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An early morning armed attack took place on The Genesis2Church at The Hamlet of Newtown, Moone, Co. Kildare, Ireland on Thursday the 6th of November 2014. Our MMS Seminar on the 15th and 16th of November went ahead successfully anyway.

Armed Hooded Guards and the Irish Medical Board trading as HPRA -Health Products Regulatory Authority and Kildare County Council smashed down doors of our Church and Residence.  Over 18 local government personnel total took part.  Church, Residence, Seminar Room, Stores and Offices were all ransacked.

Rev. Patrick was kidnapped, imprisoned and interrogated for about 12 hours. All papers, videos, work books, literature, records, ingredients, class supplies, computers, mobile phones, and herbal plants belonging to the Church, Reverend Patrick, and other unconnected companies and businesses were all seized.

Property seized was not itemized, listed, signed for or yet returned. 

A Court application was made on Thursday the 10th of November for:

* Return of all property
* Itemized list of all property seized
* Proof of evidence provided to obtain warrant
* List of personnel who were on the Church grounds.

The hearing was on the 11th of November in front of District Court Judge Desmond Zaiden who had signed the search warrant.

The hearing was adjourned to Naas Court on the 20th of November where the Application for return of private property was refused by the same Judge.  The reason given was to facilitate the “investigation.”

Rev. Patrick made an offer to the Court to assist by opening all folders and data as he had nothing to hide and so as to help expedite the investigation. This offer was approved by the Judge but was rejected by the solicitor for the HPRA at the later meeting outside the court.  Evidently they prefer to tear things apart.

No time limit or adjournment was granted meaning that the local government has unlimited time to keep the computers and property and conduct their investigation.


In October 2012 Rev. Patrick was appointed a Minister of Health

A Chapter of Genesis 2 Church was established at Moone, Co. Kildare in late 2013. The first MMS Seminar was held at Moone in January 2014. The second MMS Seminar was held at Moone in February 2014. The MMSIreland.org web site was launched in about April 2014.

A few misguided personnel employed by Kildare County Council have been carrying on a campaign to damage and close the business of Ark Recycling which has operated from the Hamlet of Newtown for the past 12 years.

Judge Desmond Zaiden had signed two previous search warrants and seven summonses all at the request of Kildare County Council. However all of these actions were subsequently withdrawn by the judge.

The first MMS Seminar was held at Moone in January 2014.

The second MMS Seminar was held at Moone in February 2014.

At about mid-day some time about July 2014, Rev. Patrick got a telephone call from a woman called Fiona O’Leary from Cork, saying she had read Kerri Rivera’s book about autism, that she had 2 autistic children, that she had no money, and asked if she could get some MMS (Our Church’s sacrament).

She was told to make contact by email explaining her situation and someone would try to help her. No offer to supply anything was made.  About 3 hours later Alan Smullen and another from the HPRA turned up unannounced and trespassed on the Church and private grounds demanding to see Rev. Patrick.

They were told to leave as they were trespassing and invited to write on their official letter headed paper if they wished to make an appointment to discuss anything. Sometime about a week or so later Fiona O’Leary again telephoned Rev. Patrick this time uttering abuse and obscenities, making accusations of selling bleach to children and threatening to have the Genesis 2 Church closed down and Rev. Patrick put out of his business with the help of the Irish Medical Board to whom she said she was reporting.  (The accusation of selling bleach to children is old made up propaganda with no basis in truth.)

There was no further contact from Fiona O’Leary or Alan Smullen or anyone else from The Irish Medical Board or the HPRA or Kildare County Council until the Armed Raid and seizure of property on the 6th of November 2014

The story now stands that the Church waits for the Judge to return our property.   Our church was formed for the purpose to serve Mankind.  Our actions are solely to help the sick restore their health. We do this solely by educating those who are sick and we do not treat people.  We have done no wrong and we ask that our property be returned. We ask the good people of Ireland to please intercede with their court and ask for justice for our Church where there have been no wrongs and many have been helped.

In addition to Rev. Patrick, we have 1400 trained Ministers of Health in 110 countries of the world.  Hundreds of thousands of sick have been helped and no other country has deemed it necessary to attack our Churches anywhere in the world.  

Archbishop James Humble
of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

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