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There are literally thousands of salves, powders, and other medicines that have never seen the light of day for one reason and one reason alone; the medical profession wants your money. They have prevented these medicines and salves from reaching the public in the past and they are still at it. Two of my friends, one of whom I worked with making alternative healing devices, are now in prison for selling salves and medicines that work.

We don't sell these items and most MMS suppliers don't sell them either. We furnish them for free when we can and you can make your own. We make no money from them so you can trust that what I am telling you is for your benefit and not mine. However, I do hope the MMS suppliers will begin to stock these items as they are important. Use these items along with MMS to take charge of your life.


So let me tell you how you can make a few salves and use some powders that can save your life or that a loved one:

(1) Bentonite Clay also called Aztec Clay, or Montmorillonite Clay is a miracle mineral all by itself.  When taken by mouth, 2 heaping tablespoons a day, one in the morning and one in the evening can clear up many stomach and intestinal problems. It kills fungus in and outside the body when MMS cannot do the job.


If you have athlete's foot and you have tried every remedy on the market and you have been given several prescriptions, none of which work, go to the local health food store and buy Aztec Clay and some Vaseline (petroleum jelly). Mix these two in equal quantities in a cup (not by weight but rather by size; estimate it by eye). Smear the resultant salve on your toes and all the sores, then put your socks on right over it and wear your shoes. The worst case of athlete's feet will be gone in about three days. If you have the same kinds of sores on other places on the body, smear the clay on, cover with gauze and tape down.


Now this is important, anywhere on your body where you have fungus use this salve. It is very effective, but no single salve will handle all the different cases of fungi. The following salves will handle more of the different skin problems. (But always try MMS first and don't worry, the Vaseline will not leach minerals out of your body.)


(2) Zinc Oxide is also used in baby diaper rash ointments. It cures many different skin problems. At one time it was the only thing that cured infantigo (that's  purple and red discoloring of the face.) But  the medical profession found something for which they could charge much more money and it took a lot longer to handle the problem, thus Zinc Oxide was no longer used. They can usually garner anywhere from $500 to $1000 from a case of infantigo, whereas back in the 40's and 50's with Zinc Oxide it only cost a few bucks.


Use Zinc Oxide as a healing ointment for any sore caused by a cut or injury. It will heal faster. Just dab or smear it on and put a bandage over the top.


To make Zinc ointment mix it 50% with Vaseline.  (Not by weight but by approximate actual quantity.)   Use it as a healing ointment on rashes and sores.  When any ointment does not handle something or at least make a big difference in three days it is time to try something else. Of course that's not true with pharmaceuticals. They take up to 3 weeks to get any results and then usually it isn't a cure. It generally just helps with the symptoms. Zinc ointment on the other hand often works in a couple of hours on rashes. That's why it is used with babies. If they had to wait a couple of weeks for a pharmaceutical to work babies would be sick all the time. The baby diaper rash ointments that really work well are at least 40% Zinc Oxide.


(3) Diatomaceous Earth is made of billions of skeletons of tiny Diatoms that lived millions of years ago. The skeletons are crystalized calcium and when ground they break like glass and make millions of tiny razor sharp pieces. These pieces are too small to hurt the human body, but they kill many kinds of parasites including the worms that live in the intestines. When the worms eat them the intestines of the worms are cut to shreds. For killing parasites in the body, start with small doses and work up to a couple of rounded tablespoons in the morning and in the evening. When you kill the worms you may feel some nausea, then notice that they will come out in the vomit or go downward into the toilet. Keep a watch.  


Diatomaceous Earth also makes a miracle ointment.  Mix it with equal amounts of Vaseline (same as above, equal in size not weight). This ointment will kill body fungus that nothing else will handle, including body fungi that has been around for 20 or 30 years. It is also good for treating athlete's feet and other body problems.


(4) Mixture of Diatomaceous Earth and Aztec Clay (as given above). This mixture will often overcome skin diseases and fungi that all the other ointments cannot touch. It is far superior to pharmaceutical mixtures (drugs). Make this mixture by mixing equal amounts of Diatomaceous Earth and Aztec Clay. When you have these two mixtures of dry powder well mixed, add an amount of Vaseline that is equal to the total amount of clay and earth added together. Mix well.  


This ointment has been shown to be extra effective with various fungi that crop up around the anus and there are hundreds of other uses for it. All of these ointments can be used anywhere on the body as often as needed. Treatment is the same for each ointment.  Smear them on and rub them in a little. Either use some gauze taped over the area, or put nothing over the area and add fresh ointment several times a day.


So far we have treated thousands of people. When MMS does not seem to do the job we know some other type of disease is present. It is always some kind of a fungus and we have not failed because one of the above ointments was able to do the work.


Using the various ointments listed above: One of these ointments will work on any known fungus, but there are thousands of skin diseases that are not fungus. Most of the non-fungus skin diseases are destroyed by MMS, but many of them can be cured with one of the ointments as well.  


If you don't know what kind of skin problem you have it is probably best to try MMS spray first. If it is one of the resistive fungi the MMS will burn and itch for a long time. MMS almost always burns for a few seconds, but if it is a resistive fungus it will burn for some time and the fungus will get worse. What happens is that the MMS clears the area for the fungus to thrive. In the case of the MMS burning and the fungus getting worse, begin using the various ointments listed above. Remember, generally speaking, MMS makes things feel better, not worse.  In the case of worse, you should try something else.
Start using one of the ointments listed above if you suspect fungus. It is probably best to start with number (1) above and work your way down. Usually number (1) will do the job, but don't give it more that 2 or 3 days. If it isn't a lot better or gone in 3 days try the next ointment in line. Any fungus should feel at least a tiny bit better immediately when the ointment is smeared on and it should feel much better soon, not take days and days.


The Zinc Oxide is a healing ointment while the others are killing ointments. That is Zinc is used by the body to heal and the others kill pathogens. Zinc helps the electrical system of the body conduct electricity better thus the healing takes place faster.


MMS destroys by oxidation which is complete destruction of the pathogens.


Aztec Clay kills by attracting the pathogens into microscopic holes in the clay particles. Each of the millions of holes has an electrical charge that first attracts the pathogens and then secondly holds them trapped forever, thus killing them.


And finally, the Diatomaceous Earth kills by cutting the parasites and pathogens into pieces, or by cutting them badly on their insides. It does not hurt the human body.


(5) About the new MMS/CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution). We've already mentioned CDS, but not enough. We just put the complete instructions on YOUTUBE for making CDS in your home, but please don't make it inside your home. Do it in the garage or on the porch. If you don't have a garage or a porch, make the MMS beside a window with a small fan blowing towards the open window. The last statement was really a WARNING because you can get sick breathing the fumes created by making the CDS. Don't do it inside unless you really know what you are doing.


The advantages of CDS are as follows:


(1) The bad taste is gone. 
(2) There is no acid in CDS; just Chlorine Dioxide and distilled water. 

(3) You do not have to mix it with another chemical.  One solution is all you use.
(4) There is a good deal less herxheimer reaction (that's the nausea). This means larger doses may be used. As we learn more, we may discover this means faster destruction of disease pathogens.  

(5) CDS muscular injections have been used with 800 cows several times a week for 3 months, saving over $30,000 dollars that would have been spent if pharmaceutical drugs had been used.



To learn how to make CDS:

There is a certain amount of information I did not include in this video, but I am going to make a followup in the very near future.

If you have any extra questions, write them in the comment section, and I will try to include the answers in my up and coming CDS video.


When you come to our next seminar on the 25th of December in the Dominican Republic, you will learn how to make all the ointments, CDS and much more and you will actually put them to use here.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This substance, MMS (Master Mineral Solution), has not been FDA approved to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease. Chlorine Dioxide is also called MMS throughout this website. Chlorine Dioxide Solution also known as MMS (Master Mineral Solution) is made of Sodium Chlorite 28% (22.4 Sodium Chlorite 5.6% Inert Salts and the remainder water) and an acid activator (usually 50% Citric Acid or 4% Hydrochloric Acid). License: Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.