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The Governments of the world have now become agents of the drug companies. Four more people have been attacked for absolutely no reason except the lies the governments tell the mass media. They can't find anything MMS has done badly, nor anything bad about MMS, so they continue to use the same old lie over and over. You know, the first one the FDA spouted:

  • They said several people had complained about a stomach ache and one person had low blood pressure.

But they never investigated these complaints. They knew that they would find nothing so they didn't investigate. They just said it. A person over the telephone says they had low blood pressure, and the FDA not only believes them, but without the slightest bit of evidence puts it out to the state-run media that the low blood pressure was from MMS. Then the governments all begin attacking MMS based on the FDA's non-existent “evidence”. Each government embellished the FDA’s lies and spread them further.

Recent Attacks

Hello Jim, I am sorry to report our site has been taken down by the Brazilian authorities.”....





Hi Jim & team,


“Thought you might be interested in viewing this TV interview about MMS, which aired recently on TVNZ's Closeup programme, nationwide. See the show here;



Or read the article + watch video here;



As you will see, it is typical media scaremongering. I knew when they interviewed me, that their agenda was to discredit MMS; but we feel the article could have been alot worse. We got many phone calls and emails as a result (all positive). One lady said she could tell I was telling the truth, and that the media were lying; so wanted to know more about MMS. Others testified of how MMS has helped them.”




In England, one person selling MMS got out their Church logo and Minister’s Certificate and showed them to the people who came to take their things. Those people left with nothing, not wanting to attack a Church.

  • I hope you understand that Churches have the protection of people's consciences.

No one wants to be responsible for attacking a Church, but on top of that, and even more important, the Churches have the protection of the law. In the eyes of the common law of man that has come down to us from antiquity, and is still fully in effect, the philosophy of separation of church and state is that the Church has equal powers with the government. The government thinks twice before sending people out to attack a Church as they are concerned about the waves it will cause in society. In addition, those whom they send out are almost always very apprehensive about attacking a Church.

Genesis 2 Goals

All our church wants to do is Good Deeds, Heal People For Free, And Always Do What Is Right. We accept donations but we do not sell anything. We are a true Church formed to help mankind overcome its diseases. We are not here on behalf of any religion or any philosophical group or even any political group or philosophy. However, we will fight for freedom if the need arises.

  • We are here for one reason, and one reason only, and that is because at this time, it is the right thing to do.

No one is getting rich, not even Bishop Jim Humble (that's me). All income from training seminars and goes to the Church to be used for Church purposes throughout the world for the benefit of mankind. When I die, just like any Bishop, the next Bishop will take over. None of the money will go elsewhere at that time. It stays in the Church. And as the saying goes, The Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing will march across the sands of time.

  • Genesis equals the beginning;
  • "2" equals the second beginning; and
  • Church of Health and Healing equals a new world without disease.

Sorry to hit you with that word "Bishop." I don't consider myself anything more than an inventor who wound up having to do something other than just stand idly by. I use the word Bishop so that people will see that the church has a background. After all, I am a Bishop consecrated in the main lineage of Bishops of a church leading back to Christ. Remember, we adhere to no specific religious doctrine but although our Church is not religious, we are spiritual. These are our beliefs:

  • Doing good deeds;
  • Healing for free; and
  • Always doing what is right.

If you subscribe to these beliefs, that is all that you need do to be a member of our Church. There are other beliefs of course, but they are not required.

Lies vs Truth

There is one point that neither the FDA nor the governments of the world seem to understand, and that is that:

  • The guys with the truth eventually win out.

You can only lie for a limited amount of time and then your lies come back to haunt you. Maybe you can get away with it for a hundred years, but there will come a time of reckoning when those lies will bring you to a stop. We of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing say we bring about the healing of people, and we have a tremendous advantage because we indeed do. We won't have to do a thing against the FDA. All we have to do is heal people and the FDA’s lies will become so evident that they will just fade away.

Please Help Get the Word Out

I ask those of you who have been healed through using MMS to put your story on the Web somewhere. Any one of the places where people can record things, such as Utube or blogs, will be fine. We just need those stories all over the Web. Also curezone.com would be another place to put your story.

These governments, the FDA and other alphabet soup agencies do not understand the spiritual side. When you get enough people agreeing on a goal with only a few people on the opposite side not agreeing, the side with all the agreement is the direction where things go. It has the momentum. For a thousand years, the evil element was only a few men, but they kept the rest of the world disagreeing on religion, politics, and other beliefs. Thus they could essentially write History as there was no agreement on the opposite side. But now things have begun to change and the good guys are beginning to agree on what needs to be done. The “good guys” are not necessarily the religious guys, and the good goals are not necessarily religious goals. The fact is, we all agree on our need for Freedom and Peace. That is the spiritual part of MMS and in my opinion, that is the part that in only 6 years has brought MMS from zero users to more than 5 million.

Please come to our Seminar starting December 27

It is in the Dominican Republic. You will be a Minister of Health when you leave and will know how to overcome 99% of the diseases on Earth. You will be able to open your own church. Many have told me that this seminar is one of the most amazing experiences of their lives. But let me say that if you take this seminar, the chances are 99% that sometime during the next 30 years the data you learn here will either save your life or the life of someone you love. And more than likely, that will happen within the next 10 years. And chances are you will save hundreds more lives during that time. The course is $1000 for a week giving the complete theory and $500 more for a half week of practical experience in the local villages. For more info, see links below.

Links for the Dominican Republic course: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




We now have a DVD that teaches the Minister of Health training course. With this DVD you can train others in your home, help people to cure themselves of all sorts of diseases, start a Chapter of the Genesis 2 Church, and build a source of income through teaching. You could build a large church that could make a difference in the world’s health. The cost is $375 and on successful completion of the course, you receive a Completion Certificate, you become a Minister of Health, you receive a Certificate of Authorization to start a Chapter of the Church, and you receive a Certificate of Announcement for the local paper that the Genesis 2 church is available to heal people free of charge. You can complete the course in one week of intensive training in your home, or take as long as you want. Hundreds are taking the DVD Course and many have come personally to learn. (Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for DVD course info.




What is it that we will do, exactly, to improve the world’s health? We will put enough churches out there with enough Ministers, Reverend Doctors, and Priests to eventually treat all people for all diseases. It may take a while. Currently, with the exception of the few alternative doctors who are using herbs, we are the only group doing true healing. Genesis 2 is the only Church or group that has ministers and members around the world who are healing people.


Note: We now have 125 “Health Ministers”in 40 countries in 8 months!!!

Medical professionals only treat symptoms and seldom heal. More than 1.5 million people died in 2009 after taking a prescription drug. We will not sit back and ignore those who would kill us. Each century, more and more people die than in the one before. Man’s brutality does not decrease and never has, and our wars now use machine guns, bombs, tanks, and worse. Our doctors now maim or kill with drugs! Most are nothing more than legal drug peddlers pushing a product that they are heavily invested in, What a racket!!!!




As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble

Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

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