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Genesis II Church Excommunication order for Janet Hedlund

I am so sorry to have to do this Excommunication order.  We have had to do only one other such order since the church began. 

It is one of my jobs to protect our members from other members who would take advantage of the Church and its members. 

The problem is Janet Hedlund sometimes otherwise called Janet Henshaw, has taken advantage of the members and the Genesis II Church to an extreme as in the following numbered paragraphs.

1. When a seminar is held anywhere it has been the requirements that $100 US  be forwarded to the Church to take care of expenses that the Church has concerning keeping records, issuing certificates, printing plastic ID cards for each student at the seminar,  upkeep on Church Web Sites, presenting a great deal of material to be downloaded,  and other expenses. 

Including the four Seminars that Janet did, two seminars in Puerto Vallarta earlier this year and two in Merida, Mexico.  There were 32 students to the first seminar, 28 students to the second seminar, 33 to the third seminar but of that only 28 paying students, and 2 students to the fourth seminar. 

That is a total of 95 students.  That is about $9500 which she has refused to pay.  Basically this is stolen money. 

2. You might look on Facebook at Janet’s account.  You will see a really nice house and a swimming pool at the house and other improvements in process  being worked on that are now at the house Janet is renting or buying. 

The story is there with Janet.  She claimed to be broke when she arrived in Mexico.  But not now.

Basically each student pays $1500 which includes hotel and meals.  Usually the hotel and meals costs $500 and that leaves $1000 for expenses and profit. The Church is supposed to get $100 dollars of that money as mentioned above and then the profit was supposed to be divided up between Janet, and me. 

Memo and Kerri who were providing the place for us to stay got some of the first seminar only.   

So to make a long complex story short as possible $95,000 US (ninety five thousand) was taken in that was not a part of the hotel and meals expenses. It was taken in and handled by Janet and her husband who were handling the finances. 

Then $9500 (ninety five hundred) should have gone to the church which was the 100 dollars per student required by the church and then $86,500 left should go for expenses and profit. 

Although I am the archbishop I was there working along with janet and my share of the profit was supposed to be 50% of which would be used for the Church.  So Janet gave me $4500 (forty five hundred ) for those three seminars. 

That left $82,000 (eighty two thousand) So in my mind’s eye I would have figure it to be at the extreme minimum $15,000 as my part but how would I know.  I couldn’t get an accounting from her.  So out of a total of about $95,000 US I finally wound up with about $4500 (forty five hundred), and that left $82,000. 

Of course Janet had to pay expenses out of that, but only expenses other than the hotel and eating expenses of the students.   

Because I couldn’t get an accounting from Janet I don’t know if I and the Church have been cheated or not.  But the facts appear to me that there should have been a minimum of other expenses.  And Janet and I should have divided about $50,000 instead of $9000,  and when  I see the house, improvements in process, and swimming pool being fixed I begin to wonder.

(Please note that I do not have an exact accounting from Janet of the money that she and her husband collected because she has refused to give us an accounting, but I know the bare facts that I present here.)

3. Janet told me that Mark, now my second Archbishop, had stolen $180,000 dollars

She said that she had the proof and would give it to me.  Well of course she never gave it to me in spite of the fact I asked for it. 

I told Mark about it and he readily provided my accountant for these things with passwords for everything, and everything was checked. 

There was no tiny sign that Mark has stolen anything.

4. During the Seminars Janet came to me and said that Kerri (the lady that heals autistic kids) had promised her to give her house to Janet and I for seminars and that they, her husband and kids, had other places to live. 

That’s when I began to suspect something, but I thought she might just have misunderstood Kerri. 

Janet said that to me several times.  This along with the Mark incident in paragraph 3 above it began to make me believe she was trying to make trouble.

5. Another incident was when she ordered Matthew, who is our internet person to do some things out of the blue and Matthew didn’t know who she was, so not knowing that she was helping me, he said, “Don’t tell me what to do.” 

That upset Janet and the next day she came to me and said Matthew had threatened her life.  Well, of course I got mad at Matthew.  I finally figure out that she lied about that too.

6. Now this is the one that I really hate to tell youYou may have heard about the trouble with Dr. Ron Neer

Well Janet told me the next day after her and Ron argued the night before that he came to her room opened the door and pushed his way in and threatened her, and again he banged on her door the next morning at day break as well. 

Do you know what? 

I now find that she lied about Ron too and now I owe Ron a Public apology.  You may suspect that I feel bad about this, but you don’t know the half of it. 

I am beginning to suspect that I really am an old guy and that I need a nurse to keep me straight. 

This is one of the greater embarrassments of my life.

7. Then I found out about a month and a half ago that Janet sent an email to all those who are selling MMS telling them to send their 10% tithe money to her account when I told her to send them all emails telling them to send the tithe to the church account.

She never did it and finally I had Matthew tell them all to send the tithe to the church account. 

Several of the MMS sellers send emails saying that they had paid Janet money just to be put on the approved list.

I don’t know how much she got that way as I was embarrassed to write and ask all of them how much they sent her.  But the fact is that this is stolen money, both the 10% tithe and the money to be put on the list.

8. She first had MMS training at our seminar in the Dominican Republic about two years agoShe has told many people including the people in our seminars that she has healed 5000 people since she first learned two years ago

That means that she would have had to heal 7 people every day 7 days a week for 2 years.  It seems that any lie is OK.  The seminar people definitely didn’t appreciate the lie and were upset by it.  No one could cure that many that fast.  A number of the students complained to me about it.

9. When Janet came to our seminar in the Dominican Republic she said that MMS had healed her war gas induced leukemia with MMS

Then this year she stood up on a radio program and told them that she cured the leukemia by maintaining her body in an alkaline condition and she made no mention of MMS what-so-ever. 

10. Janet has stated her belief in vegetarianism and intention of using it.  Which we do not tell anyone how to believe, but we also don’t teach vegetarian stuff to our people. 

Basically we teach MMS. 

So to summarize: Janet has taken $9500 from the church that was owed on the students that were to the seminars (#2 above),

she has refused to present us with an accounting of all expenditures and income so we don’t know how much additional was taken (#2 above),

she lied about archbishop Mark saying he stole $180,000 US donations and didn’t produce any evidence (#3),

she lied to me about Kerri saying that she was going to give us her house (#4),

she lied to me about Matthew and Ron Neer threatening her and pushing her (#5, 6),

she stole an unknown amount of tithe by having the sellers of MMS send their tithe to her Paypal account(#7),

she lied about the number of people she has cured using MMS saying it has been 5000 people(#8),

and finally she has said that she was cured of leukemia by MMS and then later stood up on Internet radio and said she was cured by pH handling (#9). 

Janets lies have caused much upset to people in the church and has caused me to do things that I would not otherwise do. 

Her actions are completely unacceptable.

Either Janet is a plant from one of the governmental alphabet soup agencies like the FDA or FBI or CIA  and is just trying to make as much trouble as she can, or she is just lying in order to get the money she collected. 

A number of us figure she is probably a plant as there are extremely few such liars.  

This is exactly how they attacked Scientology with plants from the government agencies. The church was destroyed by those who came in and changed the technology. 

It isn’t the FDA’s fault that Janet really isn’t a good enough plant.  I suppose that she thinks that by not giving us an accounting we cannot prove how much money she got.  But we just put her out and continue on. 

The money is obviously already spent and a lot of suing wouldn’t get it back and would just cost more money.  One just continues on doing the best he can. 

There is nothing that we need to do against Janet or to Janet.  Her actions like all dishonest actions create their own punishment.  

Janet has already told her justification for taking the money. 

She said because of MMS and her work for the Church she had to leave her home in the US and leave much of her possessions behind. 

She showed me in her actions and statements from time to time that she was very bitter about that.  

I suppose that stealing of the monies was justified by saying to herself that she needed it, and getting that new home was compensation for having to leave the US. 

Unfortunately that kind of self-reward never works out.

I, Archbishop Jim Humble and Founder of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing do hereby declare Janet Hedlund excommunicated from this Church

Janet can obviously do anything she wants, but any and all of those trained by Janet in the future will not be recognized by the Church, and should they want to become ministers they must take full training from the church.

Ordered this day,
November 23, 2012, Archbishop James V. Humble.

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