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MMS Course being held in France right away!

 I seem to have missed telling you about the important new Seminar that is being held in France starting on Saturday, the 7th of February through Saturday, the 14 of February. It's very important that people be there!

This new Seminar will teach everything that I teach from the seminars in the Dominican Republic. Many that have come have said, “It was a life-changing experience ”. During this course you will make MMS, do a day of the Protocol 1000, Protocol 2000, and Protocol 3000.

You will do the 6 and 6 protocol for pains, the breathing of MMS from a cup, soak your feet in MMS, spray your face, arms, legs, and feet. Make up a MMS2 capsule; put some MMS in your eyes, nose, ears, and many other things. You will learn it all. This is the second course in the world to be held other than at the Dominican Republic.


This is the contact info. The course is at La Vie Tara, Route de St. Bonnet, 07520, Lalouvesc, France. Tele: 0033-475678532 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; and Website www.lavietara.nl

February 7 to February 14.


I also want to mention that the first Seminar to be held using my DVDs elsewhere in the world other than the Dominican Republic completed only yesterday in London. The Seminar was conducted by Ann Schneider-Cullen and she said the seminar was a great success and everyone was very happy. My DVDs were used there in London as they are used here. The Health Minister will play the DVD for a short while and then stop the DVD and discuss what was said. It has been a very successful technique keeping everything on track and making sure each person understands exactly what was said. In addition everyone gets a chance to do everything concerning using MMS on the human body.

Sorry we didn't have an earlier announcement concerning the up and coming seminar in France. I got to say it, it was my fault. I just somehow let it slip by me, but there is still time for you to get there. You will have to call about the price they charge because I just missed getting the price. We charge $1000 here for the course and $500 for the practical part but, they can charge what they want. My fault again, for not getting the price. Next time I'll do better. I am really embarrassed. I shouldn't have missed letting you know at least a week ago. But please make it there anyway. It's what we need; people putting on the seminar around the World.

Also, those who finish the Seminar will receive a Minister of Health Certificate ordination, a Church ID card and Membership, a Certificate of Authorization to open a Chapter of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing, a Certificate of Completion of the Course. All who attend will leave with the knowledge that no other human being in the thousands of years that has come before has known; the ability to heal almost every known disease of mankind.

Let me mention that the Church is not a religious church, but we are spiritual. Any church is a group of people who believe the same thing to worship God or to serve mankind in some way. Our signed Articles of Association placed on the World Wide Web formed the Church. Anyone can belong to the Church who believes in our Mission to Mankind. That is;


  • Do Good Deeds
  • Heal the sick
  • Always do what is right. That's all.


This is the only way to achieve, World Peace.

We now have 159 health ministers in 44 countries, so more courses are going to be held in more countries soon!!!! This is real exciting. Testimonies are coming in from all over the world. We are updating all our websites. My new book, ”Master Mineral of the 3rd Millennium”, will be offered as an EBook within a month.


I am sure you know that this information is beyond any amount of money that anyone could pay for it. It probably will someday save your life and if not yours, then it will save the life of others you know or meet. It can't help but do so over the next few years. And as you know, that you are not only learning this data for yourself, but for mankind. The more people that know it, the less likely that it will ever be lost.

Go to the course in France and telephone me during the course and tell me you are there and ask any question. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

As always with love
Bishop Jim

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