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This Newsletter is to officially announce to you of the consecration of the second Archbishop of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing:

Bishop Mark Scott Grenon has been consecrated to the position of the Second Archbishop of the Genesis II Church and will be in full control of the Church in the absence of Archbishop Jim Humble.

I hope you understand that a Church is simply a group of people with the same goal or same desire to do certain things together. It does not take religion to make a church. We are formed for mankind.

Church Information: For your information, so that you know that we operate this church in the style of other churches, let me explain. We are not a religious church, we are formed to serve Mankind. However there are certain processes that we follow to make our church understandable in the eyes of man and acceptable in the eyes of any deity that that might be observing our operation whether real or imagined by our congregation.

So that you understand, Ministers and Bishops of the Church are ordained by the Archbishops of the Church. The Archbishops are consecrated by higher powers than man, whoever that might be. This is for the purpose of the understanding of man and of our members. All members of this church are not required to believe or disbelieve in our procedures, but we must have procedures in order to be a church. All members of this Church are expected to join or belong to other churches if they wish to worship a deity as that is not our purpose.

So in light of this information, you can see why I say that it simply came to me that Bishop Mark Grenon must be an Archbishop of our Church. He is consecrated by a higher power than myself whoever that might be or that you might imagine looks after churches who serve mankind, or no one as you might believe. Marks amazing work in the Dominican Republic, in the country of Columbia, and now in the country of Bulgaria is beyond anything that this world has ever seen. I am sorry if you can’t see that, but the lame walk and the cancerous are cured and thousands have benefited. So let’s all welcome and congratulate Mark to this new position. And thank you for your time.

We declare the information included about to be correct and true this day of our existence the 19th of December 2012.

Archbishop Jim Humble Archbishop
Signed in original edition

Archbishop Mark Scott Grenon
Signed in original edition

Bishop Jonathan Grenon
Signed in original edition

Bishop Joseph Grenon
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Bishop Matthew Graile
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