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Daniel Smith was taken into custody Wednesday (May 27th) after his conviction on 5 out of 6 counts. I tell you this with a heavy heart.  How could this happen? The only thing Daniel ever did was sell people a solution that would help them recover their health. The FDA was trying to send Daniel to prison for 36 years. But now, as far as we know, the Judge will not sentence Daniel for another 6 months while Daniel languishes in prison and no one knows how long the sentence will be.  

For those of you who don’t know, the FDA has been trying to stop Daniel for almost a decade. They have taken him to court again and again. Daniel went to a foreign country for a time, but he chose to come back and fight the FDA as he felt that the world needed someone to counteract the evil things that the FDA continues to do. 

Daniel has been fighting for all of us for all these years. My feeling is that Daniel’s lawyers betrayed him. Since the lawyers are really officers of the court and under the judges command, one’s lawyers are never really on the defendant’s side.  The night before Daniel’s verdict, I was informed by someone who was there, that his lawyers didn’t even present a defense. Evidently Daniel’s lawyers said that since the prosecutors had not “proven” their case it was not their job to demonstrate that they showed no proof. So they opted out and did not even present a defense expecting the jury to see the truth without them saying anything. That is the greatest farce to humankind I have heard so far. This case means tremendous things to all of us, and to mankind, as it will have tremendous effect on the sales of MMS from now on, and Daniel’s lawyers didn’t even present the defense! Oh, they made a short closing statement, but the prosecution went on and on for several days and the defense opted out.  That’s crazy!   

At this time I do not know all of the 6 charges that were made against Daniel, I hope to have that information for you soon, but one of the charges was smuggling. His import company simply checked the wrong box at the top of the importation paper. It wasn’t even Daniel that that filled the paper out, but the FDA called it smuggling and there is a long prison sentence for smuggling. They couldn’t get him for doing anything wrong about selling MMS so they are charging him with a lot of ridiculous things. 

Regarding juries, it seems the judge never tells the jury that they can not only decide if one is guilty or not guilty, but they can decide the law as well. That means they can decide if the law applies in each case or not. That is written into the constitution. I am 82 years old and have observed numerous cases during my lifetime and I have personally never seen a case yet that I thought the judge properly instructed the jury. America has more people in prison than most of the rest of the world, and since prisons are the business of large corporations, this is just one more thing that is wrong with the system.  

I suppose the FDA will continue to try to stop MMS but now with a much greater push, as they will feel that they can use this conviction to throw fear into all of us who would try to help our fellow men and humanity.   

I will have more to say about Daniel after I find out more details from the court. I am so sorry that Daniel has tried to help us and is being punished for it, but there are still things that we can do. The FDA has not seen the last of us and they are now playing with fire as there are many who want to see the FDA completely disbanded.  

Archbishop Jim Humble


MMS on Trial, a message from Jim Humble

Daniel Smith Convicted on 5 out of 6 Counts

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