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Notice for Contacting Jim Humble

Thank you to those of you who have written in with words of encouragement and/or with information, testimonies and the like. Every note is read, and I do enjoy hearing from you all. That said, because of the volume of mail which has increased tremendously at this time, neither I, or my two helpers are able to personally answer every single note.

So I want to say thank you in advance for your notes and the things you share with me, please know it is much appreciated. We will try to answer notes that warrant a specific answer that cannot be found elsewhere if we can. In the meantime, here are some guidelines on how you can get the answers to your questions in a timely fashion.

If you have questions regarding health recovery please, before you write in, do the following :

1. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions here: https://jimhumble.co/faq (we will be adding to this list on an on-going basis).

2. Refer to the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook. This book was written with your questions in mind and most questions I receive in the mail are already answered in the Guidebook—so please look in the book. If you don’t have the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook it is available here: jhbooks.org

3. Many people find the answers they seek as well as helpful information by reading testimonials—go here: https://mmstestimonials.co

This site has a helpful search feature.

More MMS information:

Hopefully I will be answering more questions people ask via my newsletter/blog, as well as via other means—soon to be announced, so stay tuned.

I hope this is helpful—I wish you all good health and happiness,

Jim Humble

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