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The Genesis II Church of health and healing is not against homeopathy.

We received several letters from people who were feeling disagreement with our position concerning Homeopathy. I didn't feel that they were irritated with us, it was just that they felt that we were disagreeing with the philosophy and understanding of Homeopathy. They then proceeded to explain the basics to us. I appreciated their position. But the facts are we were never against Homeopathy. I hope I am making that clear.

The Genesis II Church is not against any form of healing that does not create damage to the human body. We are for anything that works. I think most of our members also take this position.

What we are trying to also make clear is the position of MMS or what we call the cleansing water of the Church and our Sacraments (protocols). In just a few short years MMS has save hundreds of thousands of lives and when used with skill and understanding it is 98% effective against 98% of the diseases of mankind. It is even highly effective when used by totally untrained and inexperienced persons but somewhat less effective than the figures given.

There are people who are trying to make it look like the use of homeopathic pills is more effective than MMS and they are saying that the use of these pills are a protocol and thus a Sacrament of the Church. But do you see? We cannot agree to this. I have not agreed to the use of the pills in place of the MMS. A thorough search of the Internet does not show any clinical data or trials that prove that homeopathy is any more effective than 30%. Thus if people begin to use homeopathic pills instead of MMS protocols they will often be disappointed and that will reflect on MMS.

I have been in the alternate healing field for 60 years and during that time I have seen hundreds of people disappointed when using homeopathic remedies and hundreds of other remedies. I know you understand I can't stop people from saying that homeopathic pills are more effective that MMS. But I must at least put out a NEWSLETTER stating that this has not been proven to be true, and that while homeopathic stores sell the homeopathic remedies successfully, I have never heard of such a store do as we do. We go out into the local country side and successfully treat at least 100 individuals for everything you can possibly think of at least least 3 days a month and often more. That's 300 people a month here in the local country side at our expenses, the money obtained by teaching people about MMS. We treat them for hundreds of different kinds of skin diseases, for flu, bad digestion, cancer, hep C, and dozens of diseases that have not been diagnosed.

When someone can prove that homeopathy can do these things I hope to be the first one on the band wagon as I want our church to have all the best healing devices and medicines in the world. I once said that someone could sell homeopathic on a Church Web site if they put Experimental on the homeopathy. But the experimental part didn't happen.

So I hope you understand we are not against homeopathy, but rather just want people to use MMS if possible as we believe that they have a better chance with MMS.

NEWSLETTER to come telling more about overcoming the bad taste and also a new protocol.

As always with love,
Bishop Jim

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