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The knowledge obtained as a result of the incident that happened two days ago could save your life at future date. I wanted to report this to you as it has been a learning experience for all of us concerning MMS. The person it happened to, Bishop Janet Hedlund, was extremely aware that her data while going through the experience might be highly useful to other people. Thus she continued reporting how she felt right up to the point of going into shock less than two hours after the sting.

This incident happened in the Gulf of Mexico during a Sunday afternoon swim just as Janet was leaving the water. There were four of us, Janet, Jim Humble, John Parker, and his wife, Richelle. We were in a small group as we moved from the water. All of a sudden Janet announced that she had a bit on her ankle and she held onto John who was nearest her. Her leg went numb instantly and she was unable to use it. John and his wife, the two people nearest her, assisted her out of the water, only a few feet and laid her on the sand. John immediately picked Janet up and carried her towards the house up some stairs and laid her on a wide low cement wall just outside the house.

Janet reported that the numbness had changed to an intense pain of the whole leg that was far beyond any pain that she had experienced before. She couldn't move it. She screamed if anyone of us, so much as touched her leg.

At that point I was going to go prepare some MMS for her to drink, but you won't believe this. We had not brought any MMS. We simply piled into the car and went to the beach house. Janet said that she had made up a spray bottle just before leaving, and as luck would have it I had also made up a spray bottle. Janet's spray bottle had 3 ounces of water and 30 drops of MMS and my spray bottle had 2 ounces of water in it and 20 drops of MMS. We don't know, but that might have saved her life as she said get my spray bottle and empty it into a glass and then fill the glass with water. She then had a 30 drop dose of MMS that she drank down within about 10 minutes of being stung. This was just several minutes before she was taken to the car to return home.

National Geographics Magazine reports only 2 or 3 deaths a year in the world. However they didn't look very far as a single hospital in the Country of Columbia reports over 8 deaths a year from Sting Ray. Other hospitals in Columbia and other hospitals in several neighboring countries have reported similar amounts. I have seen thousands of sick persons and I can tell you that Janet was in real trouble at this point.

Before drinking the MMS Janet had begun to shake. When she reached for the glass here hand was nearly uncontrollable, but in holding the glass she was able to control the shaking and she drank the full 30 drops of MMS down. A little bit later the shaking began to be less. She felt a bit better. We immediately readied ourselves for the trip back to town and to where our MMS is. John and Richelle made up a mixture of bentonite clay and put it on the sting hole. I emptied my spray bottle into a glass and added water so that she had an additional glass of 20 drops to drink on the way back to town. Which she drank about an ounce of every 10 minutes on the way back. The trip back took about an hour with John going as fast as he could and still maintain some safety as the traffic was dense.

On the way back her body seemed to change from time to time and the shaking got very bad at times, but the drink of an ounce or so of the 20 drop dose seemed to control the shaking to some extent. She was scared, of course, but she continued to tell us how she felt and what she thought was going on with her body. One of her eyes began twitching and her body and leg heated up. The pain was really extremely high and she said once or twice, “I can't take this.” Richelle who was holding Janet's head, said, “Yes you can until we get home.”

When we arrived back, John who is a very strong man, carried her into the house and put her on a massage table where they put infrared heat on the sting area and gave her oxygen to breath from a standard oxygen tank setup. The oxygen seem to help a lot and she seemed to settle down a bit, but it still appeared that she was about to go into shock. The infrared heat on the sting area helped the pain a bit but the poison seemed to be starting up her leg.

Upon arriving back at the house I left John and his wife to care for Janet while I went to make some CDI. Making CDI is quite simple and I had done it many times so it was quick to be made. I added 1 ounce of MMS to a baby bottle and one ounce of 50% muriatic acid and water. There was a baby nipple with a hole for a polyurethane tube on top of the bottle and I put the other end of the tube in a second baby bottle full of water. Within seconds the chlorine dioxide was coming out of the baby bottle with the MMS and acid mixture and dissolving in the baby bottle with the water. The bottle with the water must be left wide open or it will explode in case you ever try it.

It was less than ½ hour from arriving back home until I had a baby bottle of 3000 ppm of CDS. I check the ppm with test strips that we use for ppm checking. Then from that CDS I made CDI by adding a few drops of sodium chlorite to it. The chlorite brings the pH up to 5.2 and that makes it stable. I did not have pH strips to test with but I hoped I was close, but at this point that was not an important factor as CDS would do the job even if I didn't get the right amount of chlorite. Mainly what the chlorite does is create a pH level that makes less pain from the shot, but at this point she could care less about the pain from the shot.

Janet by this time was unable to move. Her body simply wasn't responding to her commands and she couldn't hold her head up. John and Michelle could tell she was on the verge of going into shock. They keep a supply of MMS handy and also a supply of necessary medical items. They had syringes the size of 5 ml with the smallest needle that is normally used. I loaded one of those syringes with just 1 ml of the liquid from the 3000 ppm CDI baby bottle I had just made.

I knew that Janet is terribly resistant to needles. They just plain scare her, but I showed her the small needle and said that I was going to inject her foot. She was in no shape to object and she barely nodded her head. The bentonite clay covered the sting hole, but I could see where about ½ inch from the hole was. I pushed the needle in gently until it hit a bone at about ½ inch deep and then injected the 1 ml of CDI. For about 3 seconds the pain became worse and then it dropped 90%. A totally different look came on Janet's face. In less than 30 seconds she sat up. Most of the pain was gone, she had regained the control of her body and she was smiling, saying, “That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Most of the pain is gone.”

MMS or CDS or CDI often work fast. Sometimes faster than you think is possible. No doubt in this case, when the poison that was sitting right on a nerve going from the foot to control centers in the brain was neutralized the paralysis lifted instantly and of course the pain this was causing was gone.

Well of course, there is still more of the poison to overcome and still some pain remains but this drives home the fact that sometimes it requires more that just heavy oral doses. Sometimes it requires an injection to get enough chlorine dioxide to the infected or affected area to kill the poison. Sometimes the blood simply cannot carry enough MMS from your stomach to the affected area. That is then one of the times you will need an injection needle to do the job.

Although on the first day following the sting Janet was hobbling around, on the second day she was walking pretty much normal. It appeared that Janet may have been allergic to the Sting ray as she is allergic to bee stings and other such poisons and thus without MMS this sting would probably have been lethal. I have never seen such extreme reaction before. Please consider coming to our next Seminar.

MMS/CDS SEMINAR IS COMING 24rd thru the 28th of SEPTEMBER. Come and learn to save lives. Come and learn how to overcome your health problems what ever they might be or learn how to overcome the health problems of others. MMS is a solution that is far beyond anything the medical people ever thought of having and beyond even the various alternate medicine remedies. We don't criticize alternate medicine that uses herbs and other remedies as many of them are very effective. Still, MMS is faster than the alternate remedies. Come and learn all of the in's and out's.

Most of our Ministers have been practicing for years at their various healing techniques and we never suggest that they stop, only that they add MMS to their practice. There are now 435 Health ministers from 72 countries of the world. Almost all of them said to me, “I believe in MMS, but that isn't the reason I came. I came because I had to come.” So if you feel that you just have to come, you are one of us and I will tell you the story when you are here, the STORY OF EARTH. Then you will know why you came and why you really felt that you had to come. And you will know what your job is and why earth is in so much trouble.

While you are here you will learn all the protocols of MMS and CDS. The first day you begin doing at least one day of Protocol 1000 and the second day protocol 2000 and so on. You learn to put it in your eyes, your nose, your ears, and brush your teeth so that all the gum diseases are gone and your mouth is perfectly healthy. You will learn to bring health to the skin with either MMS gas, or liquid, and what to do when MMS doesn't work. The one disease, MRSA, which now has developed a immunity to all known antibiotics and kills over a hundred thousand people a year, you will learn how to overcome in 10 minutes, plus overcome malaria in 4 hours, HIV in three weeks, and cancer in 1 to 10 weeks, diabetes 1 week to 3 months, and on and on. We show you how to bring health no matter how unhealthy the person is.

You will learn all of the important new developments. We use what works, and are always looking for new things. We have learned to use MMS to rid the body of diseases, but once the diseases are gone we find it necessary to also rid the body of parasites. Come and learn about our parasite cleansing program as much of the sickness is caused by parasites. Those sicknesses that won't clear up properly when only using MMS are usually caused by parasites.

The next seminar will last 5 days as always but you might like to stay a day or two longer. The seminar will be in the City of Merida in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico. Merida is considered the safest city of 1 million or larger in all of North America. It is like no other City in Mexico as it is totally modern. It is as good or better than any city in any of the industrial countries.

Our seminar will be held in a beautiful modern hotel and the price of $1500 includes rooms and three meals a day. The date will be the 24th of September to the 28th. But you must arrive at least one day before the 24th and leave at least one day after the 24th as you will be busy right up to the very end. I assure you that you will want some time to visit the new friends that you have made. This city is close enough to Cancun, Mexico so that you can take a bus from the Cancun airport if the flight schedule does not work to Mérida or the flight to Cancun is cheaper than to Mérida. You will be downtown so you can walk to one of the largest central markets that you will ever see. Stay a few extra days, you will love the city. Only one murder per year here and many people wind up leaving their doors unlocked or even open. It is safe to walk anywhere day or night.

The city has it all. There are very large modern shopping malls, Walmart, Cosco, Office Depot, Home Depot, Radio Shack and all the rest. But, of course, it also has the central market with hundreds if not more than a thousand small stands and shops that American and other industrial cities do not have.

If you can come send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she or her husband will get the data right out to you. If you want to talk include your phone number and we will try to call you or at least give you our phone number.

As always with love,
Archbishop Jim Humble

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