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This is for: Mr. Daud John Kiango (aka ZnzMagic,) and to him I wish to say:

Your opinion of the truth is just your opinion.  I didn't invite you to come in and run the Church.  I and Mark Grenon created this church for mankind.  It was never said that we were going to allow an inexperienced Bishop run the church.  You gave some interesting help in the beginning, but we are never going to allow most of the things you suggest to become a part of the Church. 

Using MMS and its companions MMS2, Aztec Clay, Diatomaceous Earth and the protocols, it has spread across the world in more than 100 countries and has saved more lives than any other technology, ever.  More than 10 million people have tried MMS1.  Several hundred thousand lives have been saved so far.  You are not suggesting improvements, you are suggesting that we screw the Church up.  You would like to see us fail, and your language and attitude show that.  We have done all this without charging anything, so how do you call us money-making? Now the vendors only charge tiny amounts for MMS and we charge a very reasonable amount for hotel bills.  To call that money-making is simply stupid.  It is an attempt to make us look wrong and stop us and that is evil.

If you think that the world is going to listen to an inexperienced ass explain how he should run our church because we don't know how?  You have another think coming.  Maybe you can go find another group that has done better than us and then ask us to pattern our church after them.  We might listen for a minute or so.  But you won't find such a group. 

A number of our church members have gone out of their way to be nice to you including myself and you have still ranted and raved about how you know so much truth and how we are liars.  I have been in the health food field for 60 years and I have tried every one of those theories that you suggest including urine therapy.  They all have a certain workability.  That proves nothing.  That isn't what this church is doing.  We are not out to take a bunch of therapies and foster them on mankind.  Those therapies have been there for years, most if not all of them longer than you have been alive.  When we find a therapy that is as effective as MMS and we can prove that, we will adopt it.  But that doesn't mean that we will adopt a lot of therapies because you like them. 

Our job has been to heal the sick and dying.  We can't be all things to all people.  Once we have society using MMS and to heal the sick and themselves, we might then talk a little about the proper diets.  At this time I personally attempt to help with some of the data in that area from time to time, but not what you think.  Again, we do not run the church according to your opinions. 

If you want to run a church, then start your own church.  But right now you are hereby excommunicated from this church.  I am asking all web sites to block you and all members to not communicate to you.  I only ask, it is not a command, if anyone really wants to communicate with you that's up to them, but I am asking all as a personal favor to separate from you. 

I hereby rescind your Minister's Ordination certificate and your Bishop’s Consecration Certificate and your membership. 

If in 6 months you might want to help the Church save mankind, we will be willing to accept you back one time.  If you then want to work within the workings of the church as they are at that time without thinking you know best, we will be willing to have you back, but if you start this same mess, then we are not willing to have you ever again. 

I'd say start your own church since, according to you, you know all the good therapies.  You should have an instant church of success and will obviously save the world.  My 15 years of work was just wasted when I could simply have found you and asked you what I should do.

TO MY MEMBERS:  I apologize for putting our members through the throes of excommunication, but having been a member of large churches for over 70 years I know what is necessary and what is legal.  Legally if you don't deny an accusation it is the same as agreeing to it, and that is the way it is used in court.  Legally you can't just ignore the ravings of a lunatic.  If you could, I would.  All churches develop these kind of members and they must be stopped or they go on and on and finally do damage.

Sorry we can't just ignore him because the way he is ranting it would finally most likely go to court and the court would say, "Well if he was wrong why didn't you stop him.  Why didn't you excommunicate him when you have the power to do so?"  The court would then rule in his favor because I never objected.  But I have objected to him personally, nicely like many others  in the church has done.  But the court doesn't ask what you said, either to him or to your members,  the court asks WHAT DID YOU DO?   

He is an extra smart lunatic, a young fellow who believes he knows best in everything and gives no one else any credit except himself.  Probably some day he will understand and be willing to fit in and then contribute, but with contributions that fit within the workable framework that has already been established.   I ask for your backing in this matter. 

In all the churches it was found that when a member was excommunicated it was necessary to tell the church members what the problem was.  It never worked to just excommunicate someone without telling the members the problem, as they always work until they have the data, or they start saying that it was wrong to excommunicate.  Sorry but you just need to accept my years of experience in this.

Thanks for your attention and cooperation.

Archbishop Jim Humble
Founder of Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing

: I have left some of his writings below so you can see what he was doing. These letters given below are only a small part of his continued writing about our church and to our church members.

(We decided to leave out emails containing severe amounts of hateful, threatening and oftenly obscene language and profanities towards the church and its members.)


On 31 March 2013 16:55,
ZanzibarMagic < > wrote:

Dear Sirs and Madams.


On the back of my G2C Bishop Card it states very clearly........

This card signifies that this member of the G2C has God-given, unalienable rights to control and maintain their personal health.
All members are exempt from any means not chosen, including but not limited to: vaccinations, medications, x-rays, scans, or health insurance mandated by any human government or authority.

That G2C members have a GOD-GIVEN, unalienable right to choose products for their health, including but not limited to: food, plants, vitamins, minerals, herbs and all remedies in any quantities they consider useful or necessary for his and her personal health or his or her family. All members have the right to freely acquire these products for health of themselves and for other members of G2C and to maintain such products at their place of abode or wherever they deem necessary.

Carries on to state...

Note: G2C will vigorously prosecute any and all persons who violate the religious rights of all members of our church. If any member's rights are violated, he or she will contact the G2C.

Which is what I am doing.

Was a global moderator on the G2C forum and have been blacklisted as it were for complaining that there is no category for food, plants, vitamins, minerals and herbs including all other remedies seen fit for use by members, i.e., NUTRITION /DIET.

My GOD-GIVEN rights are been denied by the very church I trusted to protect me and have decided to be a member in and who are supposed to protect me from such oppression, the reason been given is that Archbishop Jim Humble says NUTRITION/DIET is to controversial and secondly that companies have already invested to much in the NUTRITION/DIET sphere and no category shall be put up on the forum regarding these topics.

Excuse me is this really the truth what is being dished out as Archbishop Humbles reason for there not being a section to cover these issues, are you guys serious....... how are you going to protect me and any member if we can not have an open discussion, you are denying me my basic rights to discuss openly with other members if it is okay to eat a garlic, or drink sea water and moringa or use distilled water rather than mineral water etc...

Demand an explanation and an immediate amendment to this short slightness oppressive stance by your moderator Pam Gotcher on the forum, including the remaining moderators supporting her non progressive stance, this is really a shame and unbelievable coming from a Bishop of the church against another Bishop of the Church, its no difference to governments we vote for and the very same government than oppresses its own people.

Wonder if you will vigorously prosecute such traitors as I see them in my eyes or is this all a make believe church that cannot even follow its own principals, this has already caused me and the G2C much misunderstandings to the point of me offering to resign as a member, and thought I would see if really this is a church of justice or is it just lip service like trhe rest of them, can G2C even protect me from its own members who oppress other members unfairly not allowing me and others to discuss areas regarding food, plants, vitamins, minerals, herbs and all remedies on the forum by denying a category and even labeling me as a addict and a fanatic it seems, a trouble causer yet I am demanding my GOD GIVEN rights, or is this church and its forum just about MMS as it seems to be the case and any open criticism or different opinion is taken as an insult to Jim Humble and you are expelled from the forum as has been my case and probably other members are leaving the forum and the church due to administration that is not progressive enough and simply believe only MMS works and nothing else is of importance.

Would like to know the truth, is NUTRITION/DIET to controversial and it should be sweep under the carpet because some big shots have already invested to much in food products as given as an explanation.. and see that my rights are respected by been given back my full login rights to the forum and a category set up covering NUTRITION/DIET so that I can express my opinions and give and get advice and exchange views, is that no the idea of having a forum in the first place as a member and human being with GOD -GIVEN rights to decide what is best for me and my family instead of policy being dictating from administrators who claim to be carrying out Arch bishop Jim Humbles wishes completely contrary to and opposed to G2C principles as far as I could understand them.

FOOD/NUTRITION is no SCIENCE, all dieticians are fake, if moderators and administrators cannot handle it they should leave this topic to who the cap fits, believe some have even had their feathers roughed up, competition to MMS is here with NUTRITION I am afraid, MMS itself being a mineral anyway.....

PS-- Jim by the way the pepsi showing to improve ones blood after an hour and a half or so probably lies in the water they use for a pepsi, its probably distilled water.... will investigate more and share, I am no chemist but I tasted a pepsi and agree it taste better than coca cola :0) and it tastes very much like distilled water..... its no science that distilled water heals everything aka urine therapy and could this be one of the reasons people with MMS businesses on the forum are scared of NUTRITION/DIET, many more people would be fit and healthy and sales of MMS for healing would be reduced greatly if not why use lame excuses in denying basic rights to members to get informed......  Kills parasite too..... FACT..... We humans are super creatures, we no losers as they try and tell us, GOD/NATURE has equipped us with everything, ancient secrets cannot be hidden for ever and ever, think you all recognize this point, please ask your forum administrators to stop slowing down progress in letting the people know the truth....

Mark remember in my testimonials I described one person detoxing as like having your body serviced like a cars engine, old oil being replaced with fresh oil after ex amount of kilometers, this is with all machines we need to give them a service after a certain amount of running/operating, all machines get serviced sooner or later, distilled water into car batteries to recharge and clean and service, new voltage to wash the impurities and inorganic matters out, our bodies are machines, urine, distilled water, snow, rain, fog, mist etc all Gods natural waters they heal, google Andrew Norton Webber, we just stumbled on another heal all ancient secret from the Egyptians and even mentioned in the Sanscrits, churches have it hidden in status of little boys taking a piss, the Fountain of Youth and the Waters of Life..... The Rivers of Life and the search of the Holy Grail is over.... please research it more and you will see I am talking sense not the village nut as all of the others think I am on the forum, if you or Jim says it or Kerri or Andreas say it its okay and accepted to drink your piss as it were, but if I say its just that crazy African it seems, not true with all but thats the mentality we have still in many of todays so called developed people, to many narrow minded administrators on the forum.... sorry thats a lot of truth in what I am saying.... if Bruce was still there he would see the truth.... and would be the first to have a NUTRITION/DIET category, water is the key, the no.1 vitamin as it were, the rest follow, uncle Jim you must know this, the rest are all blinded with jealousy and other prejudices, not progressive enough, tell me what you thing.... thanks to all in having a little trust in me....

Thanking you all in advance,

Best regards,

With Love and PEACE....


Daud John Kiango (David)

On Apr 1, 2013, at 5:52 AM,
ZanzibarMagic wrote:

Hi James and Mark.


Have attached a small book regarding Urine Therapy, it works and its free medicine, other members have already tried it in the last 2 weeks and reports are very encouraging, but no one really trusts anything new on the forum unless the main man says so, really do not understand what power if any respect we Bishops get with this title, it really does not mean a thing to tell you the truth........ other Bishops just bad mouth you directly on the forum.... but any small critism raised against MMS is seen as disrespectful, you are practically told thats your opinion and its not Jim Humbles opinion so are we all supposed to be mini Jim Humbles with no opinion on other alternatives, how long will it take for you to approve other alternatives which are available such as urine therapy that can be added say to MMS protocols and bring improvement to people health because I know MMS is not doing it 95% as you say, sorry thats my opinion, if you do not fold into their ways of thinking, you are a nut, why is that Jim.... what use is the church of health and healing its really a church of MMS, its not as you think I am just waning a simply plain trouble causer and addict is what I am named, a quack is that it???

You ask what have I ever done, but when I do introduce other aspects and ways of healing I am ridiculed no body wants to hear it seems unless it is directly related to MMS, this all leads to Sungazing and the Pineal Gland, all works and is FREE.

Distilled Water Therapy Videos
you should look into ..


Heres the youtube search query link to alot of info on water therapy...


Its all free copylefted material for anyone to use and heal themselves free of charge and works it is supported by scientific explanations I also experiment on myself and trust my sources, but thats not good enough for moderators who are MMS/Jim Humble fanatics, even had to fight to get a category for OCEAN PLASMA/SEAWATER on the forum.......

Here is more info regarding a drink I introduced to members on the forum that heals practically everything..., lemons, garlic, ginger, tumeric, aloa vera, beet roots etc, the article goes on further to point

Check out these...


South Africa: Umlingo Wamangcolosi - 'Curing Aids' by Being Healthy


The article does not only show you how to heal yourself with a nutritional drink but also explains why you heal, what vitamins and macro/micro-nutrients are present in the ingredients, they claim it repairs DNA.... I believe it does its this spiral water effect again getting involved and the Pineal Gland leading to the STARGATE....  is this not what we are really looking for the awaking of humans so that all this cruelity might cease.


Please watch these videos....... these are simple people using simple educational nutritional sense to heal and we as the church of health and healing are oppressing this good news,

Next time I am in the jungle and have no MMS but get malaria or a snake bites me at least I have my piss to save me, works just as well, actually the pharmaceutical companies are using piss already in the medicines, the chaps with all portable toilets business in the states sells it to them and makes millions every year, let alone in Indian and other parts of the world, progressive doctors get a sample of patients urine and secretly water it down and give back to patients to put under their tongues, works similar to homeopathy, lymph nodes under the tongue read the problem from the antigens in the urine and start immediately producing antibodies and you are healed and saved....

Malaria is heal with Neem Tree tea....


Why are we not promoting this news, instead its all MMS which is getting alot of us already in trouble why cant we be allowed to promote other alternatives and NUTRITION/DIET.

Enough said the ball is in your court Jim and Mark, please do what is right.

Lastly I would like to remind you it seems the future is in educating our kids for a better future, so it is new and younger generations ideas that will count yet any new member of the church that comes up with alternatives to MMS like I have been doing I am oppressed and suppressed by the very same members who are supposed to p[rotect me and even you Jim question me what have I even done for this MMS movement, will comments like that really encourage young members to stand up and have their say, why do we have to wait for everything to come from HQ, are we as Bishops not equipped enough to research independently and come up with alternatives we can trust to help SAVE MANKIND, why is it that it seems saving MANKIND only higher hierarchy have a monopoly on this, sorry if I sound like trouble but all I want is progress and my GOD-GIVEN rights which have been extinguished by the very church I am supposed to be protected by, I know you all busy but protection on the forum from the MMS promoters is required for us NUTRITIONISTS and doctors of the future.

It is like I need Jim Humbles approval first to quote Gandhi or the teachings of the Buddha and if I dont than shut up or leave the church..... sorry this is how things have been set up with the church it seems, how does the peaking order actually go, what gives another Bishop the right to tell me what to introduce and what not to.....

Hope I get a reply to these topics above and they are taken as constructive rather then just you thinking I am a pain to you all and not useful.... I do understand that things have to be factual and the truth, but look at these videos does Andrew Norton Webber or Hira Ratan Manek look like they in this for the money and they just telling us long stories......

Thanking you all for your time and understanding........


Daud John Kiango (David)

On 1 April 2013 16:36,
Bishop Mark < > wrote:


We know of Urine therapy. Not for everyone but has results. We use sea water, clays, zinc oxide, DMSO, Etc. not just MMS. Jim and I are always looking for other things. If all the protocols are followed then yes 90-95% success. We also do the liver flush and parasite protocols.

We want people to follow what we've proven to use and when something works we use it.

Stop worrying about the forum. It,was set up only to help people learn protocol correctly and guide them through. It,is not a gossip or complaint department. We don't endorse all things said there unless it is proven in the Church. Then we announce new protocols in newsletters.

Keep trying new things but why when the protocols we use are effective if used consistently.


Take care

Let's change the world together!


Bishop Mark

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On 2 April 2013 07:05,
ZanzibarMagic < > wrote:

OK Mark, thanks...

Best regards,


Daud John Kiango (David)


On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 9:57 PM,
ZanzibarMagic < > wrote

Quick question Archbishop Mark, is







and even PRAYER itself among a few things,

have you all had no time to experiment, well I have and they work,

including yoga etc......

why if the church has known about Urine Therapy which originally was used to attain immortality and a higher state of mind, e.g., cosmic state has it not been promoted by the G2C, surely urine therapy being free is a good option, apart from its taste or smell that might put some people off, (there is smelly beers/ drinks, cigarettes and cheese and people love them to mention a few things) it seems completely natural and has no side effects and you start with a drop, actually mixed with water it is even more potent homeopathy wise, and surely are we not struggle with taste problems of both MMS1 and 2, why are such healing techniques being suppressed and oppressed and any promotion of them not seemed fit by the G2C, nutrition in the form of drinks like GREEN SMOOTHIES or the South African magic drink I mentioned that repair DNA with links do not seem to have a priority in a church supposedly of health and healing, all with just as high a healing potential as MMS, 90/95% if used correctly or in conjunction with MMS, surely urine therapy and MMS would give members more energy coupled with green smoothies and say eating a beet root a day and all we already know about the body is this not a worthwhile newsletter , many ingredients for Green Smoothies can actually be found in your forest walks, ingredients for the SA drink, eg, garlic, ginger, lemons, turmeric, aloa vera.. etc,  are also easily accessible, nutrition just wild berries are all over the country side why are these being ignored in the equation to health and all we have is chemicals you could say, MMS1 and 2, DMSO, all not really properly tested that no other useful bacteria with a volt lower than 0.94, Mark there are still question to be answered and as soon as I or some one else raises them its seen as raffling a few other members feathers, so do not blame me and others when we start again to think its all about the MONEY again, its not just about humanitarians, other members around Jim in the church have hidden agendas and this is why I am not comfortable that herbal or other methods are taking a second class to first class MMS.

You are all completely ignoring the fact that what you eat is what makes you, most diseases are based on what you put down your mouth- FACT or NOT????

Not even a mention of fasting which would remove bad cooked food odor from foods, it’s a fact that cooking destroys micro nutrients why is this not being reinforced by the church, like everyone get rid of your microwave and perhaps not necessary drink your urine but go for distilled water and rain water etc, why is this missing Mark and Jim, the excuse is that you have not had time to research is not good enough,  is it that you all have no time to do it and when I or others start going in this direction its like not Jims/churches sacraments, other members go bullshit/crap in this church of health and healing, whats going on Mark…..?????

I think all is not well in this church and I have been deceived, I am prepared to leave but with answers, if no answers than I think its time I started waking up others to the deceitfulness of this church, Mark I hope this is okay to say, we all searching for the TRUTH or not????

NUTRITION/NATURE are keys why are you all silent on these matters, please give me an honest answer… Eating the Sun…. is as effective as anything and you all know it why are you not sharing this important fact with members……????

Why is only eating the biggest fattiest steak so important to share with members and nothing about the fattiest fish…..  The Masai eat meat and the Eskimos eat fish, anyone one of them changing to fast to a diet not accustomed too would be unhealthy, but members have a right to know a balanced diet is the safest, nd perhaps eating protein with start or carbohydrate with sugar is not good, like eating a fruit mixed salad is not good, eat your different types of fruits separately and before or separate from other food stuffs, from my research oinly a week old it seems also eating meat/protein with say potaoes/starch as in western diets is not good, we need all of them but should be eaten separately, honey/sugar does not go with bread/carbohydrate etc… why you all leaving this area open to everyone to decide, yes members know that GMO is bad, cigarettes are bad etc and over consumption of alcohol but they are important areas to be openly discussed and not every member knows what macro or micro nutrient is…..

Am I supposed to shut up just because Uncle Jim helped me get started and introduced a cure for malaria for my bros and sisters is my other question….. I need the truth nothing but the truth Mark/Jim  and so far everyone has not been sincere in answering my questions, its been sweep under the carpet….. and it wont just go away… has to be dealt with sooner rather than later…..

Excommunicating me wont bring the results you all want its just jumping out of the pan into the fire, the TRUTH Mark, please…..

We demand healthy for all and others in the church are benefiting why have MMS dealers been made Bishops, they should give out MMS for free and depend on donations…. Is this what not the church is about, but all so called higher hierarchy helpers in the church are in it for business and not for SAVING MANKING, atleast not for free, like payment in HEAVEN, is this the reason I am not wanted no more on the forum, I have become a liability, a critic of Jim, yet its his own teachings of saying the truth, always doing what is right that has landed me here is that not so…… my fault but also all your faults too I believe… its not me pretending to be a GOD from the Planet of the GODS, know its all a story, so lets all have a bit of a sense of humour about this and bring on the TRUTH……. We all human can we agree on this point, we all make mistakes…..

Urine therapy is not for some but MMS is for all, is that what you are saying Mark….. All behind a smoke screen of religion a church that is non-religious come to save MANKIND but also getting their pockets loading along the way, perhaps not Jim but others are benefitting and they not contributing back to the poor they making millions, tell me if I am wrong Mark…..

I need answers or my attack on this MONEY making church will resume, nothing personal, just do not like been misled and taken advantage of by your forum moderators and now by top hierarchy in a church hiding behind religion but as usual its all about the MONEY, BIG PHARMA and now G2C as well…..

You are not telling me the truth, Uncle Jim you are cheating me and being deceitful. GOD HELP YOU ALL if you not coming clean, stop stop side tracking my questions.... I am starting again getting into your line so please immediately stop taking the PISS, I will not rest until people know the truth you are OPPRESSORS just like the rest of them......



Daud John Kiango (David)

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