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Let me just start off by saying WOW. That wasn’t what I had in mind at all but it happened. Many dozens of people sending me instant return emails all totally willing to insult me about suggesting uniforms. Well, it was my fault.

There were many emails, I hope you don’t mind if I don’t answer each one personally. There’s just me here, no one else. But I did read every email carefully and there was some pretty good information from those liking the idea.

Many who liked the idea didn’t like the idea of military type signs on the uniform.
They convinced me that the military stuff was not a good idea. I appreciated the suggestions. I was easy to convince as that wasn’t really exactly what I had in mind anyway.

I had one idea in my mind and I didn’t explain it very well and about 1/2 of everyone simply got the bad idea. In my mind, as far as the military part goes, I was only thinking about the neatness of the form, as opposed to flowing robes and hats a couple of feet high. In other words as opposed to the Catholic Popes dress. Then of course I mentioned insignias of military and that wasn’t the idea either.

The main idea I thought was obvious, but it turned out not obvious at all.

The main idea starts with my hat. Most of you know that I wear the hat with the light blue Larimar drop in the center. Do you think I was wearing the hat so the bad guys would know where to come to shoot me? That was the belief that most of those opposing the uniform idea had, it would make it easy for the bad guys to find us and shoot us.

Keep in mind my hat became known to MMS people across the world, but others that were not MMS people recognized it as well. I wanted to stand out, not because I wanted them to shoot me, but because I didn’t want them to shoot me.

I wanted to be so well known that they would make a martyr if they did shoot me. If I would have hid in the mountains somewhere they could have arranged for a mountain lion to get me or for me to fall over a cliff. Probably it would be years before anyone really proved I was dead. Do you see? The white uniform would make our people stand out like sore thumbs.

If they were to shoot just an ordinary person out there with plain old civilian clothes on, it is doubtful that it would even make the local papers. But if they shoot a uniformed person of the church that would most likely become an international event.

The fact that this person was bringing health and saving lives would become known almost instantly as those things do become known. That’s just what they wouldn’t want to do; make martyrs of us and get the whole world against them.

The white uniforms, in my opinion and in the opinion of many other people would prevent attacks against us. One member sent a letter saying she would like to hide and help people from her hiding place. But do you see, if something happens to her we likely will never hear about it.

At first wearing the hat took a little bit of nerve. It made me stand out, something that I never liked to do. Who knows, maybe those bad guys wouldn’t have done anything anyway, or maybe it is all my paranoia and there isn’t any bad guys and it is all in my mind.

Maybe the fact that 7 million people died of cancer treatment last year is the very best this civilization can do and we are all just kidding ourselves. But that isn’t likely is it?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe we are all wrong. But we can’t afford to take that chance, can we? If there is any slight possibility that I am right, that we are all right - means that if we don’t continue and save the world from the evil and brutality of mankind, mankind will cease to exist. It might not be this year or next year or even this century, but eventually the evil and brutality of mankind will do mankind in.

All the others, 90% of them are waiting for someone else to come and save us as untold thousands have waited for thousands of years. There are those who are trying to educate the masses and get them out there marching and changing things, but sorry, educating the masses has never worked.

Paradigm changes have always been brought about by a few really active and determined individuals. The evil and brutality of mankind has not wavered for thousands of years. There has never been a period on earth when people were not out there killing one another, raping and torturing as well.

The one who is supposed to come and save us has been waited on by the mass of mankind for tens of thousands of years and he or they have never shown up. Sorry guys, but we are it. If we don’t save mankind it isn’t going to happen. The present level of intelligence and of understanding of mankind simply isn’t enough to save mankind.

Look at the evidence. Every new century, mankind kills more than before and his ability to kill more increases with the science of each century. There are those who are trying to kill most of mankind now. That could easily get out of hand and they would kill everyone.

For example, there are a few labs around this world working constantly on new diseases. I had treated 200 new diseases by the year 2010 and for the most part these diseases were traceable back to labs.

Maybe we couldn’t prove it in court, but those people that were sick knew where their disease came from. The bad guys are trying for something that will kill many people, but not everyone. They could accidently at any time create a disease that would kill us all.

We are different only in that we have come to do the job, to save mankind. The same evil and brutality exists in each of us, except we never allow it to get the upper hand. Our past agreement to come and do this job is more powerful than the evil. Our good intentions are a thousand times stronger than the evil within us and the evil that exists throughout earth.

So again, we are it, it’s our job and without us it simply won’t get done. (Soon I will tell the Story of Earth on YOUTUBE which tells where the evil and brutality came from.)

So now let me again tell you about the uniform. I thank all of you both pro and con for all of the ideas. There were some very good ideas and I appreciated the fact that we got so many suggestions. I hope that you will understand that I simply cannot answer each suggestion, but I read them all.

So this is what I have finally come up with from all the ideas and also my ideas.

I will start out and be the only one wearing a uniform. I won’t always wear it. Just in the clinic or church and to seminars and that sort of thing with the exception of my hat which I almost always wear.

It will be a totally white attire. I will wear a white business suit. You can buy those most places in the world. The suit will be with a white shirt and a white tie and a white hat, but of course my Larimar drop will still be on the hat. I will have white shoes and white socks.

In informal conditions such as a clinic, or one of our churches, or even in the jungle I will not wear the suit coat, but I will wear the white shirt which will have a white tie and will have a church emblem with everything else white.

The suit coat will have the church logo embroidered in full color on the suit lapel and there will be small gold stars on the shoulder above the logo. One star represents someone who has just joined the church, two indicates a minister, three a bishop, four an archbishop and 5, well that’s me.

That’s all that will be on the attire and let’s not call it a uniform. No one will ever be required to wear this attire. You are invited to wear it. I will never ask you to wear it. You can wear it if you wish, if you are a member of our church. It will be the same as my attire and there will eventually be millions of us.

You could even wear Larimar on the hat if you wish, or around your neck. Or you could choose not to wear the hat.

Wear the attire with pride and keep it clean and neat. Use this white attire to remind you of the job we are here to do. I do not believe that standing out in our case makes it more dangerous for us. I believe that it makes us safer. I went with that idea several years ago when I put my hat on.

There will be thousands who notice the good things we are doing and many will want to join us because people naturally like to do good things. The white attire will help them notice us and what we are doing.

It will be fun. But again, remember you will never be asked to wear this attire. It will always be strictly your choice.

Now let me know what you think of this. Remember use, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I guarantee to read everything carefully but cannot answer everything.

Use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to communicate to me about other subjects.

Clinical trials, change of subject: I just want to take this opportunity to explain why we never allowed clinical trials as there were those who had the means and money required and wanted to do them. You see, the scientific world and medical science requires clinical trials for proof.

Testimonies and even legal affidavits swearing to the testimonies don’t mean anything to the scientific world, but normal people like you and I believe them. That was only what I wanted, only the normal day to day people to accept and use MMS. That is what happened. If I had allowed it to be proved I would be dead and most of you would never have heard of MMS.

That’s been proven, read the history of it, those who proved cancer cures are dead or in prison. Read all about it, go to Google and put inFDA suppression.”

One of my friends in the US who I worked with is now in prison for 20 years for selling minerals that really get results. There are a couple of hundred cancer cures that they claim are useless, and one more doesn’t bother the FDA or the pharmaceuticals at all, but they attack anyone who proves a cure using the standard approved scientific methods and they destroy him and his records.

The next newsletter following this one gives some amazing technology concerning making MMS and CDS taste good and easy to take and some other very important data. If you have had a problem with the bad taste or you simply want a better taste this will help out a lot.

I am researching to make it better for those who can’t seem to get the MMS down. I have been told about several people who died rather than take the MMS, but then they were probably not certain that the MMS would help. Still they just couldn’t stand the taste, they didn’t take the MMS, and they died.

So I am hoping that this new data will help the people with the taste problem. There is a reason for the taste problem and you should also know that reason as it is very important to your health or maybe to someone you know who has a taste problem and can’t take MMS. Or maybe it is just information that you should know.

I could use some help: I’m here all by myself. I have no help here, but of course there is help different places around the world with the Church, but not here with me.

I work at least 15 hours a day 7 days a week and still get further and further behind in doing everything.

I need a girl Friday that can do everything like use a computer, check for grammar mistakes, keep the names of people straight and remember them, remember appointments, help get plane tickets, help travel, work on books, write emails, help sell ideas, and a million other things.

Sorry, can’t pay anything right now except room and board. But you get to work plenty hard, and help save the world. Any takers?

Any age 30 to 90 is OK, except you must be in good enough physical shape to keep up in the city and in the jungle, and that is a reality, as I go to the jungle at times and I need help there too. If you could do everything else and were young enough to do physical training and totally willing to spend an hour a day at it, I’d buy that.

My experience shows that older people who are not already in good shape are not going to get in good shape. Physically they can, but mentally they have no intention of doing it.

But then I am not talking about someone who can climb a rope, do back flips, and 100 push ups, just someone who can go out and walk 10 miles through the jungle. Just walk, not even carry a load. Well, let me know.

I wish you well as always with love,
Archbishop Jim Humble

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