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The Genesis 2 Church Bishop for Spain, Andreas Kalcker, has created an amazing new MMS development that promises to save more lives. As you know, many people cannot stand the taste of MMS; others are allergic to the acid used in activating it (citric acid), and still others need a form of MMS that is more effective than the present ones. Testing is in progress on a new development and 800 cows have already been saved.


Who would have ever believed that such a new development would happen? How can MMS be more effective than it already is? But this new form is more effective:

• It does not taste bad;
• It has no acid;
• It has proven many times more effective with the 800 cows; and
• Tests so far have proven its effectiveness on humans as well.


And also amazing, the new MMS saved the cattle farmers over $30,000 dollars in pharmaceuticals they didn't have to buy. They used nothing but MMS.


What is the New Form of MMS?

Activated MMS is chlorine dioxide. It dissolves in water. So we dissolve the chlorine dioxide gas into distilled water until the water is saturated with gas. Remember, that is MMS gas. The big advantage of this is the absence of acid:

• The chlorine dioxide gas is not acidic;
• It does its job without acid; and of course
• There is no acid in the distilled water.


Therefore we have a new MMS that is not acidic, does not taste bad, and definitely looks more effective than regular MMS at this time.

It doesn't care whether your body is acidic or alkaline; it still kills the pathogens, oxidizes the heavy metals, and destroys most of the poisons.


Other fantastic features of this new MMS:

• It can be used intravenously with no problem; and
• It can be injected into muscle or even body fat for those who can't have anything in their throat or stomach.

Anyone can do the muscle injections and anyone can learn how to do the IV route. You can make it in your own home, although many MMS suppliers will also supply it. We now know it is stable for weeks, but we do not yet know how long for sure.

Take my word for it – there is no one in the world who hated the taste of MMS more than me. And now I can take it with no problem. As soon as we have developed a little more information, in several weeks, we will put the total information on the internet so that you or anyone can do it.


Come and Learn All This at Our Next Seminar

Meanwhile, why not come to our next seminar, November 13-23, and learn the complete details? You will actually do it here, plus do all the other things, too. You will be a Minister of Health after the first 5 days, and become a Doctor of MMS after the next 3 days of treating local people. I know it sounds crazy, but you will know more about healing people than any other doctor on Earth. Be proud of it. I thought about using some title other than doctor, but that would not be fair. Doctors are supposed to be able to heal the sick and the fact that most medical doctors do not heal the sick is not our problem. We do heal the sick, and that is what doctors are supposed to be able to do. We do more than that; we teach people to heal themselves using MMS. In fact, we are so far beyond medical doctors that there is no comparison, but people will compare us regardless and eventually we will become known.


Our Trip To The Czech Republic

We did two Czech magazine interviews and one interview for the TV network there. They said 2,000,000 people watched the interview which included Jim Humble and Mark Grenon. After we told about MMS, the Czech FDA had an equal amount of time to explain how bad MMS is. Their talk was filled with lies and finally they showed a glass of MMS with smoke coming out of it to prove that MMS is nothing but bleach. But guess what? The Czech people were obviously not very fooled by their FDA because the Czech MMS site had over 300,000 hits asking for information.


How Many Genesis 2 Ministers Does it Take to Change the World?

So you can see that our trip to Europe was productive and fun. We want you to be doing the same thing. Although our ministers are healing many people, it will require many thousands of Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing Ministers to change the world. It can be done; we are already doing it. I said that after my first 10 people were healed. Now 5 million people have been treated and hundreds of thousands of lives saved, so there is no doubt that it can be done. The world can be saved from the suffering it has endured for centuries. The world can also be saved from mankind's brutality. We can do it. It won't take all of humanity to do that – just a few million of us at first. But do you see? Changing the world takes a little more than preaching love.

• Of course I am not against preaching love; it's a wonderful thing. But changing the world takes a little bit more. It also takes doing something.


We are not against religions in any way. We'll let them tell you what God wants, that he wants you to be good and treat your fellow men well, and above all, love your fellow men. And that must be a great message. But we have our own message that we hope you will understand.

• Do good deeds;
• Heal the sick;
• Always do what's right;
• Work for the freedom of Mankind; and
• Enlighten those who sleep.


We suggest you do these things whether you love the people or not. You don't have to love people in order to treat them right. We don't even mind if you hate these people as long as you always treat them right. If people follow the above five precepts, we will always have a wonderful world. You may be in a war where people are starving, and you may be starving, but still always do what is right. It may even be right to kill someone in a war. If so, do it.


We are working to heal the African people of malaria, AIDS, and dozens of other diseases, not because we love them, but because that's what is right. We can save the world because our Church will always do what is right, and we need millions to help us. Our Church is growing as fast as it possibly can. I believe that is because everyone basically wants to do what is right. There are thousands of men and women who want to help save the world from the brutality of mankind. That is what will eventually save us, the fact that most men and women really want to do what is right, and they don't need anyone to tell them.


I hope to see you here for the next Seminar starting early Monday morning November 13, 2011. Better still, be here on November 12th. We can then all get acquainted and discuss important ideas.


As always with love,
Bishop Jim Humble



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