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As you probably know, Daniel of Project Greenlife has been attacked by the FDA. In response to Daniels request for help hundreds of letters have come in from around the world saying basically that we are not animals. This will help a lot, but if you have not responded please go to http://iamnotananimal.org/help.htm

The website has been updated with more ways people can help. They all involve simple emailing – the emails already written. It only takes a few seconds to copy each email and hit send. The updated page is http://iamnotananimal.org/help.htm

Please share with everyone. As you may know, a County Sheriff has the power to tell federal government to back off. The newspapers can get the word out to the community. The elected officials can come to the aide of their constituents. If we could land a thousand of these in their in-boxes immediately, we might garner some media attention.


Please help.
With love
Archbishop Jim Humble

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