 3 drops an hour just add a second or third capsule per hour. I have already given this technique in my book, but I have made it a little simpler here for those who really need it and don’t have time to work with the book.

Do it this way: Determine how many drops and hour that you are going to take, then to make up a solution that will last all day, 8 hours, multiply the number by 8 times. Now using a clean, dry glass add the number of drops of MMS that you just came up with that will last you 8 hours, then of course, add an equal number of drops of 50% citric acid and wait the full 20 seconds, or even 30 seconds and then add an equal number of drops of distilled or purified water.

The water is necessary to stabilize the solution. If you used 2 drops of MMS and 2 drops of citric acid to make up a 2 drops an hour solution that would be actually 16 drops of MMS and 16 drops of citric acid, that’s a total of 32 drops. That’s 2 drops each hour for eight hours which is 16 drops of MMS. Now in order to stabilize the solution add one drop of distilled or purified water for each of the 32 drops that you added of MMS and citric.

Let me say it this way: For a 2 drop dose for each hour during the day you will need a small bottle container that has a dropper spout or an eye dropper top. In this bottle you will put

  1. 16 drops of MMS

  2. 16 drops of citric acid

  3. 32 drops of water only after 20 seconds of adding the MMS and citric acid.

Do you see? For a one drop dose each hour you would put 8 drops of MMS, 8 drops of citric acid, and 16 drops of water to stabilize it.

For a three drop dose each hour you would put 24 drops of MMS, 24 drops of citric acid, and 48 drops of water.


The size zero capsules will hold 12 drops which is actually one three drop dose of MMS. So you would put 12 drops in the capsule and close it and then drink it down immediately. You won’t taste a thing. Drink at least 1/2 glass of water or more each time you take a capsule.

Do you see? A 2 drop dose each hour would require that you put 8 drops in the capsule and a one drop dose would require that you put 4 drops in the capsule. The one drop dose per hour would be 1 drop of MMS, 1 drop of citric, and two drops of water in the capsule. I hope that is not confusing. To check the proper strength of MMS that you have or after buying an new bottle of MMS follow the instructions in Paragraph 23 below.

Overcoming the citric acid problem: Some people are allergic to citric acid and thus cannot take citric acid even in their MMS. There are others that believe that hydrochloric acid or commonly called muriatic acid in pool stores and even grocery stores. You could use a 5% mixture by weight of this acid and distilled or purified water. Do not use city water from the tap with any mixtures using MMS. It can make you sick. The 5% mixture can be used in place of the citric acid and some people even find that it improves the taste, or lessens the bad taste.

(PARAGRAPH 23 CHECKING THE MMS TO SEE THAT IT IS PROPER STRENGTH: Mix equal amounts of MMS and 50% citric acid in a clean dry glass. Then count 20 seconds carefully, preferably use the second hand on a watch. Hold the glass with the MMS mixture up to the light at eye level with the glass tipped to run the liquid into the down portion of the glass.

When looking at the mixture it must appear a reddish brown. It will not look brown when looking down from the top of the glass, but when held at eye level and looking towards a light or the light from the window it must appear dark reddish brown. You will be looking through the glass. If it is not dark brown but it is only yellow it isn’t strong enough. It must be reddish brown in 20 seconds.

If it takes longer than 20 seconds, but it eventually turns brown, it is a weak solution, but not as weak as when it is only yellow, but never reaches brown. Using twice as much MMS in this case if it has turned yellow might be OK if needed in an emergency or until you get some good MMS. But if the solution did not turn at least yellow, do not use it.

If it turns brown, but takes more than 20 seconds, to turn brown, only add about 25% more MMS and citric. Make several more tries and if you don’t get a dark brown color in 20 seconds do not use that bottle of MMS solution except as mention in the above sentences.)

I would like to take this opportunity to reply to a number of people who emailed me saying that I was trying to be important by suggesting uniforms. Since, if one doesn’t reply to an accusation he is normally considered guilty, I decided I should reply.

For the past 40 years all my work and all my ideas have been towards helping mankind. When I have come up with new ideas those ideas were towards that purpose. The last 15 years has been towards getting MMS known in the world. I don’t feel important. I feel that my job is important to mankind and that it is important that we all work towards bringing MMS to mankind. By myself I can’t do anything. It will take the group of us, and as far as me being important, well if they shot me tomorrow, the Genesis 2 Church would continue without me quite easily. It’s the church and the people of the church that is important. We all have our job to do and I help as I do my job but so do many, many others.

I just feel really happy that things have turned out so well and the world has so many people to help bring MMS and health to mankind. And that is terribly important, but it is more important that we go on to help overcome the evil and brutality of mankind. If the uniform would help us reach that goal faster, then it should be done, and if not, it shouldn’t be done.

So I went half way in between. I will wear a totally white attire that has some semblance to a uniform, yet is still not quite a uniform. Then I will invite those of the church to follow exactly my lead. Wear a white attire exactly like mine. But I only invite, I do not require, nor do I even ask others to do it. I will never ask, only invite.

The all-white attire, for god’s sake, doesn’t make me feel more important. In fact it takes quite a lot of guts to wear it. But in my opinion it will help the world see what we are doing faster than without it, in which case I cannot, not wear it.

With love,
Archbishop Jim Humble

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