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As I already said, we are now setting up a series of seminars to teach people to teach MMS. So let me go over the data again, plus add in all the information that we have come up with after spending some time looking for and finding an acceptable hotel.

We are hoping that this will help you not only learn to teach but will give you confidence to treat people in your area. We want people to help people around the world. We want people to be proud of being a teacher of MMS and I have now changed the requirements to be a Bishop in our church, the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Anyone who attends our teaching seminar will be ordained as a Minister upon passing the test given during the seminar and then, when anyone of them teaches a seminar of two or more people, they will be consecrated as a Bishop. So the requirements are changed for Bishops; from this point on all Bishops must be Ministers who have taught at least one seminar. All older Bishops will, of course, remain Bishops.

I have been in contact with many people who have felt bad about not being able to get to our previous seminars. I have felt bad about this myself knowing that there were many people who simply could not afford to come to our seminars. We are going to do our best this time to keep the price down. We have spent some time looking around at the various hotels in this town, Puerto Vallarta of Mexico. As you probably know, there are numerous hotels in a vacation city of any kind and Puerto Vallarta (PV) is no exception. From the big fancy 5-star hotels to the tiny hotels where no one will stay, there are literally hundreds of hotels, if not thousands.

We had our place for students to stay in the Dominican Republic, but maintenance costs and electricity costs simply ate us alive. Then there were our personnel costs and all of it together drove our seminar costs too high. I know everyone thought it should all be so cheap, with us having our own place in a third world country and all, but it wasn’t. The electricity costs there were the highest anywhere in the world that we could find. More than 500 people have traveled to us there from around the world, but now that I am here in Puerto Vallarta, I am looking to keep the price down. In the Dominican Republic we did what we could with what he had. I hope the first people we trained are proud of being the first as they have made it possible for our operation to be changed to this city where it is faster and cheaper to fly.

I have already said some of the things I am saying here, but bear with me, some people didn’t get the first Newsletter. First off, I am cutting the seminar cost way down. We have been charging $1000 per person for the seminar alone plus the cost of hotel and eating, which has been between $550 and $800. So now the cost is dropped to $850 per person for the 5 and half days of the seminar and $350 for room and board.

We have found a “hell of a deal,” as the saying goes. It’s a hotel from days gone by, but the elevator is still in good shape. It’s roomy and there are places to sit here and there, and almost no long hallways to the rooms like in 5-star hotels. Instead there are walks along the open areas inside and outside. I prefer it over the 5-star hotels even if it is a little worn here and there. Here are several pictures.


No. 1 shows a stairway going up in foreground and a walkway to the rooms in the back ground. No. 2 shows a single room, clean and roomy. It has a refrigerator and stove. No. 3 shows a sitting place outside of some rooms. No. 4 shows a view of the city and ocean from the top of the hotel where the seminar will be held.

If we had the money we would do it all for free, but we have to pay our expenses and eat as well. Someday it will be much easier for all of us as we will be recognized for what we can do and what MMS really is. But I hope you understand that our mission is much more than just MMS. Our job is to save mankind from its own brutality. When people see us helping and actually bringing health to those who have what are considered incurable diseases, quite often they want to do the same thing, so people are joining us and we expect thousands and millions more. It’s not religion; it’s just that we are here to help mankind. We are doing it, not for any of the religious reasons, but rather because it is the right thing to do.

Two of our most important tenets are to always do what is right and to do good deeds. Whether you are a Minister, Bishop, Church member, or just someone who really believes in us, we expect you to always be led by those two tenets, to do good deeds and always do what is right.

And now if you have the money and can make the time, I again expect you to do just that. Do what you know is right. Join the greatest game there is, saving Earth. Do it for mankind, for your children, and ultimately for yourself, as you will want to come back to a better earth. Help us take responsibility for Earth, because if we don’t, no one else will. Well, at least no one ever has. Oh, thousands have tried to save Earth for God, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But we are here to save Earth for mankind.

So let me tell you how it will work: Once you have come and learned MMS and learned how to teach MMS you can go home and set up to teach a seminar in your area. We will advertise for you by sending out notices worldwide to our 100 thousand plus mailing list, and you can put a few ads in your local papers and other places. You will probably charge a little less than this course for a local MMS course. You can take fewer days as you will be teaching only MMS. You will need to pay to the church 10% of your seminar price plus 20$ per person for handeling and shipping them minister ID cards. Your job will be to collect the money, set up the course, buy or get the necessary items for the course, and teach the course using our DVD’s and other materials exactly the same way we taught you. And you will see it is easy. We show our DVD and then we have you do what you saw on the DVD. The student gets to see it once or twice and then the student does it under our supervision. It’s easy.

So become a MMS teacher and a Bishop in your area. But don’t do it if you are going to be so afraid that you can’t teach. So far no one that has used the Church as their protection has been attacked. The governments are paid to stop things that interfere with the income of the pharmaceuticals. We sell only Jim Humble’s Vision water purification drops and other legal products. Nothing more will be on the label except purification drops and even then the label will be put on at the last minute. But you as a teacher will not sell anything. You only teach. You could have a friend who sells, or a web site out of the country that sells. We will stay within the law and thus the law will have to be on our side. Then, of course, our Church will be taking donations in return for various products.

So this is the final prices and necessary data: It is an amazing low price. The hotel shown with pictures above is $350 for room and board for 6 nights and 5 days single room and board. Come on Sunday. Class will start Monday morning at 9 AM. We will have a meeting for introductions Sunday evening with snacks. This is an unusual low price and although they are an old hotel, they can sell out.

So you see, the seminar is $850 and the hotel with meals for Monday through Friday is $350 for a total of $1200 for everything.

If you bring a family member especially your wife or husband, the cost of the seminar for both of you is $1450. Double room and board additional $540.

Returning Ministers who are ministers that have been in previous seminars, not online courses,cost of the Seminar is $450.

Hotel prices: For more than one person in a room these are the prices that the hotel charges including meals. Two people in a room costs $540. Three people in a room costs $735. A three person room will be larger.

I want to mention again: Please consider sending your registration fee right away, and then pay the rest seminar cost before the seminar. We don’t want to lose your reservation by not paying ahead of time.

I will be helping Kashambra Finkelman, a beautiful lady from Israel, who is teaching the seminar here. She already teached a few seminars with me here, and turned out to be a very good teacher. She has years of experience with helping restoring health to many people and personal experience with cancer. We want you to learn it all and we know you can. Hundreds already have.

We understand that you have to spend a lot of money for your airplane tickets. The only way to get around that is to do what we are doing, getting teachers out there so that everyone doesn’t have to come here. You are among the vanguard and those of you taking part are changing the world. And we are not doing it one person at a time, we are doing it dozens of people at a time and we will be reaching hundreds and thousands of people at a time. More than 10 million have already tried MMS and that is already far too many to have been one person at a time.

Please write Kashambra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell her that you plan on attending the seminar. That way we will have an idea of how many will be here. We will then keep you informed of our progress and intentions.

Archbishop Jim Humble

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